Tournament NDPL III Set & Team Dump


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NDPL III Set & Team Dump is here to serve as an opportunity to post whatever anyone has used so far! It's pretty self explanatory, post teams you used in NDPL III here!

  • This is for teams used in, or heavily considered for use, in NDPL III ONLY.
  • OU, UU, AG, RU, and Monotype teams can be posted.
  • A Pokepaste would be preferred in terms of formatting. Sprites would also be a helpful addition.
  • Descriptions/stories about the teams are allowed (encouraged, even) but consider using a spoiler tag if they end up being very long.
  • These teams may be considered to be used as Sample Teams so no need to post in the bazaar as well.
And that's it! Happy posting, and good luck to the teams in the playoffs!


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OMPL Champion

Originally made for Punny to use against devin, I looked a bit at his scout and noticed that he kind of disrespected having good prep against M-Scizor so I wanted to build around it without going too hard into the counterteam. Slug, Heatran and Tangrowth provide a good defensive backbone while having pretty awesome synergy whereas Tapu Koko and Lando provide a bit of speed since it is kind of slow + didn't have the momentum that is often needed when building with Scizor. This Tapu Koko set is also pretty good against fat if you know when to press Gigavolt Havoc.

same mu two times (:wow:)

QYURRYUS (Mew) @ Mewnium Z
Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 248 HP / 184 Def / 76 Spe (can run slower but I think this is a good speed tier for what you want out of Mew)
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Nasty Plot
- Roost
- Psychic
- Flamethrower

This is something that I thought of bringing against Isza in week 2 but decided against it after the week was over but I think this set is pretty good. Mew is bulky as shit and can setup on pretty much anything not named Lati/Tran/Tar/Greninja-Ash and punch some severe holes if those mons are not present/removed beforehand. It can still function as a Lopunny/Medicham check too which is useful but isn't as do nothing as other Mew sets. Absolutely destroys those Gastrodon+Protean Greninja teams that have been used this tournament. Highly recommend this.

This tournament wasn't the best for me, but I enjoyed building for the most part and had fun, and isn't that what matters most?


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weavs r out which is unfort, i'll dump what I used :clefable::tapu-lele::latias-mega::garchomp::ferrothorn::toxapex: :clefable::kartana::scizor-mega::dragonite::landorus-therian::weavile:
For the first week I wanted to use offensive clef because the builds I think my opp would be passed all seemed p weak to it. The lati build is def more consistent but I let my paranoia of a lati cteam get the better of me. Was a p basic balance build, idea was that clef would punch enough holes to let lati/lele clean later on and chomp was there cuz I needed a sciz checking rocker. The sciz squad was def worse looking in hindsight, struggles way more to a lot more and didn't really have great offensive potential which sucked. :muk-alola::latias-mega::clefable::gliscor::skarmory::toxapex:
Iirc I decided this to be the squad bc ez and jp hmu in a gc and showed me the build and I liked it and thought it would be solid vs potential cteams and didn't stray too far from my comfort at the time. Unfortunately it loaded into the 1 set that clicked thru the entire team which I didnt expect based on my past reuni usage. Def couldv'e played that game a bit better though to try and salvage smth I think. :mawile-mega::tapu-koko::landorus-therian::volcarona::ferrothorn::dragonite:
I have no memory as to how this team came to be but I'm pretty sure the @vstra passed it (s/o). Anws this team fucking sucked it had a 0-100 mu in the game but fortunately mu is irrelevant when u can just hax. :reuniclus::tapu-koko::skarmory::toxapex::gliscor::tyranitar-mega:
Took a break for a couple weeks and when I came back and scouted my games again I saw a shocking lack of dark types so decided to go fishing. Trying to fit everything I wanted to on 1 team was difficult but in the last second I stole a build from earlier in the week and got the approval from @ bacon eating assassin (s/o). Turns out it didn't matter because there was no dark type meaning reuni was free to go nuts. :zeraora::weavile::landorus-therian::clefable::celesteela::tapu-fini:
At this point our team had alr qualified for playoffs so I felt comfortable bringing a meme to this week, and there's little more of a meme in my builder than specs lando + bu zeraora. Basic gist is that zera sucks ass because it never breaks past grounds, but specs lando lures the main offenders in defensive lando and glisc with hpice. Rest of the team is mainly for defensive holes. If I didn't choke the endgame I think this could've won which would've been really funny but alas. :lopunny-mega::melmetal::gastrodon::clefable::skarmory::moltres:
Once again passed by the @vstra (s/o) who had the incredible idea of bringing fat after a team with great fat mu from the tinis earlier and me using a solid amount of fat the season. I was originally apprehensive of the idea but fortunately @ anique (s/o) reminded last minute that I couldn't build a good enough offense and it ended up paying off I guess because this team worked really well. I'd say it was a fine end to what was admittedly a pretty mid season from me.

s/o everyone in weavcord, both the players and support really helped foster a great environment in my first REAL teamtour (not 4 week long wc). Unfortunate that we couldn't see it all the way but that's just the game sometimes. Hope to see u all next year, especially to my fellow ASIOCE ous.
also none of these teams r sample submissions they (the ones I built) all suck


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Now that both torterras and weaviles are out and gen 8 is coming to an end, I can dump all the trash I have in my builder into this thread. I'm only going to post my uu teams because all my ou teams were shamelessly stolen from ez's builder and my ru teams were either garbage or passed to me (this is what happens when you get thrown into bo3 midseason and mainly signed up to play uu).

Ordered roughly in order of viability, Click sprites for paste
hoping to convince the vr council that glowbro and bisharp deserved a rise in the rankings, I set out to build the best glowbro bisharp team of all time. Glowbro is basically glowking at home except it has slightly better phys def, which allows it to check fighting types better. I personally like helmet as a way to punish urshifu and other uturn users, and also because glowbro is getting knocked a lot of the time anyways. bisharp pursuits a lot of the mons that annoy glowbro, mainly aegislash, and also appreciates glowbro burning ground types. beat up is a cool way to 2hko really physically bulky mons like skarm with chip, beat sash leads, and also give +6 to keldeo, losing a mon to flip turn in the process. Mence is the fogger that i slap on to every team, and rotom is a good hurricane switchin and helps with the status spam. hippo is a super splashable rocker, and scarf shao rounds out the team as the speed control. toxic is run to not lose to deo d and stone edge > knock to hit stuff like moltres and mence and not weaken bisharp's knock.
week 4 bo3 g3 me vs zs - after outplaying the empoleon with bisharp pursuit, glowbro and friends win the game pretty easily.
semis spl4sh vs kate bo3 g2 - in theory, glowbro + bisharp should win this game in the long run and a couple pursuits on the steela, but spl4sh got pretty unlucky and also misplayed by sludge bombing deo instead of going mienshao and clicking toxic. Deo d never should've won this game.
:celesteela::pidgeot-mega::krookodile::tapu bulu::salamence::nihilego:
the idea for this team came from a nduu tour replay years ago when someone used autosteela with eball and it destroyed a rhyperior. With rotom wash being so dominant, I figured that luring rotom would open the door for a lot of the threats in the meta, and one of these threats is the bird jesus himself mega pidgeot. Hurricanes that never miss and blistering speed makes it a really reliable revenge killer and also lets it confuse hax past hippo, which is very hard to do consistently with other hurricane users. I don't think I've ever clicked roost, so something like work up or hp ground for nihilego can probably be slotted in there. uturn is used to uturn on nihilego to bring in scarf krook and pursuit it. scarf krook was used here mainly due to the outbreak of pz on ho, and it along with nihilego should beat pz pretty reliably. Draco mence is another way to weaken rotom for the bird and provides crucial fog support. Finally, tapu bulu is a nice breaker that helps the team with its defensive utility in checking threats like urshifu and zeraora.
It turns out that even if theres no rotom to lure, specs steela is really good by itself since it gets so many opportunities to click buttons like vs the ever-present hippo, which is easily flinched down, grass types like tang and amoonguss, and flying types like mence.
wk 6 bo3 g3 me vs lily - after mence weakens rotom with draco, specs steela comes in for free vs hippo and proceeds to go ham after a lucky crit on rotom. Truly a game 3 of all time.
semis nduu elfuseon vs royal - pidgeot vs a team with no flying resist is absolutely disgusting, and pidgeot is actually bulky enough that it lives a scarf shao stone edge, so after clicking some buttons, elfuseon easily gets an advantage after the first couple of turns. specs steela manages to come in for free on tangrowth and do a ton of damage to both tang and krook and then somehow scare out a scizor at 1 hp to ohko mienshao with a fire blast (goat). The game is nearly thrown to scizor at the end after mence gets hp iced and then poisoned by tang but scizor isn't strong enough to ohko the chipped mence, making specs steela undefeated in all of NDPL.
ghost pz was used more than electric pz through the first couple weeks of ndpl, so we wanted to use electric to beat some ghost pz checks reliably like zarude and mandibuzz. aegislash and spikes help weaken ground types for pz, and pert provides rocks + momentum. mienshao serves as speed control and mence is the fogger and sciz/grass type check.
defog geezing was something i found really intriguing because it completely stuffs hippo and other ground type rockers. bisharp pursuits nihilego, the one rocker that geezing is super scared of. Specs chandy really appreciates geezing spreading burn, which allows it to spam hex, and is just stupidly strong in general. terrak is another huge threat, and since i have bisharp to pursuit aegi, the rocks were slapped on terrak. Tang pairs quite nicely with geezing as a defensive core and sludge bomb poisons everything. zeraora is the speed control and toxics things as well. zeraora as the speed control isn't optimal, as i've gotten packed by megamane a couple times with this team, but usually it's good enough.
week 2 bo3 g3 crying vs fc - chandy would have went crazy here but unfortunately prim dodged a specs overheat (did 40) and then both glowbro answers were sacked. Geezing showed its worth by staving off hippos rocks and staying healthy with pain split.
future sight + shifu has always been impossible to switch into, and with future sight support, shifu can afford to run pads instead of band to not get haxed by moltres or destroyed by helmet. psychium slowking is a neat tech to nail amoonguss if it ever tries to switch in on the future sight turn to dissuade shifu from coming in. The rest of the team is a pretty standard spikes stacking core. Scarf rocks krook isn't exactly ideal but it gets the job done as the ultimate role compression mon. team gets super packed by terrakion, which is why meminger brought a different version with nidoqueen, shown in this replay.
:zygarde-10%::bisharp::seismitoad::keldeo::moltres::tapu bulu:
never got to use this but it's probably pretty good. Aerial ace bisharp is a neat tech to lure buzzwole, and pursuit helps weaken zydog checks such as amoonguss. Modest seismitoad lets it beat glowbro and be a really annoying rocker with the tried and true sludge bomb scald combo. bulu is an underrated breaker that appreciates buzzwole weakened and moltres and scarf keld round out the team for defog and speed control.
wanted to build around mixed ape as it had coverage for a lot of the threats in the meta. Because lo ape dies way too quickly, i decided that the only way to make this work was to slap it on ho. Ape is nice for breaking all the hippo mence teams being spammed and the other threats can take care of faster teams.
espeon is the goat, no other words need to be spoken.

And that's it. NDPL III was a great experience and my teammates were awesome. It's a shame that we flopped in the last 2 weeks but it happens i guess. s/o to ez and JP192 for drafting me, Meminger21 for building with me, and LBN and pinorska for testing. and also s/o weaviles for letting me in their cord for semis and using my teams
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Hello, My name is Isza better known as Kaiser/Shali. If you're unfamiliar with me, I'm a tournament player who has recently enjoyed NDOU and has been playing team tours. This year my team made finals and lost, however, I'd like to showcase the teams I've built this tour. Being our main OU support I had a lot on my hands, which brought out lots of creativity on my part. These are all sample submissions BTW and for the sake of quality I'll only show teams that have been used this tournament (wins and losses) NDPL Team Dump NDWC Team Dump

:swampert-mega: :pelipper: :greninja: :ferrothorn: :zapdos: :qwilfish:
Originally wasn't going to use this build, Although I was at work and wanted a quick game vs Omi. Qwilfish sounds like a meme but at +2 you actually get some Key KOS with Z explosion
+2 252+ Atk Qwilfish Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rotom-Wash: 363-428 (119.4 - 140.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+2 252+ Atk Qwilfish Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Gastrodon: 524-617 (123 - 144.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+2 252+ Atk Qwilfish Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 248 HP / 220 Def Zapdos: 348-410 (90.8 - 107%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO
+2 252+ Atk Qwilfish Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Latias-Mega: 327-385 (90 - 106%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
Rains 1 dimensional for sure but I feel the last slot can be changed, and qwilfish is great if you want to surprise one of these pivots and get rid of it without losing a mon.

:Tapu-koko: :skarmory: :heatran: :clefable: :gastrodon: :scizor-mega:
I used this week 3 vs NVK, and I consider this a really cool spike stack. Team features gastro, skarmory, and clef as defensive glue that gets up hazards right away. For the offensive wincon I have CM Z Koko, SD Mega scizor, and scarf heatran as a surprise speed control with a nice tech in HP ice for garchomp, Landorus, and a slightly chipped Gliscor. One of my favorite teams for sure, although not a fan of fat builds.

:Garchomp-mega: :excadrill: :dracozolt: :hippowdon: :toxapex: :corviknight:
For those that know me personally, I like taking concepts from tournament play and applying it to other tiers. This team comes from 2 tournament games: Suapah vs Aberforth WC quarters and ABR vs MCM Stour finals The team idea is straight forward: Break ASAP. One of these mons breaks down defensive cores for the other 2. Mostly every defensive core in the tier is broken by Garchomp, Dracozolt, and Z giga impact drill(no zapdos/rotom pivots) Besides gliscr builds which kinda dents this teams progress. Sand usually isn't great without torn but IMO this is one of the best takes I had on it in.

:tyranitar-mega: :excadrill: :rotom-wash: :buzzwole: :ferrothorn: :clefable:
More sand, you know what sand has a huge issue with btw? kartana.. Almost means you gotta use corv/zapdos.. or does it? i never understood why people don't use Buzz more. ignoring Z moves, he's one of the best checks to offensive threats such as karana, weavile, landorus, garchomp, and many other in the tier. i built this specifically for TJ to use vs sensei axew since he didn't have much for it+DD ttar. scarf twave rotom provides speed control with clef and ferro being defensive glue once again.

:skarmory: :zapdos: :toxapex: :chansey: :gliscor: :scizor-mega:
I want to open this saying stall is not something I'd ever recommend in nat dex. Too much in the tier to cover and not worth it in most scenarios. However I believe in certain scenarios depending on your opponent it can be worth it. Some may not agree but I believe pressure zapdos+gliscor is the best form of removal on ND stall since you deny rocks vs clefable, ferrothorn, heatran(usually), helmet lando, hippo, and opposing gliscor 100% which is P much most of the tier. Since you can't cover everything you gotta choose what to lose to, and I choose Medicham/Manaphy(although z tbolt on zapdos is an emergency answer to medi/mawile) This team also indirectly counters the NVK deoxy team which is P good seeing how common it is.

:heatran: :mawile-mega: :landorus-therian: :tapu fini: :tangrowth: :greninja-ash:
This is a remake of my first ever nat dex OU team. Nothing special about it honestly. Z grass heatran +ash gren makes a P good core and wanted to try it out.

:greninja: :heatran: :ferrothorn: :landorus-therian: :clefable: :latias-mega:
In semis, anique had too much room usage for his own good. Z grass gren was a nice option because Its never expected and would be a nice surprise factor if he brought gastrodon/rotom like he usually does. I was always high on Gunk, hp fire, ice beam, and z move but Hydro into Z grass nukes clef anyways. Z grass gets rid of rotom, and tapu fini so I value this set a lot better. We also got tspikes for mega latias and offensive heatran as a nice stall breaker.

:tyranitar-mega: :excadrill: :zapdos: :ferrothorn: :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :Blacephalon:
More sand, yay. Specs blace looked great into Mr never changes his playstyle bacon. For some reason I thought he would stray away from his usual stuff but I was wrong. Ghosts in nd arent used cause of pursuit but wanted to take the risk and use one. Originally specs my player changed it to speed boost which IMO was worse off.

:latias-mega: :landorus-therian: :heatran: :ferrothorn: :mew: :tapu-fini:
this gets no description because I was so burnt out I took my opponents team and replaced a mon. Better vs kyurem/pex stuff that normally stall out deoxys D.

:torkoal: :shiftry: :landorus-therian: :blaziken: :tapu-fini: :venusaur:
This is a SS team built by Ewin but with tweaks for ND.(well only 1) I wanted surprise picks for finals and sun seemed cool into clean since he didn't use many sturdy fire resists. I again being burnt out used it as well but ran into rain which was p much unwinnable without throws from my opponent. Venu/Blaziken do get the jump on most of the tier outside of latias since many BO teams can't deal with both.

:diancie_Mega: :serperior: :Tapu-fini: :garchomp: :Cresselia: :volcarona:
The most high skill ceiling team of the tour IMO. This team is built by QWILY in NDPL 2 but I tweaked it for some match ups. If you ever played SM smogtour, the niko sm team has sub swarm volc which is really annoying to deal with and same applies to nat dex. you can pp stall pex with volc/fini and Lunar dance it later and win. Also beat all heatrans unless its roar/ taunt toxic. This game wasn't played well although i rate this team highly for experienced players.

Think this was the most creative I've been, and was a lot of fun overall. its almost 2 in the morning for me so I'm not fixing any typos, I just hope you all like these teams. See you guys in WC ill be back, and again thanks for having me :heart:
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Since NDPL is now over, I though of doing a little teamdump w what worked v well overall through the tour. I builded in OU/UU/RU and Mono for this, and i'll share a couple from each tier, teams that I believe are overall really good and can be submitted as sample. This will also be the last time i'm dumping stuff, mainly for private reasons, doing so because I don't think i'll touch those various format for a very long time, since the new gen is coming up soon.

So for this part, i will share the teams that had the most success (mainly because if I share everything i build i wld need the entire thread to do so).
gmolt offense :
this team was made for week 6, to face against Kate. I knew offensive stuff like this would win and I was right to believe so. Protect on dia is something I was always fond of, helps a lot winning mindgames against the likes of gren/kart/lando as absorbing lop's fake out, which can be usefull to stay out of the close combat range from full. Rest is p straightforward, gmolt is ev'd to outspeed pert under the rain after an agility while maximising its bulk and damage output.
I like this team cuz you really need to play offensive, you take advantage v early on by doubling and pressuring to choke your opponent out thanks to the fact that 5 of your 6 mons is a potential wincond that can make progress.
replay : week 6 kate vs devin

weav darkinium lele av offense :
I always see a lot of people talking about how groundium weavile is good but trust me it's not, it's a fake set. Real set is Darkinium, although you drop knock you ensure a KO on a lot of things weavile wants a KO on, including Skarm and Corv after rocks, which is really good. AV on lele is a really good thing to use, improving its bulk and allowing him to stay and weaken stuff like tran or even KOing ash-gren. Toxic is an option I personnaly like on Kart, as it's a good way to weaken zapdos without risking a paralysis if you can't manage to maintain fini's terrain up. It can be totally switched for smart strike, but i'm always paranoid on demon setters, so it's a good option nonetheless. It's a way more aggressive and volatile team than the first one, however, it's probably the only one i wldn't recommend as a sample, because you need a very good understanding of how the tier works and how to deal w certains threats.
replay : week 3 devin vs pinorska

pads melme + speed tana offense :
It's a very similar team compared to the one i posted upper, and also a completely different team. Main goal here is to use melmetal to twave stuff like corv/skarm/pex to abuse them later w either kart or weavile. I think +speed kart is really underated as a wincond, it does an insane job at 6-0ing teams unprepared, especially in this offensive zapdos era. It terms of how to play it, it's similar to the first one, you want to be aggressive to pressure and then win by setup either weavile or tana.
replay : final devin vs Kate

mmedicham paraspam bulky offense :
Since I only posted fast paced offensive teams, I think it's time for something a bit more bulkier, although it's an offense. So originally this was made for devin for week 2 against Lily, although the team featured a dnite over weavile at the time. The concept is simple, you make everything slower than medi and you trap/remove everything that resist its stab duo so that it can freely spam hjk/zen (assuming you don't miss). I like having bullet punch here as an option to deal w diancie, as this mon is a bitch for such bulky offense teams that relies on ferrothorn as their steel. Clef's spread was made to outspeed 100 bs full invested w a + speed nature AFTER the paralysis, so that you can heal on them. Team relies a lot on paralysing stuff, including volcarona/rem (you can catch both of them w ferro/rotom). It has p good MUs overall, outside of stall, which on a scale from really hard to win to impossible is at forfeiting is your best shot. To play this, you need to be aggressive in your passiveness, if that make sense, like going for reads w twave, you want to punish as much stuff as you can w paralysis.
replay : clem vs tj final

Kyulop + melme offense :
So this was originally something I made for daruma, against Stareal during NDWC, and made a refine for the tiebreak against Bea, although the team didnt have the best showing during that game, considering how bad it went for both side in terms of rng influence. Team itself isn't that hard to understand, it's mainly just Kyu-Lop core combined w a fast paced offensive core team. I think icium rem is hella busted, mon doesn't have proper switch in and you always have reward by just clicking mindlessly w it. Punny is double prio for patching certain MUs, including HO, and I don't see u-turn being good in that structure here. I like how vic patch a lot of things here simply thanks to its typing, it's litteraly the defensive glue of the team for a lot of mons. Heatran can be a bit annoying if you don't know how to handle it properly (meaning you need to have your terrain up and rocks out), it's a bit of a technical build in a way cuz you really need to know how to handle and dance w a terrain, especially there since 1 of your mons have toxic and want to toxic stuffs. You need to play this aggressively, as most of the stuff I leaked anyway, what's the good thing to do is to make sure Kyurem enters as much as it can on the field and then you click until something dies. Some sequences can be tricky, esp w how you use your Z move, but after you make a huge break it should be more than fine to conclude.
replays : ndwc week 2 pools daruma vs stareal (although it's the beta version of the team and not the final one) roginald vs bea tiebreak semi-final
So i'm gonna be honest, and state first that the tier rn is in a dogshit state, honestly broken checking broken isn't really healthy nor balanced and i don't think the tier is good rn. So that's why HO was spammed during the most part of the tour in BO3, and that's also why i'll share only a few stuff i made for tlenit, because those are probably what's closest to viable in a HO fest meta. Being innovative in that kind of metagame is a hell to do, but I think I did a good job.

Bee-mega showtime :
So for this team, i had a guts feeling that it would work against ava, mainly because of how cheesy their team looked prior the tour. Bee-mega, although considered as bad by many, has some qualities, first being extremely fast, second toxic spikes, which a lot of teams are unprepared for. I decided to pair it w a fun hatterene set that spreads paralysis everywhere, considering they have common answers and that most of them are steel types that don't really give a shit about being poisonned. moveset looks weird but it does great at what it does, meaning being annoying and killing stuff. Queen has a more bulkier spread here, mainly because it's your main malt answer. most of your mons have protect for tspike abuse.
replay : tlenit vs avarice week 4

creamy specs :
so a certain user i wont mention was very annoying about using ice cream, and at some point i just decided to throw a build w it in not the good tier (was offered to play it in RU) to piss off the certain user. Turns out it was a great idea and that ice cream isn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. Psychium Z is actually a very good item on Slowking, being able to surprise a lot of things that want to setup on it is really good. This team does have a cobalion problem, i'll admit, although it's manageable. It's also worth mentionning what i'm leaking is a refine, and not the original team, as i believe afterward dd malt is probably the best set here
replay : tlenit vs fogbound lake week 5

Coba steelium balanced :
prob the most classic NDUU thing i made, nothing v special to say about it i'm ngl. It's just a classic structure that doesn't really have any bad MU beside HO but everything lose to HO, and I think HO mu is playable w that team, thanks to tspikes.
replay : tlenit vs hariyana grande week 6
Kinda same thing than above, to me the tier is a bit broken and need to be fixed, so i wont share everything i made for the tour. What will follow is what i think is the best in the current metagame.

Hail mmq :
this looks ugly asf but it works so what can i say. Main idea is to remove the steel type w either mmq or arcto so that the other can win. Zolt can probably be made boots. It's p easy to use, spreads are just taken from compendium.
replay : splash vs devin week 1

cake ho :
won't say much abt this outside of it's broken and shldn't even be allowed to exist because i dont think it has a losing MU. As for barbaracle moveset, you can try Aerial Ace w muscle band, it's a good alternative, although you miss the KO on Coba without low kick. 16 evs ensure you live a dm from full from noivern.
replay : devin vs bj week 5

dd lo aero tspikes :
I had a feeling we were abt to face some cheesy stuff in that slot so i made a v proactive build. I'm really happy w how it looks. LO helps ensuring some KOs after a dd w aero. I think it's a p self explanatory build, so i wont say much about it.
replay : devin vs kate final
So I had experience prior the tour, as I play a lot of monotype in my free time. It's not the tier i'm the most confortable w but i made 3 teams during this tour. Will only share two tho, as the last is really classic so i dont think it need to be shared.

Claydol psy :
this was made because I had a feeling abt claydol being good, having hazard control in psy is always good, although claydol is passive asf. Psy is to me the most broken type rn, letting Alakazam Mega and Tapu Lele in it really weird if you ask me, especially now that zam has access to expanding force and np. Structure is pretty simple, encore zam prevent setup and let u win the mirror against stuff like sub cm tias, jira has enough speed to outspeed gyarados and twave it, and toxic on dol helps the elec MU.
replay : cielau vs Rinda week 7

Celebi psy :
I highly value this team as I think it's probably the best possible psychic in the current metagame, and it's a bit sad it lost but well that's life. Celebi is a really really good mon in psychic, being able to solo handle water add an insane value to it. spread is made to outspeed offensive tran and to always OHKO defensive variant after a np, rest is in phys bulk to improve water mu. Psychic was elected instead of E-force here, mainly because it's a better option overall in this team I think.
replay : devin vs tricho tiebreak semi
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With NDM (National Dex Monotype - not Necrozma Dusk Mane) still an underdeveloped format, it was safe to assume that most players would just bring top tier types and try to just outplay rather than hard scouting for favorable MUs. Below are a few of the teams I built that I had the most fun with. Despite my somewhat lackluster performance in game, the teams we built and our prep was spot on the whole tour. (Click the icons for the pastes)

Week 3 vs TJ
With it still being early in the tour and not having a lot of info on TJ, we just brought a top tier type with the best MUs we could. Aerodactyl was chosen over Charizard for both Speed and sweeping potential. Dragonite is the standard Water/Electric/Fire killer set from SS Monotype and Thundurus is standard as well to assist in Water while also covering Ground and Flying. Corviknight's set is also straight forward, but what we found is that Expert Belt Greninja HP Electric only has ~6% chance to 2KO with Stealth Rocks up which makes Corvknight a key component of the team. Tornadus and Gliscor round out the balance/utility core. We were able to queue into Water and Thundurus took the win.

Week 4 vs Trichotomy - Unused
This team was built for Trichotomy in Week 4, but I unfortunately couldn't get my schedule to work. Prepping for Water, Psychic, Flying, Steel and Ground we thought that a slightly off meta type would work well here. The team is a fairly standard Balanced Dark with a few quirks. First is the lack of Tyranitar who is a wasted slot in most of the MUs we expected. This opened up a slot for more coverage while still maintaining a Balanced core. Second is Recycle Muk which despite the Pinch Berry nerf, can still function pretty well even with a max HP of 83% after set up. Z-Dig Greninja was used to break bulky Ground weak walls, most notably Toxapex.

Semifinal vs QWILY
We stuck with prepping for top tier types since that seemed like a safe bet. Greninja helps Water, Flying, Ground, Psychic MUs, Barraskewda beats Electric, while Keldeo breaks the slower bulkier cores. To maintain momentum Toxapex has Eject Button which helps reduce 50/50s on Turn 1. This composition is a culmination of the prior two Water teams used in the tour. The team overall covers a lot of MUs and has very few strictly "bad" MUs. Unfortunately we did queue into Poison, one of the less favorable MUs, and almost pulled out the win.

Finals vs Trichotomy - Unused
Since I wouldn't be available to play in the Finals if we made it (which we sadly didn't and Trichotomy didn't even play this slot), we prepped teams for both Cielau and Trichotomy who were the likely opponents in the Monotype slot. This time we prepped for Flying, Poison, Electric, and Water. Ground was a slightly odd choice for this, but the Freeze-Dry Tech on Mamoswine was added to OHKO a max HP Pelipper. In addition, Z Garchomp after 1-2 Scale Shots can deal with most of Water as well. In order to fit these sets we opted for a Sandless variant and used Steelix-Mega to round of the defensive core with standard sets for the remaining party members.
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NDRU is most certainly a good tier, but the majority of the pool placed in NDPL more than likely had little to no experience with the tier so building off scout was certainly difficult sometimes. With that, I decided to build my own fun teams to run, as well as building for previous NDRU slot players for Weaviles and BO3.

My Teams
Week 6 vs Revenge Killer
:regidrago: :salazzle: :togekiss: :seismitoad: :zarude: :registeel:
This was late into the tour, where most people were getting the jist of the tier. However, this was also someone who had very little to scout for so I decided to play around with Regidrago from their teams recent lack of Fairy-types. I paired it with Salazzle for free doubles into Nasty Plots. Was I so wrong for this week with Double Fairies coming, however, this made a Salazzle clean very potent of which coming out with the W this week.

Week 7 vs DugZa
:goodra: :bronzong: :houndoom-mega: :gastrodon: :Rotom-mow: :crobat:
This week I also got very little from the scout, so I was counter building my own Scout this week. I had brought a lot of Volt-Turn BO which meant a Flygon team was imminent. From this, I placed together my Mixed Goodra set to lure Fairies, so MDoom could breeze through the Fairies i thought would come off scout too. I then went for a little off-meta pick in Scarf Rotom wash as i was adamant that Flygon was coming this week, hoping it was the only way to beat Volt spam. Luckily this prediction was perfect meaning the better MU gave me the W

Semifinals vs Beraldinhoo
:steelix-mega: :vaporeon: :rotom-mow: :darmanitan: :Crobat: :azelf:
This week was the only week which a scout was viable, and info i had about Beralds build style from playing with him in RUPL. Somehow, I forgot how much Berald loves Goodra whilst building in mind, which was already a disaster from the get-go. MSteelix is the best option to pick as either your Ground slot, or Steel. I had not yet used it either so i built a defensive core with Vaporeon+ Bat which was solid. Big mistake from me was not making Vap Toxic which meant i had nothing into Golisopod. Azelf looked perfect into Berald so I ran a PlotZ set which would chew through his most used walls, alongside Darm which at the time was running riot as everyone used Milotic as its check. Rotom Mow made another appearance but also as Plot as i was expected Raikou+Crobat. Was i so wrong; bad MU+plays were an L from me which cut our run short.

Teams I built for others
:steelix-mega: :vaporeon: :crobat: :mimikyu: :darmanitan: :zarude:
:jellicent: :sylveon: :gligar: :volcanion: :zarude: :raikou:
:ampharos-mega: :togekiss: :darmanitan: :bronzong: :diancie: :zygarde-10%:

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