Announcement Nayrz is sole tier leader


It probably comes as no surprise considering my recent activity but I will be stepping down from my role as tier leader. Life caught up with me and I am currently unable to spend more than a few hours a week on Smogon. I don't plan on fully quitting the community though, and you will find me online sometimes. Who knows what will happen in the future, no one fully quits, right?

As for my replacement, there is none at the moment, so Nayrz will handle it alone for the time being. Be nice to him!


LF: yuzu specialist
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So we have to survive Nayrz's tyranny, that's nice

I didn't know you well but I can confidently say Ubers will miss your
presence as a TL. Everyone will remember your devotion and service for the community. I have been the most familiar with Nayrz among other administrative auths since I started sticking around in Ubers and I'm sure he will be just fine as a sole TL. Also make sure QC one of my analysis before you leave and Nayrz doesn't use gachi emoji in Discord please.

GL IRL and I thank you for your work on the playerbase's behalf.
thanks Hack for all the time u spent training me, it worked a lot now and Im much better thnx to that, thnx for being nice with me friend, I'll miss u as Tier Leader.

Grats Nayrz, there is a lot of hard work to do, But I know you can do it.

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