Project National Dex UU Team Bazaar

Idea based off of the OU Team Bazaar Thread
Welcome to the National Dex UU Team Bazaar! The idea behind this is to share cool teams that you have in a more casual environment than a formal RMT (Although this thread can still be used to get/give advice on teams)

1. Playtest your teams before you put them up. This allows us to get a polished product that people can use/give effective advice on.
2. Please provide an importable of the team and give a brief but thorough description of the team.

Pretty simple. Happy sharing!
I would like to start the thread of SS Nat Dex UU Bazaar with a team a bit strange. I thing that the team has good oportunities right now that Victini has been banned. It is balance and it is around Volt-Switch Manectric which gives you speed control and some Intimidate. Let's get started:

:Manectric-Mega: :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :Slowking: :Amoonguss: :Alomomola: :Gligar:
Click the sprites to get the importable!
Teambuilding process:

As I said, I started with Mega-Manectric in order to get Volt-Switching around and put my walls in front of the opponent. I wanted to test it as an alternative to :Altaria-Mega: which is the best mega-evolution at the moment. Volt-Switch and Thunderbolt for STAB, Overheat to het some nukes and HP Grass for Swampert which is very common. You can also run HP Ice for Gligar but I think that right now is better HP Grass. Then I added one of the best U-turnerns of the tier which is Urshifu. I started with CB set but then I saw I needed more speed control and I switched to CS set with U-turn, Close Combat and Strikes for STAB and Poison Jab for fairies like :Sylveon:. Then I added a core of two Pokémon which have great type synergy: Slowking and Amoonguss. The former is an AV set just to bring a great special wall that will sponge many special attackers but neither :Hoopa-Unbound: nor :Aegislash:. Future Sight for STAB and because it is broken paired with CC Urshifu, Scald for STAB too, Flamethrower against steel type Pokémon that come in front due to Future Sight and HP Fighting for some dark type Pokémon when they switch in. However, this last move can be switched off. The latter is a mixed wall to tank volt-switchers and to put to sleep with Spore anything. Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb for STAB (Sludge Bomb is really useful against opponent's Amoonguss). Foul Play was recommended by Gouglou and it can work against Melmetal with no fire type move or against set up sweepers. However, you will normally click Spore first. Then I had previously added Slowbro-Galar but I realized that Alomomola was a better Regenerator Pokémon and bringing some wish passer that could help to the main wallbreakers of the team. Rocky Helmet helps against U-turners such as :Scizor: or :Urshifu:. Toxic because it is so nice to weaken opponent's Pokémon slowly and Scald with STAB to not be too passive. Between Alomomola and Slowking you beat all :Infernape: sets which, in my opinion, are really good at the moment. Finally, I added Gligar for electric immunity and to do some hazard control and set up your own rocks. Gligar is an amazing wall and it helps with typing for three water type Pokémon of the team.


Kind of problematic if it is CS set. Try to get some damage with MManectric and Gligar. Putting to sleep with Amoonguss is also really handy.

This is a monster and a wallbreaker. Maybe you will need to sack something before going with Urshifu and click U-turn.

If it runs HP Ice then it is a gg as it can break your electric immune Pokémon Gligar.

After Z-Conversion can be a bit troublesome. Try to scare it with Urshifu but you will need to be careful.

Thanks for your attention and I hope you :heart: the team! See ya Pokémaniacs!
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Hail has always been my favorite underdog weather condition since gen 4. Nowadays, hail is mostly only a collateral condition needed to set up Aurora Veil for hyper offense teams. My goal for this team was to make a more classical balanced weather team, such as sun, rain, and sand teams.

Standard Hail setter pick, not too much to say. Hypnosis is too unreliable to be used on such an important team member, so I chose Encore, which can facilitate a hard switch to Arctozolt if you catch your opponent trying to set up. Icy Rock over Light Clay, as Aurora Veil isn't the focus of the team and Arctozolt enjoys as many turns as possible to sweep. Moonblast and Freeze-Dry for STAB coverage.

These two are the stars of the team. I wanted to capitalize on Arctozolt and Mamoswine's incredibly potent wallbreaking capabilities. Combined, they provide an almost unparalleled offensive force owed to their fantastic STABs, only resisted by Rotom-H. Life Orb + Naughty on Arctozolt is used to maximize damage output, though Naive is useful for outspeeding Zeraora and Mega Beedrill in Hail. Bolt Beat 2HKO's virtually everything that isn't a Ground type, which is then covered by Icicle Crash and Freeze-Dry. Metronome is used on Mamoswine in order to break walls like Skarmory and Alomomola with Icicle Crash or Earthquake, although Groundium-Z is an option to OHKO Melmetal.

Every Pokemon on this team is vulnerable to hazards, especially Arctozolt and Ninetales, so a Defogger is absolutely necessary. It also gets Overcoat to negate Hail chip. A fairly slow U-turn allows Mandibuzz to pivot to the team's threats, and a 30 speed IV lets me underspeed other Mandibuzz by 1 point. This team is comically weak to offensive Grass-types, and Mandibuzz helps patch this up neatly. I chose Brave Bird over Foul Play in order to combat these aforementioned Grass-types, like Tapu Bulu and Amoonguss. The defensive EVs on Mandibuzz are pretty malleable according to your needs. I chose higher defense because, regrettably, Mega Beedrill is a pretty large threat to this team.

Swampert is the team's rocker and one of its pivots. Max defense lets it check Melmetal, Terrakion, and most physically offensive threats. Flip Turn is used to get in Ninetales, Arctozolt, or Mamoswine safely. Toxic helps against hard-to-break Pokemon such as other Swampert and speed boosting threats such as Mega Altaria.

We all know Slowbro is broken in OU, and luckily we have our own version in UU. The set is the standard; Future Sight and then Teleport to safely get in the necessary Pokemon needed to threaten your opponent. I run Rocky Helmet over Heavy-Duty Boots to hard punish Urshifu, which can potentially be an issue due to the teams lack of water resistances outside of Slowking. Foregoing Boots does allow Slowking to be easily chipped hazards and my own hail, so the trade-off is worth thinking about.

Largest threat to the team, with the only U-turn resist being Ninetales and Bullet Punch threatening Mamoswine and Arctozolt, who doesn't get the boosted Bolt Beak moving second. The team has no realiable way of beating Scizor, relying on Hail, Rocky Helmet, and Stealth Rock chip to the point where Swampert or Arctozolt can threaten a KO. Very, very tough match up.

As stated before, this team is very weak to Grass, with Mandibuzz being the only resist. As this Pokemon often carries Stone Edge, it becomes a large problem as Mandibuzz struggles to handle it, with the problem only becoming worse vs Swords Dance variants.

Although this thing is generally very bad, it is unfortunately able to click U-turn freely against this team, so having rocks up is necessary in order to keep it at bay long enough for Mamoswine, Arctozolt, Swampert, or Mandibuzz to KO it.​

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I feel like sharing more teams here may help new people getting started with the tier. So I am going to do this again :] and maybe I will encourage more people to do the same (JustFranco I am pretty sure you can share one of your hot builds jeje). Then, let's get started:

:Dragonite: :Aggron-Mega: :Swampert: :Moltres: :Porygon-Z: :Krookodile:
Click the sprites to get the importable!

Teambuilding process:

I started this team with the intention of building around Dragonite. This cute dragon type Pokémon is my favourite one of all generations and, due to the fact I normally play stall archetype, I do not practically use it ever. I chose CB set due to its wallbreaking capacities (amazing ones destroying stall if used correctly) and because many teams have answers against DD set. I went with EQ and Fire Punch for coverage and Outrage for STAB. Extreme Speed gave me some speed control and a way to clean in the late-game. This set is a bit bulky and it can resist some hits that otherwise it could not and, beyond that, Dragonite's speed is not that great. That's why I chose this vapzitar 's set to outrun some slow Pokémon (like in stall) but having some bulk for balanced teams. Then I added Aggron-Mega to do the typical DragonSteel core. I did not run Stealth Rock on it but I chose a set with defense investment (some in both) to resist many hits and then SleepTalk Curse Heavy Slam set. This Pokémon I would say is the star of the team. I did not think it would be that good but this set can resist many hits, can have long lifespan and be a wincon when Dragonite has taken down some of its threats altogether with Krookodile. Moreover, it can wall the best mega of the tier :Altaria-Mega:. Swampert and Moltres core was also added as it gave me, for role compression, both rocks and defog. I went with spdef investment on Swampert as vapzitar did and with some physical defense investment on Moltres. Both give you momentum with Flip Turn and U-Turn. Swampert is your main lead and it can also Toxic some of other opponent's main walls. Many times Swampert will be the first Pokémon to go down but you need to keep safe if electric immunity is needed (although Krookodile can serve as a second way but it has no bulk). Moltres also runs Roost for HP recovery and Flamethrower for STAB. Swampert can click EQ for STAB too. Porygon-Z was the Z-Move Pokémon of the team as I felt like it is the best replacement for Victini's role in the last meta. Z-Conversion to Electric type Pokémon is so good and then just spamming STAB Thunderbolt and Ice Beam against electric immune Pokémon. Recover to heal up some HP. Imo, it is the second star of the team. Finally, I added Krookodile for speed control (CScarf set) and because Knock Off is so good and Moxie ability gave me some end-game cleaning capacities. Pretty balanced Pokémon. Pursuit serves against :Chandelure: and :Hoopa-Unbound: to trap them.


This Pokémon is a problem if running Thunder Punch and it does not get burnt due to Flame Body ability of Moltres. You will need to sack some Pokémon.

This Pokémon is a beast and a problem for balanced teams. You will need to keep momentum and to deal with it with Moltres, Dragonite or Krookodile basically.

Slowking can be annoying spamming Future Sight and you only have Krookodile as your Dark type Pokémon. However, many of your Pokémon teammates can break through it.

This Pokémon is a monster and you will need to fish with your Moltres the burn. Dragonite can be useful here but it will take some damage.

If running Grass type move then it is a gg.

Thanks for your attention and I hope you :heart: the team! See ya Pokémaniacs!
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(JustFranco I am pretty sure you can share one of your hot builds jeje)
mmm ok
(But never use curse resttalk maggron again that set is so bad i swear to god Mirbro)

:ss/toxtricity: :ss/slowking: :ss/urshifu-rapid-strike: :ss/nihilego: :ss/rotom-heat: :ss/zapdos-galar:

Honestly knowing if a team you make is good or not can be hard to find out when ladder is just using teams w fighting resist mega beedrill but i think this team is p good


After seeing this thing has like 0.6% usage i got very annoyed and decided to make a team around it. Its a very powerful breaker, but it has problems getting into battle and is kinda useless when the opposing team is full of fast mons.

:toxtricity: :slowking: :urshifu-rapid-strike:

To solve tox's problems of switching in, i just decided to use the easiest mon to get momentum with, and thats Slowking. And because im using Slowking, theres just no reason to not use Urshifu RS, by far the best future sight abuser IMO. with future sight up, not even max defense Mega Altaria can switch in, as 2 Close Combats + Future Sight just kills it half of the time without even needing rocks up (and w rocks up it always dies)

0 SpA Slowking Future Sight vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Altaria-Mega: 124-147 (35 - 41.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252 Atk Choice Band Urshifu-Rapid-Strike Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Altaria-Mega: 99-117 (27.9 - 33%) -- guaranteed 4HKO

:toxtricity: :slowking: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :nihilego:

Next i wanted a rocker that was really offensive, and that also could 1v1 most defoggers, so i chose the mon i have been spamming on every team for no reason: Meteor Beam Nihilego. What i really like about this mon is that it can easily sweep when the steel type gets weakened, although because it is my rocker i cant run both Thunderbolt and Grass Knot which is a shame because with both of those moves its even harder to wall. You can even use Meteor Beam again even after the Power Herb has been consumed if you predict correctly

:toxtricity: :slowking: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :nihilego: :rotom-heat:

Next i wanted a defogger that could get momentum and allowed me to not get 6-0d by Mega Manectric, so Rotom-Heat was the only choice. its not a great defogger, but the reason im even running defog is not to 1v1 the rockers, its there mainly to deny spikes and sticky web

:toxtricity: :slowking: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :nihilego: :rotom-heat: :zapdos-galar:

As the last mon i needed some speed control, since any scarfer or actually fast mon could outspeed my entire team, so Choice Scarf Zapdos-Galar was my best option, not so much because of Defiant but because it is inmune to every hazard except SR, and even then its neutral damage, and because of its excellent STAB combination hitting the majority of the tier for neutral or Super-Effective damage


If it ever comes in its probably taking a kill since this team has no ghost resist, and also not letting it in can be really annoying since you have 3 choiced mons, and all of them have moves aegislash is inmune to, so yeah give it as little chances as possible to come in or you will be on a bad spot

DD has very little counterplay on this team, like your best option is... burning it with scald. Although if you do burn it, you can try to pp stall it with Slowking + Rotom-Heat. You can also replace Pain Split with Toxic to partially solve this weakness

If it comes in like once, its fine, Slowking takes like 60% from u-turn and can try to regen it off. But if its coming in multiple times with the help of pivoting moves, things get really bad really quickly. It kinda becomes win the game before Urshifu kills your entire team

Traps Slowking most times unless you predict correctly, and with slowking dead you basically lose the only mon with good bulk on your team
Decided to contribute by sharing my (current) favorite stall build. I know that stall is in general not that viable atm, mainly cuz of all the stupid breakers the totally balanced Slowking freely lets in, but I thought I might aswell share it anyway. My goal with this team was to Build a consistent stall team around Mega-Sableye, mainly because of the numerous benifits Magic Bounce provides for mons that are very weak to chip, such as Pyukumuku and AloMuk.

Teambuilding Process

After getting spike stacked by the stupid gray bird, I decided to build a team around the gremlin even though I've repeatedly said that it's a bad Mega. While Sableye is kinda sucky when it comes to defensive utility, it chokeholds all the passive hazard setters in the tier and is a great check to Fighting types like Conkeldurr and Breloom to boot.

Next thing I needed to add was an Unaware mon. Normally I'd never consider using Pyukumuku, since giving up Quag's sr resistance and superior Ground typing is a bad idea, especially since a Ground type is nigh required on any good Natdex UU team and not having to dedicate a whole slot to one is amazing. However, since Sableye doesn't provide enough defensive utility, but does get rid of the hazards that make Pyukumuku's job much harder than it's supposed to be, I decided that Pyukumuku was the superior choice. It also meant that I didn't need to dedicate more slots to checking special sweepers.

Next I wanted something for Melmetal. I chose Helmet since it punishes non pads Melmetal, while also punishing Knock-Off attempts harder. It gets a free Wish on a lot of mons, so it's easily the most consistent way in facilitating Muk as my special sponge. Honestly anything else would just be filler, this thing is amazing.

Muk is here because it's easily the best special sponge in the tier as long as it gets supported well enough. This thing absolutely despises chip damage, so why not pair it with the best anti hazard measure in the tier? Wish support is handed to it on a silver pladder by Alomomola and it has two backup walls to not get overwhelmed. Main reason for Shadow Sneak over something like Rock Slide or an elemental punch is because of how easy it is to chip stuff into sneak range. Clear Smog is also an option since unless you get that 51% poison chance you lose the 1v1 vs Z Conversion Porygon-Z.

After asking around for a Nasty Plot Infernape check with Heal Bell I finally got my answer, it also doubles as a decent special sponge, amazingly consistent fogger thanks to multiscale and a great fighting type check. Dual wingbeat is chosen over (insert move here) because it beats Sub and Technician Breloom while also killing Infernape with no attack investment.

Lastly I needed a ground type. This is mainly a filler pick, since none of the other ground types that interested me had rocks + reliable recovery + no 4x weakness. The chosen ev spread is to maximize special hit taking, while also making sure it doesn't crumple to +2 fighting moves coming from Terrakion and gang. Sand Force is chosen over Sand Stream because I have 3 mons without lefties and the chip ruins Dragonite's multiscale.


Major Threats:

Try to never let this thing come in for free, whirlwind on hippo is an option cuz +1 Outrage never ohkos so you atleast get a 2nd chance to pop the lum on the switch. Non lum is a complete joke, cuz Alomomola never gets ohkod and you usually will come out scott free if you outplay it correctly. That being said if it gets enough setup to ohko alo you're boned.


Fuck these two in particular. Honestly Slowking + GZap/Staraptor is a much bigger issue cuz no flying resist, but this is combo is much more common and urshifu is such a non threat by itself that I decided to give GZap and Staraptor their own section. Best course of action is usually to go hard Muk on the future sight, then either Knock or go Sableye on the teleport/scald. Sableye takes at most 60% from cb strikes and then you can pivot into Alo to try to land a toxic. You will lose longterm if you don't Knock Urshifu.


Choice Band obliterates the team cuz no Flying resist. Staraptor usually dies to recoil after killing 1 mon and Zapdos doesn't hit that hard so it's not really a 6-0 from the start. If your opponent leads with one of them sacking sab to get a wisp off is a doable play depending on the MU. Also, NEVER defog if GZap is on the opposing team period unless you've really dug yourself into a hole, risking a +2 angery berd is not worth it whatsoever.


You're really only afraid of Arctovish if it's life orb with Freeze Dry, otherwise it just gets stonewalled by Pyukumuku and Alomomola. Arctozolt obliterates you regardless unless you toxic it and somehow manage to stall it out with Mega-Sableye (which doesn't immediately die to Bolt-Beak).

Scarf and Cb can be played around, but vs SD you basically have to let Alo take a billion to land a toxic and then switch around eq and return til it dies. Dnite takes one hit so it can come in on an eq and then proceed to attack it to help a bit.

No good switchin, you have to make a hard read between sableye and hippo, get two wrong and you're fucked.

Minor Threats:

Very easy to pivot around cuz nobody clicks edge vs a team like this and dnite checks non CB decently.

Checked by Hippo, could potentionally be a problem if hippo has been chipped. Hustle Outrage 2hkos but is also terrible so ya don't gotta worry about that :smile:

Specifically Calm Mind Keldeo, dnite is a good check but scald burns can make it annoying.

Only adressing this cuz it's probably the most well known stallbreaker. Suicune is bad, it somehow gets pp stalled by regular stall even though it has Pressure and since Pyukumuku is a part of this team you'll never get swept by this as long as you play the long game properly. Neither CroCune or VinCune are good vs stall, hell neither are good in general.

And finally, the import
A Smile So Bright (Sableye-Mega) @ Sablenite
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Protect
- Will-O-Wisp
- Knock Off
- Recover

In Secret (Alomomola) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Toxic
- Scald
- Protect
- Wish

Style (Dragonite) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Dual Wingbeat
- Roost
- Defog
- Heal Bell

alolA-kuM (Muk-Alola) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Knock Off
- Poison Jab
- Pursuit
- Shadow Sneak/Clear Smog

Roses (Hippowdon) @ Leftovers
Ability: Sand Force
EVs: 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 SpD
Impish Nature
- Slack Off
- Stealth Rock
- Toxic
- Earthquake

#Beautiful (Pyukumuku) @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Toxic
- Soak
- Spite
- Recover

Alternatively you can run this if you just wanna pp stall stuff:

Pyukumuku @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
- Block
- Recover
- Spite
- Rest
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Hello National Dex UU players. I started playing the ladder a few days ago and I made a team that has been very successful. I dont know much about the meta but here is my take on this squad and how its been working out.
uu regi (
:sm/hippowdon: :sm/umbreon: :sm/altaria: :sm/scizor: :sm/regieleki: :sm/zapdos-galar:

To be honest I dont know much about the meta but there was certain things I wanted to account for while building this team. I wanted a good structure. Hippowdon for physicals like melmetal, umbreon for specials such as nidoking. These 2 along with defog mega altaria became the backbone of this team. Next, I needed some offensive presence. I figured pursuit would be really helpful for beating stuff like beedrill and hoopa so scizor became the next slot. Next I wanted some speed control and I didnt really see a scarfer I wanted to use so regi fulfilled that spot. Next, I needed a z move and I wanted some good power. I figured zapdos galar can actually nuke a lot of things in OU why not bring it to UU. Again, Im not too sure about the meta of the game, but I am having fun learning and exploring.
uu peak.PNG
uu 10.PNG

Here is some proof of my ladder success so far. Again, I really have little to no knowledge of the meta but the team is solid at the moment. Thank you for reading, please message me feedback I am totally open for change and new ideas !


“I’m Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!”
is a Tiering Contributor
After an ok 3-2 wcop campaign, I decided I'll be sharing my teams since people have dubbed me as the "nduu goat". Some may be a little outdated because Zapdos-G is no longer a thing but outside of that they should be solid. - PoryZ Spikes Balance- probably the best team here, has been tested extensively and I used it to beat Decem in the semi finals of the wcop. - MSharpedo HO - WeavNape balance - WeavZolt sand - MManeNape VoltTurn - MPidgeot HO- this one is a meme team don't use this unless you want to lose - ElekiBish Balance - MRupt Midroom - Zam Screens HO
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Eelektross + Vespiquen Stall

Aggron-Mega: Typically never loses more than 1/3rd of its HP to even the strongest physical attackers, can both wall and even sweep if there are no Ghost types left on the team.

Slowking-Galar: Walls nearly every special attacker (except Hoopa-U), can also deal a good amount of chip damage and can even KO Scizor before it even has a chance to attack on switch-in (I swear, all Scizor-users are the same).

Alomomola: By far the best Wish passer in the tier, also walls nearly all physical attackers, including Thunder Punch AV Melmetal, without being 2HKOed.

Eelektross: Takes less than 10% of damage from Manectric-Mega’s and Rotom-W/H’s volt switches, tanks Dark/Ghost moves better than Slowking-Galar and can pivot unlike S-G, also takes care of annoying Roost spammers w/ Superpower, or Volt Switch when they don’t heal.

Vespiquen: Can recover, remove hazards, heal team for non-volatile status, and pivot. It also tanks Physical attackers, just watch out for Knock Off mons with Stealth Rock partners (Sableye-Mega + Hippowdon).

Quagsire: Despite middling defenses for stall, Unaware ability helps tank mons who boost, especially Z-Conversion Porygon-Z, Swords Dance Scizor (my team is very anti-Scizor), and Calm Mind Keldeo. Scald can help against physical attackers due to Quag’s investments aimed towards Special Defense.

Hoopa-UnboundArguably the most broken mon in this tier, especially against stall, due to being extremely unpredictable and strong both physically and specially. Choice Band, Choice Specs, Nasty Plot, and even mixed sets work.
Sableye-MegaMy team can’t wear it down or kill it, however it doesn’t wear down my team that much either, it’s just 200 extra turns of pain.
AegislashSimilar to Hoopa-Unbound, however not nearly as extreme, it’s really unpredictable and hits like a truck.
Slowking (both, mainly Johto)Due to my team having either more physical bulk or special bulk for each mon, Future Sight and physical damage during the same turn make switch-ins really hard to decipher.
ArctozoltIt’s even more threatening than Dracozolt due to having Freeze-Dry on top of already having Bolt Beak.

Current Highest Rank (from this team): 1434 (#125)
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figured i'd drop this team here. its hard stall with a cb urshifu. i originally built this for the hawlucha suspect test and ended up using the same team for the victini/galar-zap suspects as well. i really like spamming the team on the ladder, and have gone a combined 67-0 across the three aforementioned suspect tests with this team.

there wasn't really any teambuilding process, i essentially just looked at what mons were available in the tier and picked out 5 mons i thought could stall well + an urshifu, but to give brief explanations:

mega sab is the most important member of the team with magic bounce, and its role is further exemplified by the fact that this team lacks defog. the good news is its inherently very difficult for most sr/spikes users to get them up on m-sab. in almost all situations, i'll lead m-sab and m-evo asap, as this is the only surefire way to prevent hazards.

amoong can very competently eat up special hits, switches in nicely against stuff like mega manectric, mega altaria, and can even eat stab-super special attacks in a pinch if absolutely necessary and fish for sludge bomb poison (i.e. rotom-h overheat and m-pidgeot hurricane). i have spore because it is extremely useful in stall vs stall matchups when the oppo knocks with their m-sab into my amoong, which i realised has excellent utility. it also helps check opposing urshifu if skarm is chipped. there's no real explanation for that ev spread, i just tried to get it to be reasonably tanky on both sides of the spectrum (with av).

umbreon is max spdef, and is the only real switch-in to m-pidgeot which is a huge threat to the team if it lands a confusion with hurricane. pretty much gotta keep it at full health. other than that, it passes wish and acts as the team's cleric.

skarm is great vs opposing urshifu, getting a ton of helmet chip on it. even if you switch it in on a surging strikes/cc which i believe is a roll to 2hko, it's rarely an issue as you can double it in on something and roost as it walls a good portion of the tier.

ok cbf to write about the rest but hippo/urshifu is self-explanatory. main threats are boosting special fire types like np infernape/rotom-h, and m-pidgeot if it gets a confusion into umbreon hitting itself. worst case scenario is having to sack a mon and try to revenge with urshifu. things are pretty dire if umbreon gets haxed to death by m-pidgeot, in which case i'll have to make sure hippo is at enough health to eat a hurricane and toxic it.

i'm not too well-rehearsed with the tier so i can't comment much further but despite that, this team has served me well and is pretty easy to pilot, so feel free to try it out.
Had some fun with this on ladder despite it literally being the most basic bitch team I have and will ever build. Decided to share it because why not.

Hoopa-Unbound @ Fightinium Z
Ability: Magician
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic
- Dark Pulse
- Focus Blast
- Nasty Plot

Manectric @ Manectite
Ability: Lightning Rod
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Overheat
- Thunderbolt
- Volt Switch

Scizor @ Choice Band
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Knock Off
- Superpower

Rotom-Heat @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 168 Def / 88 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Overheat
- Volt Switch
- Toxic
- Defog

Swampert @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Flip Turn
- Toxic
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake

Zarude-Dada @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Leaf Guard
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Power Whip
- Darkest Lariat
- U-turn

Wanted to build a Volt-Turn around
, since I've always found this core really hard to play around unless you have some godlike regen squad, which meant that I needed a balance breaker. Luckily the most braindead balance breaker,
, fits like a glove on Volt-Turn and was therefore an easy addition. I then wanted a rocker and a fogger, preferably with pivoting moves.
came to mind since they compress a shit ton of roles into two packages, that being Volt Blocker + Reliable Rocker + Bulky Pivot for Swampert and Melmetal(albeit kinda a shitty one)/Scizor Check for Rotom. Lastly I realised that I needed some form of speed control, at first I seatled on Staraptor since it was a really good endgame cleaner, but after awhile I noticed that my team gave Aegislash too many free turns and outright lost to Specs (it was so bad that I actually carried Pursuit on my Scizor). So I pressed control + F in the set compendium, typed S c a r f and found
, my savior.


2 accs in t4 (Virtual_Rain and VM_backup), using my main stall build, the bad one bellow and (mainly) the Volt-Turn Above.


I originally made this team during the Swampert boom, so I gave of both my Volt Switchers anti Swampert measures just to be safe. You could definitely ditch either Toxic on Rotom or Hidden Power Grass on Mega Manectric for better and more overall useful moves, but making the Mudfish's life miserable makes me happy and you can't convince me otherwise

I had a lot of success on ladder with Staraptor over Zarude so it's not a bad option, I just found it worse overall the more I played.

Zarude-Dada > Zarude

Also made this cuz using unviable mons on stall is my forté, fun cuz it ct's stupid stuff ladder likes to spam (I swear ladder players are alergic to Pursuit) but overall kinda terrible.
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Really hoping more people get into this tier cause imo it's the most fun one rn. So decided to post a team that's been quite successful for me, it won me a game in the uu forum tour, and I've won games with it in a room tour when I tried it.

The team:

:SS/Hippowdon: :SS/Slowking Galar: :SS/Hoopa-Unbound: :SS/Melmetal: :SS/Zeraora: :SM/Sharpedo-Mega:

Thought Process
The teams quite simple, I wanted to have a good defensive core, hence why I chose Hippowdon and Slowking-G, rocky helmet was better here as I wanted the chip on pokemon for late-game situations.

Once I got the defensive core set I wanted a core that would break teams very well or at the very least weaken the opponent's team as much as possible. Hoopa Unbound was an easy pick as its specs set is an amazing breaker in today's meta, the first three moves are very standard, I then put energy ball as I haven't seen much of that used on Hoopa in NDUU and I felt it could be a nice surprise v Rotom-W(which it ohko's) and Hippo as well. I then felt we needed band Melmetal as we needed a steel type for fairy types such as Mega Altaria and even Tapu Bulu, its bulk allows it to live hits and then deal incredible damage.

Finally, I knew I needed speed control and I wanted to use an electric mon as those are quite essential on a team imo. So I chose Zeraora as the electric mon, went with a standard bulk up set but decided to make it my Z user as no one will be expecting that and it can do a lot of damage to a ground switch in. For speed control I thought Mega Sharpedo would be very cool, the point of it is to use it near the end game to clean opponents, used sub instead of something like Ice fang as I felt alot of people switch out on t1/t2 of Sharpedo and so you can usually get a free sub which makes it even more dangerous.

Probably will be posting more teams as the rounds go on for the tour, though I'll probably keep explanations shorter next time.

If you have any questions about the team feel free to pm me.


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i really enjoy this tier so i will drop some teams (click on pokemons for the pokepaste)

SD Bisharp + Infernape Offense

:bisharp: :infernape: :amoonguss: :rotom wash: :mamoswine: :altaria mega:

Simple offense build with 2 wallbreakers that I like to use. Bisharp breaking fat builds and removing items. Using Dread plate instead of Life orb because it is very good for bluffing a choice item and surprising opponents, as well as boosting dark type stabs. NP Infernape is an excellent stallbreaker since it pressures mega sableye, skarmory and even hippowdon if you can setup. Firium Z is a nuke especially in the blaze range. U-turn is fantastic for gaining momentum and weakening checkers like rotom but you can also use vaccum wave if you prefer. Mamoswine is the stealth rock setter and priority user since the team is not very fast. Amoonguss checks manectric, rotom wash, and urshifu rs as the team struggles to deal with these pokemon. Rotom wash is one of the best deffogers and pivots in the tier forming a fwg core with the others. Lastly we have mega altaria being the main wincon with an excellent defensive utility, keeping fighting, dragon and fire types on the line. using facade to lure will o wisp from the rotoms and the extra power is always good.

:staraptor: every time he enters he kills someone because the "resistance" to banded brave bird and double edge does not exist in this team.
:beedrill mega: if you lose amoonguss click x or pray that the bee is in the ice shard range.

Mega Sceptile + Scizor BO

:sceptile mega: :scizor: :slowking: :rotom wash: :aegislash: :mamoswine:

Built around mega sceptile, one of my favorite pokemon and an excellent revenge killer in that tier due to its speed and power. Combined with Future sight you pressure pokemon like amoonguss and mega altaria, common defensive counterplay. Mamoswine is the rock setter with icium z to cause a lot of damage to celesteela that is problematic for this team.
rotom wash provides defog, a pivot and a solid answer for ground types. Scizor uses metal coat because I wanted him to be a defensive pivot with roost for things like bulu, mega altaria and mega beedrill, but still keep hitting hard. Slowking is another pivot and Aegislash because i need a better fighting and flying resistences.

:urshifu: choice band is very dangerous, you must limit the entries as much as possible or he will end the game quickly
:manectric mega: dangerous but mamoswine, sceptile and rotom can defeat him. Sceptile always OHKO him with leaf storm after rocks in an emergency.
:celesteela: if you lose rotom and mamoswine just forfeit.

Band Hoopa Volt Turn

:hoopa unbound: :manectric mega: :swampert: :scizor: :amoonguss: :moltres:

I will add more descriptions and a threatlist asap.
English is not my native language so the text can sound strange sometimes.

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Forgot to team dump before the probable hoopa-u ban so here's all the teams I've experimented with that work decently. Small descriptions for now since I'm out w my cousins.

Calm Mind Primarina + Weavile BO
:primarina: :weavile: :rotom-heat: :skarmory: :terrakion: :hippowdon:

The idea for Primarina was something me and MollyMiltoast were thinking to bring from standard uu since it still abuses amoonguss (lol), slowking, a lot of passive special attackers and turn them into fodder physical attackers hate to switch in due to good power and scald.

Sableye Glowking Stall
:sableye-mega: :skarmory: :slowking-galar: :mandibuzz: :gligar: :amoonguss:

Pretty mediocre stall I came to find out, glowking is here to ease the manec mu if it carries hp ice along w decently handling non conversion ghost pz and walling special altaria with skarm to take on physical ones. Mandi is pretty much only here for band hoopa-u (team loses to specs or fightinium however so rip) so this will definitely change later.

Hoopa-U Volt Turn
:scizor: :hoopa-unbound: :zeraora: :skarmory: :rotom-heat: :swampert:

Standard send out mon use switch move and bring in Hoopa.

Aoa Infernape Balance
:Infernape: :Weavile: :Slowking: :Hippowdon: :Amoonguss: :Moltres:

This team is ok honestly, the idea is use Infernape coverage along w fs and weavile to create an annoying offensive core that disturbs a lot of defensive pokemon. I have found out during the recent nduu forum tour that this team probably should click x vs stall since the rest of the team is pretty passive and infernape cant pressure as reliably as np z could.

Mewnium Z Screens Offense
:Mew: :Azelf: :Grimmsnarl: :Altaria-Mega: :Moltres-Galar: :Scizor:

When used right, mew can steamroll a lot of teams and psychic + fire blast gives very good coverage for nduu, smashing through the likes of scizor, jirachi, zarude, weavile and preventing revenge kill attempts with its z setting psy terrain. Prediction reliant mon, but the rest of the team can generally open up holes for the others to at least get some mileage.

It's been a blast playing National Dex UU and I encourage you guys to go out and invite more people to play the tier as it's pretty fun to build for with a lot of varied viable potential. Special thanks to Mollymt1 and R1C3M4N for testing with me a bunch, you guys are awesome.

Here's my team dump for now! I think the teams in here all deserve shots at being sample teams, so Nia if you and other council members could review them that'd be great. Otherwise feel free to use these teams for NDUU Open or anything of the sort cuz it seems im like one of the only people who really like this tier.

Edit: I build alot for this tier so expect more dumps later on cuz I have a ton of ideas for this really fun tier.
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I am sorry but I will not spend a lot of time sharing this team but I thought that may be of interest for someone looking for some sand-like building.

:Hippowdon: :Dracozolt: :Slowking: :Skarmory: :Tangrowth: :Regieleki:
Click the sprites to get the importable!

Teambuilding process:

I started building this team with a sand setter that also gave me rocks and a pretty decent physical wall that is :Hippowdon: This Pokémon is one of my favourite ones and it can sponge many hits and help against Volt-Switch users. Afterwards, I added :Dracozolt: as my main sand abuser. This Pokémon is just a beast by itself with a typical mixed offensive spread in order to abuse its both great attack stats and break through both fat and stall teams. However, it can have some difficult breaking through some Pokémon such as Swampert (full HP), MAltaria, Melmetal (full HP), and Hippowdon (full HP). In order to help against some of its threats and to improve the defensive backbone I added a core of :Slowking:, :Tangrowth:, and :Skarmory: These Pokémon gave Spikes and Whirlwind altogether with a great physical defense (Skarmory), Teleport and Future Sight (Slowking) that pair very well with another Regen Pokémon such as Tangrowth that is a new addition in the tier. Tangrowth with EVs on physical defense and AV is a mixed wall that can be used in many conditions and to discover which sets are being used by your opponent. Finally, I added :Regieleki: for speed control, entry hazard control, and finally to abuse more the electric spamming.


Mixed sets can break through both Hippo and Skarmory. Dracozolt cannot provoke great damage either. You will need to go to Tangrowth and click Sludge Bomb.

This Pokémon stops both Regi and Dracozolt easily. You will need to wear it down before entering your Draco to spam Bolt Beak.

This is a beast right now for fat teams if running CB.

Thanks for your attention and I hope you :heart: the team! See ya Pokémaniacs!
Now that UU open is officially over and this thread is lacking in actually usable teams other than mudkip's, here's a team dump:
bulu hat bo, some of the sets could use some optimizing, but these 6 generally have pretty good synergy and absolutely shit on hazard stack teams which I like.
flynium z keld is actually pretty threatening once the slowkings are removed so I paired it with bisharp and some standard fat mons. Pretty good ladder team but haven't used much in actual games.
inspired from mudkip's tspike team
built this team to try to counter the current glowking meta, with goltres sitting on gking and terrak getting free switchins from goltres + some standard fat. Defog malt is a necessary evil
goated hat stall got robbed super hard. Especially nasty because there are some really nice wincons
nice bo utilizing cb bisharp to weaken/pursuit trap stuff for the demon himself z jirachi to come in and pick up the win.
special setup spam + screens = death. kinda a MU fish though
some normie tang glowking. Not a fan of av gking because it gets trapped too easily though
a little old but probably still decent featuring av tang + cm glowking + rhyperior

Now for the best teams:
this shit is actually flames. jolly melmetal aims to lure in and 2hko skarm for scolipede to win endgame.
occa tang is a goated steel lure. istg I only got this to work like once in 5 games but oh well. A man can always dream.
+2 ganlon ngift destroys amoonguss, tangrowth (even phys def!), and malt, letting scarf keldeo and dracozolt take over the game. Getting walled by skarm isn't much of a problem because that lets in dracozolt virtually for free. Aegi weakness is patched up by a cb bisharp. scald pert is kinda bad but acts as another annoyance for skarm because this team has no removal. Team is actually useable unlike the other ones in this section.

Overall I'd say the best/proven teams in this dump are the hat teams and the bisharp + rachi bo. Enjoy! Here is a deadly HO for the whole world to see :D.

Mudkip and Lupla helped me out with this so credits to them :D. This team utilizes some of the deadliest win conditions in the tier such as HH Rachi and DD Malt. Krookodile is a solid lead that gets rocks up a good portion of the time and can weaken down stuff like Non-Scarf Rotom (Both of them), D-Nite, Melm, etc;. Nihilego has room to run its AoA MB set here and it works swimmingly as it threatens a lot with its coverage and meaty STABs. Despite having a lot of Melm counterplay, be careful around the nut monster as a misplay is fatal. When Melm is gone however, HH Rachi goes bananas bar against other Rachi and healthy GKings. However, G-King can be pressured by the other team members and gets KOed by +2 Malt EQ iirc. Have fun with the beautiful abomination we created :D.


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I'm going to drop some teams, I want to build other things now that the open is over. Jirachi got banned (finally) so now it's time to make Z holds hands Zard broken again.

:primarina: :scizor: :rhyperior: :manectric mega: :amoonguss: :moltres:
the main idea was Specs Primarina and CB Weavile, but then Weavile rose to OU. I changed the Prima set to calm mind because I honestly feel that works better here, and Scizor is now the pursuit trapper.

:slowking galar: :tangrowth: :skarmory: :rhyperior: :zeraora: :rotom heat:
simple build but with the broken king shining. Will probably be banned. (I hope so) (let's make Galarian Slowbro usable please)

:bisharp: :altaria mega: :slowking: :zeraora: :hippowdon: :rotom heat:

Future Sight and breaker, we don't have a lot of things to switch into Choice Band Bisharp and with Slowking support becomes even worse to switch into. I stole the idea from someone here btw.

:reuniclus: :nidoqueen: :skarmory: :hippowdon: :tangrowth: :zeraora:

I think this is the best team I built for the open. The main strategy here is to pressure your opponent Dark-types with t spikes and clean late game with Reuniclus or Zeraora. I chose Reuniclus instead of Gking because it can beat the king in a 1v1 scenario. Also, we don't have any hazard control here, so Reuniclus became the first option. Band Urshifu 6-0 the team but hazard chip and sand should do the job.

(why all my teams have a Zeraora? we need speed control free Mega Aero pls)
I am actually Dropping my first team Here:

Basically the team works like this: You wear down your opponents by walling, leech seeding and toxicing them (and sandstorm, too!), while doing damage with For example volt switch and glowking's attacks. Then at the late-game you clean with mega pidgeot, or more rarely melmetal.

The team was actually made by combining my 2 previous team, and having The best of both teams.
I have been using it for a while, and the team works well.

The team beats many kinds of other teams but is weak to some select mons.
Mega pidgeot is an underrated beast, switching into it is super hard. :toast: Celesteela walls a lot of mons, especially physical threats like malt. Glowking is glowking and eats volt switches from, for example, mega manectric. You really want to keep rotom alive, to defog so pidgeot can come in.

That is all for now, have fun gamers.
What's good UU? NDPL is over and the meta has finally reached a point of stability. So naturally, I'd like to take my turn at sharing some teams that I've been having success with lately, big props to my homies N_Mareanie and Niadev for carrying the tier through its moments since the very beginning and TheWeirdGastrodon R1C3M4N MudkipBeans 3MoreMinutes alongside everybody else involved for taking the steps that bring us to present day. You all share an important place here and I cannot wait to see what I'll find for myself with the help of you guys moving forward.

The VoltTurn team I have here is centered around the combination of WaterShifu and NP Heatom's synergy that allows the team to lure in and constantly pivot around their switch-ins, that of which is also made even nastier by the additons of Buzzwole, Celesteela and Swampert, excellent defensive Pokemon who are each capable of providing a backbone against the few things that could otherwise throw a wrench into the offensive plan depending on the threat, while setting up ideal conditions for the pair with Leech Seed healing, Rocks and Flip Turn support when checking said threats isn't as important. I added a Zarude in the last slot as filler Speed Control, mostly because it's the only halfway decent option that also packs a useful Water resist (most notably against Scald spam) with a Speed Tier creeping even Hail Offense, felt that the few things it wouldn't be able to revenge kill such as Dragons were already handled pretty adequately by the rest of the squad anyways.

Keld + MBee are a devastating offensive combo when paired together, the two can also easily pivot out of their own checks that are only forced to come in while having superb matchups against most good Defoggers as a whole, which is crucial for keeping up the hazards they so rely on to force progress against repeated switches from common Defensive Cores. Hatt provides key support by blocking most Rockers and opposing Spikes, preventing the pair from getting chipped overtime while even acting as a possible wincon with CM. Defog Gligar is a necessary evil here for it's ability to slow pivot, act as an Electric Immune and check plus fog against Nihilego who is otherwise very dangerous as one of the few Rockers that Hatt can't block while having easy entry otherwise outside of the offensive core and my team being very weak to the Meteor Beam set.

Offensive Aegislash is back in business with a new set. The addition of Spell Tag gives Shadow Ball the power needed to muscle through the likes of common defensive stopgaps such as Amoonguss while still allowing Aegi to switch moves and make use of King's Shield to to stick around throughout the game by preventing it from being immediately forced out and or getting Pursuit trapped as easily after attacking. The rest of the team admittingly just built for itself in this case with Defog Mence being there to handle WaterShifu who I'd normally need to sack a mon to in most 1v1s so I won't be going into too much detail here.

This shit is actually flames, Zap Cannon Zam is able to lure and delete common switchins such as Steela, Slowking and the DarkBirds for its own Sweep. It's synergy with this added tech makes for a potent offensive combo with Special MAlt who especially appreciates the removal of the former two.

Edit: I enjoy building around this tier and I'm something of a scientist myself so feel free to keep swinging by before samples are updated since I'll likely continue dumping teams here until then.
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NDUU needs more public teams and I build a lot, I'll be posting my mostly recent builder here:
it's a lot I know, cope
All teams here

This is a super solid team I've used for the last 2 suspects. It's great at putting Urshifu in good positions, with both Zera and Scizor having the combination of Knock to remove Helmet and a pivot move. Melm is definitely the biggest issue, but you can pressure it offensively and play around it. Make this shit a sample.

Some standard stuff, offensive Moltres is impossible to switch into and I've got some Boots spam + volt turn to support it. This Swampert spread makes it a Melmetal check, albeit a bit of a shaky one.

There's no Steel which sucks, but the team is mostly fine without it. Rhyp and Moltres cover the stuff defensive Steels do, apart from Nihilego which Mienshao can normally handle. There are problematic MUs but you have 6 good mons, just play better. This Altaria set kills everything.

This is heat, it's a flawed team but CB Melm and Beedrill pair super well together and have combined to win me multiple tour games.

I originally made this with a Nidoqueen get clickbaited
I made this just wanting to have Aegislash. Aegi is crazy good rn, it's quite similar to how it is in SSUU. Specs/SD/Tox + KS/Spell Tag are all great and there's nothing that answers all 4.

Amoonguss/Rhyp/Moltres covers like the entire tier, great defensive core which I tend to slap on half the teams I build. Magneton is our most reliable way to force damage on steels, and once that's done Hatterene often sweeps.

Melmetal broken, dual status Melmetal broken. Defog Rotom-Heat isn't a great set, but it's a necessary evil sometimes, this team needs Fogger + Melm counterplay + Manectric counterplay.

I hate Manectric but it synergizes really well with pads Urshifu, super hard to build around though. I've got a boots Chandelure because the Hatterene MU sucked and I couldn't fit a defogger to justify specs. You don't want to know how many times I tried to slot an Altaria onto this team only to realize I already had a mega.

Still haven't decided if this is any good. CM Melm clicks buttons, make sure to predict right. Alt is Toxic because the Slowking MU is 100-0 otherwise and there are no switch ins to Toxic Mega Altaria (except Nihilego which you can abuse with Melm).

This is one of the weirdest teams I have ever made but it's kind of good. Specs Chandelure without a defogger is out of line but I have Hatterene + Spikes to protect it. You're a bit reliant on clicking the right button with Chandelure, but 80% of the time that button is Shadow Ball so it's manageable.

Alakazam got banned. People stopped using their answers to NP Psychics. We use Azelf. Pretty simple team, most interesting part about it is Pads Sciz which is a good set that doesn't see enough usage.

Typically when I first build a mon in this tier I think about what supports it best, and 75% of the time the answer I come up with is some sort of Melmetal set. It's helpful here because it abuses grass types. I landed upon dual status because I originally had Toxic and realized I was weak to Scizor, dual status is also broken.

Aiwla showed me this Infernape set and it seemed interesting, still haven't decided if it's any good but it gave me an excuse to use CB Bisharp so I ran with it. Unbeatable Altaria set makes another appearance. Swampert set is specifically to fuck over Melmetal, outspeeds standard Melm while 2HKOing and avoiding the 3HKO.

Would you look at that, another pairing of an uncommon mon with Melmetal. This time Tornadus is luring Rotoms for Melm. Now that Alakazam is gone I've been enjoying trying out all the other Nasty Plot breakers in the tier which were previously entirely outclassed. Scarf Zarude is an ugly set but it does the job.

Terrakion has had 0 switch ins since the dawn of time, add in Future Sight and Spikes and you get a whole load of damage.

CB Rhyperior is a fairly decent breaker, EdgeQuake is obviously good in this tier and you nail Skarmory with Heat Crash. Only real switch in is Helm Tang, but Altaria abuses that mon. PDef Tang is also easy to chip between Celesteela, Mienshao, and Rhyp along with the presence of Amoonguss which can safely switch in.

Darmanitan is actually cracked, this mon is a menace. 2HKO's Moltres with Flare Blitz, PDef MAlt drops more often than not to Flare Blitz into Iron Head. Paired it with Nidoking because 2 unwallable pokemon is better than one.

Bet you didn't expect to see a Barraskewda in here, Pads Skewda + Mienshao abuse helmet/regen spam, especially when paired with HStack + Sand + Helm spam of your own. Chip damage is broken.

Steelix gives you Steel + Ground + Melm check which is cool, that's about all it does though. Just a nice basic fat team with fsight + Fighting type.

I've also got some more gimmicky teams to drop, these range from weird but effective to completely diabolical.

Completing the trilogy of MBee + new defogger teams, I threw in a Zygarde and a Cobalion idk why but it kinda works?

This is the same team but far cooler, because Mega Pidgeot is heat. I dropped roost because HP Grass 2HKO's Rhyperior and Swampert, while hurting Rotom-Wash.

This is a pretty standard team but my skarm is SpDef with Sub ID so in the trash pile it goes. Tox MAlt + Pursuit actually handles most of the counterplay to this Skarm set so there are worse teams to use.

Crobat kinda sucks but Melm Toxics Rotoms for it and you force damage onto other Electrics, I'm willing to use anything for speed control at this point I've made too many Zera/Mienshao teams.

New speed control option it's viable I promise (maybe actually but not on this team). This Togekiss is hilarious and kills the whole tier, good luck setting it up though.

Got to choose between Defog Alt and Defog Heattom for this one, great stuff. You can get away with making the Alt a Salamence (if you're willing to double gatr on Rhyperior) but either way you're using Feraligatr and that mon is ass.

This is hella trash but lowkey Glalie is capable of winning games when paired with Magneton. Our non steel Freeze-Dry resists don't exist (Heattom is fake), and the SpDef mons we would usually use to deal with it get blown up by Return.

Don't worry Keldeo isn't yet enough of a meme that it's the reason this team is bad. I was meaning to build something viable, idk how I ended up with Celebi but I stuck with it, haha speed control.

Funny mon, +2 Waterium kills all the Steels and with some chip (from Tox Melm) you can break through Washtom with +2 Pin Missile. Spikes let you break through stuff like Urshifu, Swampert, and Aegislash more easily.
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Going to drop an updated teamdump for the post-Melmetal era, wanted to provide a more accurate representation of teambuilding in the current meta for newer players since I build quite a lot.
Link to all teams here.

:tapu bulu::hippowdon::buzzwole::slowking::zeraora::moltres:
SD Bulu is quite monstrous versus balance so I wanted to make the most out of it remembering that I needed something consistent to handle the balancy-oriented meta at the time, Slowking on the other hand was an immensely reliable defensive pivot for Bulu that synergized extremely well with it (checking offensive Fires and Flyings) while also giving Bulu some points of setup by forcing in mons such as Zarude and other Waters for it to take advantage of in a game since they're usually what's used by the other team to pivot into Slowking without much risk. Hippowdon gives the team a pretty reliable rocker to work with that also Volt blocks common Electrics in the tier, while Zeraora and Moltres round things off by providing speed control and secondary offensive threat potential that also paired well with Bulu respectively. Buzzking is an epic yet underexplored defensive core that needs to be used more on BO/Balance btw.

Sub CM Primarina was a menace and a half when it came to being a late-game wincon, with max SpD sets even being able to use Amoonguss as setup fodder at +1 (0 SpA Amoonguss Sludge Bomb vs. +1 248 HP / 252+ SpD Primarina: 74-90 (20.3 - 24.7%) -- possible 6HKO after Leftovers recovery). While the team also uses the insane progress-making abilities offered by the popular core of Boots Zeraora combined with Salamence to overwhelm most bulky Grasses and Waters that would otherwise give this set trouble sweeping, which Mandibuzz is able to further augment by taking up the role of Defogger and Zarude/Scizor check instead, allowing Salamence to more comfortably run a fully offensive set to improve said wallbreaking capabilities. Yache Berry on Amoonguss may seem peculiar over options, but has the benefit of improving the Mamoswine matchup by denying a potential entry point from it early-game.

This is heat, and you'll definitely like this should you prefer the high-risk high-reward stuff. Like Minutes said Aegislash is incredibly potent in the current meta largely owing to its versatility and near-perfect coverage, and TSpikes happens to synergize incredibly well with it thanks to its ability to cripple nearly every switch-in while allowing Aegislash to run coverage on its Substitute sets to beat Zarude and CB Bisharp instead and rack up extensive chip damage when used alongside Lefties + King's Shield. Krookodile and AV Tangrowth help out by checking other threats like opposing Aegislash and can spam Knock Off to remove boots or other items to further bolster Aegislash's offensive potential late-game, while Salamence provides a key check to common Fighting-types and acts as a fast pivot with recovery that can also deal with opposing Spikers if needed.

Team ended up being pretty straightforward as it is but it's probably still worth mentioning anyways, Banded Terrak happens to be another one of those breakers with almost no reliable answers (save for Defensive Buzzwole) should the user be able to click the right move with it, which VoltTurn abuse helps to enable by giving it free switch-in opportunities against as much of the meta as possible. SD Scizor was neat to have for its ability to check mons like Nihilego and Bisharp (Banded Knock from CB sets not 2HKOing most of the time thanks to the Z-move, which otherwise had a lot of entry points to break this team) alongside Scarf Zarude and was a decent wincon to run here since it greatly appreciated Terrak's ability to bust most of its checks on U-turn, while Swampert provides Rocks and a decent pivot against most Flying-types.

Fairly self-explanatory for what you'd expect minus the screens, PZ + SD Aegislash pair super well together while the latter also provides a much needed blanket-check against the likes of common HO threats such as Nihilego and most defensive Grounds since its Air Balloon. Azelf helps to manage hazards against opposing rockers as the lead so that MAltaria and GMoltres have an easier time using their bulk to sweep more effectively.
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