NestGar, the next Wii-Sixty

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CMT for this one, thanksùù

IV's: 31/28/29/08/30/29
Egg Moves: Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Dynamic Punch
*available as Lvl 1 Machop UT. EV'd coming soon
IV wise, this guy may not be able to hold a candle to a few flawless ones, but battling has never been only about the strongest, and this guy knows about battling. STABed DP is arguably one of the worst things to face. Even if you survive the brute 130 base attack stat, you end up confused anyways. Fear psychics? Hell, DP still does respectable damage. Beware of flying psychics though 0.o
Yes it is Italian and m OT :)

Can you train it 252HP 244Atk 12Speed?

I'm planning of training Steelix too as standard set so maybe we can trade the EV trained version what do you think? :P
I'll train it tonight while I'll wantch a movie :P

So can we trade tomorrow is it ok? :)
Btw I haven't the item to evolve Onix ==> Steelix...have you got it or I try to find to someone else ok?
Good luck! CMT for:

Shiny Poochyena Adamant Intimidate(M)

IV's: 31/31/29/12/31/31
Hatch Location: Galactic HQ
Egg Move: Fire Fang
*available as Lvl 1 poochyena​
I've got it jonnie so its fine, and yeah tomorrow sounds great I'll add you to pendings as soon as...well...I make a pendings section ^^.

Thanks Invic, how about that careful regirock?^^
^^ thanks, and get some of your trade thread partners to drop by sometime eh? XP

Will be updating front page soon with redis, as soon as I learn how to code it like everyone else does.

Skarmory (F) *SHINY*

Keen Eye~Impish
Only Available UT at lvl. 1(but will EV train for you)
Egg moves: Brave Bird, Whirlwind
Comments: Unfortunate Speed but good Defenses and Attack IMO

I only have one Pokemon to offer - I just started breeding.

Mrs. Teeny - Female Naive Infernape
Great for a physically based mixape, or a standard mixape if you don't mind the 21 Sp.Atk. She can even take a decent hit. I know it's not shiny, but this is my first IV breed non-RNG abused, and I'm really diggin' that Skarmory:toast:
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