Tournament NDPL II - Week 5

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art by Dharma
Replays and Usage Stats
NDPL Sheet
(courtesy of freezai and Simbo, maintained by Avaritia GC)

  • Follow all rules listed here.
  • Schedule via Smogon VMs. It's easier for me to make decisions for activity calls when I can actually see what went down with scheduling.
  • If you are unable to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so they can communicate that to me or the other team's managers for a potential substitute.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.
  • If a match remains incomplete by the time of the deadline, it will be subject to an activity call.
  • Post replays. Not only are they useful for confirming wins, they contribute to usage stats and allow the people who couldn't watch the games live to watch them later.
  • Managers: Please send me your lineups in the same format that I used to post pairings. It makes it much easier to post future rounds more quickly.

:skarmory: (4) Stalwart Skarmories vs Islam Blissmilahs (4) :blissey:
National Dex: SpookyZ vs IPF
National Dex: QWILY vs Bushtush
National Dex: Ox the Fox vs devin
National Dex UU: spoo vs The Number Man
National Dex Monotype: FatFighter2 vs Alpha Rabbit
National Dex Monotype: dex vs TJ
National Dex AG: Geysers vs DNNP
National Dex Bo3: Fardin vs Fc

:dragonite: (3) Down Bad Dragonites vs Spunching Scizors (5) :scizor:
National Dex OU: Sagisolar vs Stareal
National Dex OU: 23Gz vs peap
National Dex OU: JP192 vs Gray
National Dex UU: R1C3M4N vs KJLX
National Dex Monotype: Rotten vs Punset
National Dex Monotype: Fylkir Pudin vs Ara
National Dex AG: Frito vs lotiasite
National Dex Bo3: Ryuji-Sempai vs Trade

:delcatty: (4) Dazzling Delcatties vs Brazy Braixens (4) :braixen:
National Dex: Anique vs Baloor
National Dex: Aberforth vs Drud
National Dex: Kyotoshi vs Avery
National Dex UU: gum vs Roginald
National Dex Monotype: Hyperspace12 vs maroon
National Dex Monotype: mushamu vs TeamCharm
National Dex AG: KM vs Royal1604
National Dex Bo3: mncmt vs Kate

:cubchoo: (3) Crying Cubchoos vs Die Lit Drifloons (5) :drifloon:
National Dex: pj vs simp
National Dex: ez vs NVK
National Dex: afakedugong vs airfare
National Dex UU: Lunala vs hs
National Dex Monotype: Crashy vs Mateeus
National Dex Monotype: Dieu Amphibien vs Nalorium
National Dex AG: Ballfire vs WSun1
National Dex Bo3: crying vs Lilburr

You have until October 31st 23:59 GMT-4 to get your games complete.
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