Tournament NDPL I - Week 5

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Time for shoutouts after this week

Shadowmonstr7 The goat that had me help out as official manager. Glad to have had u there fren :blobthumbsup:
The Number Man Tnx for help on prepping the draft!
Icemaster Carrying me with the draft plan+helping out ndag tnx man really appreciated it

Chazm Dude u carried building wise holy shit LOOOOL u were wild and even co-managing along side us goons really glad u were one of my main players i wanted and got. Tnx for everything
BaconEatinAssassin Should have been undefeated but got lucked with matchups. Always prepped always was there when needed always could put my trust in u really thanks for making me so comfortable with just waiting for what u had cooked with the wildest shit i could never imagine. Altho u always almost gave me a heart attack
Niadev NUU GOAT. Never spoke to u before but then i saw u in team chat and no joke i was so happily suprised on how much u care about the team always helping out testing/building. Goatering so many players dude u overperformed what i thought and u were an absolute monster glad to have drafted+met u :blobuwu::blobnom:
Roginald Never plays nou but ever since i met u i knew u would do good and u did for sure. Rogigoat performing as a goat would proud of u my guy
Nevelle NAG Goat underrated pick sadly enough this wasnt ur tour but the next time we see each other i will see u smashing the competition i know it
RaJ.Shoot From student to manager of u. The inner stufful was still within us and u brought me the same feels i had during that blt and glad to see u being as goated as then no wait thats wrong EVEN BETTER THAN THEN
Trade Velv made a mistake trading u away holy shit u absolutely murdered people ngl+helped the entire team man each manager should consider picking u up ngl
Vaboh Man this wasnt ur tour at all. I wish i could have been able to help u more out but i didnt so sorry about that still was fun seeing u play+test when i wasnt around
arifgoku The man of not many words. Was there when i pinged etc still glad to have had u
Casual dot exe Man u have to many nicknames jesus. Sorry that i didnt put u in any week wanted to do it when we got a change but each week was so close

This experience managing in this pl was nerve breaking keeping me on my toes every single week but i am really glad i got this change and was able to get such a great team together. Sad we couldnt go to playoffs tho we showed how much we were able to do so i am really proud of u. Hope that i did a somewhat solid job. And thanks for giving me this chance!
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