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i dont do us eng so centre it is

Hello, this is the subforum that deals with what happens in the Network Centre. There are a few simple rules you should follow so make sure not to break them or else feel the wrath of the mods... :(


On Posting Threads
Threads must be approved by a Moderator or a Committee like the RP Committee before they are posted. Of course anyone that owns a RP or is RP Committee or is a Mod etc can approve themselves but if you are not one of those, you need approval.

The only threads that should be here are signup threads for anything not a Raid, TLR, Tournament, etc., Battle Tower/Gym Challenges, Referee Resource Thread, RP Approval thread, threads related to approved RP's like preparations or feedback, SQSA, Arena Compendium, the current "Census", and other things like Speed Tiers Threatlists etc.

Also if you want to ask a question, use the SQSA Thread, or better yet, come on #capasb where you get a more instant response 99% of the time.

On Posting in Specific Threads
Generally follow the rules in the thread OP.

For RP Signup threads, follow the prompts in the OP for signing up and if you are refereeing something and you are allowed to you can just say taking whatever you are taking. If you are on "Cooldown"—the period after you lose which you are not allowed to sign up until it expires—then you should not sign up at all.

Otherwise just follow the general tone of the thread.


Otherwise, general forum rules apply. Not much else to say here.

~ASB Moderation Team
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