Tournament NDPL II - Player Signups

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Player name: TJ
Tiers: All
Timezone: GMT -7
Foreseen Inactivity: school just started and i shouldnt be over 3k. i will be inactive, have the team server muted, wont even join the team server actually, matter of fact i want to only bench. so yeah dont buy me.
Player name: Isza
Tiers: SUB, National dex Monotype, nat dex ou
Timezone: gmt -4
Inactivity: I work alot, and I just had my first son. His name is Shawn, he eats all the time. So I'll be inactive a bit. Matter of fact I can only bench, so yea don't buy me.
Player name: Splash
Tiers: Sub, National Dex OU, National Dex BO3, National Dex Monotype
Timezone: gmt -6
Inactivity: I have 5 classes in uni everyday + a job + 3 girlfriends so I won't be active really at all in the team discord, also make sure you have a builder ready at my service for me. Will mostly have to sub so yeah don't buy me.
Player Name: Ox the Fox
Tiers: OU
Timezone: -4
Foreseen inactivity: don't expect high activity from me, would appreciate teams for me too - will guarantee to anyone that buys me I'll get a positive record (I'm only playing bo1, don't buy me for the BO3 slot)
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