Need help with PO

So, I'm new around these parts, and new to the competitive battling scene. What I would like is someone who can help me to improve as a battler, and explain to me, how to use Smogons battle finder. I'm stumped

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever. Just move it if it is.
I find that patronising.

I've used that button, and it doesn't give me any sort of indication as to if it's waiting for a challenger, or anything.

I've also tried challenging others also nothing.

What am I doing wrong? This time, please, without being so patronising.


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Ok so you are probably in a tier that doesn't have anyone in it then. To change that just hit the tiers thing at the top and choose one of the standard tiers like wifi ou. If your team is invalid for that tier then try to load up a team that works for it. You can get those by visiting the RMT forums. I can link that if you need it.

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