New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

Hisuian Dylan

formerly CyberDCrest
CyberDCrest -> Hisuian Dylan

Reason: I am known as Dylan Of Paldea on PS but have an alt called Hisuian Dylan which is also my Discord & Twitter handle. I would like them to match (mainly because I love PLA and Sinnoh). Please :)

did -lily
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literally me
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since I am PS global driver now, requesting a namechange to HiZo to match my username on Pokemon Showdown for uniformity purposes. Smogon account last seen in 2020 with 0 posts, and understand the ramifications. Sorry for the hassle.

yea -maroon
requesting unlock pls

i dont want to but fine... - nya
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Foufakirby-san ~~ FFK
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Requesting a name change to FFK bc I'd like to shorten it, this account hasn't log in since 2016 and has no posts

need a badge, sorry! - nya
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formerly a_random_sylveon
yo what up smogon forum people i'm asking for two things:

update my username a_random_sylveon to aquaneutral. i literally don't use this username since like march of 2021
change my birth date to oct/10/2008. i created this account when i was 12 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anything wrong let me know


sure - nya
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can i just give you vespy pls
I'd prefer "vespyyy" but if that doesn't work its fine

iirc someone talked on disc and settled on vesp, pls let someone know if there are any issues - nya
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three of swords
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hey i reckon it's worth to request a namechange revert back to Havi for PS n discord uniformity.. 100% fine if this gets denied seeing the 20 changes i did
first of all thank u.. second i'd like to request a profile unlock

no - nya
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Crossroads: Paths unchosen
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I would like to have a name change to Novax.
Reason: My current name has my personal info in it. Also, is it possible to not have the "formerly known as..." as it would defeat the purpose of the name change, or do I need to earn a badge for that first

yeah we can make an exception in that case - nya
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formerly PokefanKIV
I would like to request my name changed to Nanulak. I’m getting dissatisfied with PokefanKIV, and Nanulak is a character in the Seekers book series by Erin Hunter, who I find a bit like me. I also tell people to call me Nanulak, so…
Oh yeah, my name also has personal info in it too, but that’s not really something I care about

yep - nya
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I would like to change my name to Chisato. I have felt identified with this name for a long time and I would like to call myself that from now on.

we talked on disc but the account's not reassignable until March 2026, sry! - nya
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formerly mdattolo36
Would like to request a name change to oldschooliscool as I never meant for my username to be my email. Also to match my showdown username. My account is +3 years old

yep - nya
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would like to request name change from Prototypetrainer to exithe

I've used a username adjacent to the latter (xythiant) for the majority of my time on pokemon showdown / CAP discord. Recently decided to return after a 3-year long hiatus, and thought this name change would be more fitting of my current preferences and persona. "Prototypetrainer" was also a name I used a really long time ago (like, six years?) and it never represented who I was throughout my interactions on this site.

Another thing, and this is relevant to "xythiant". I was young, dumb, and didn't know how to read the rules in 2018, so I made an alt account (separate from this one, which is where I was most active) on this site. I forgot the password for a few years and was active on this one anyways so I decided to just forget it. After recently searching up this thread and familiarising myself with site rules I've come to know that I did something wrong, and would like that account to be deleted. I wasn't planning on using that account anyways, given my prospective username change, but would like that off my conscience. If I'm supposed to message another thread please let me know.

sure thing to both - nya
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Hi, I would like to request my username changed to Realzzz . This current username was made when I was small and didn't know what I should really call myself, and Realzzz is now consistent with my socials and discord.

yep - nya
requesting unlock

did - nya
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imperialorder241 --> Imperial
16 posts hasn't been seen in over 10 years
its what im commonly called and known as on most platforms. (also the extra text is kinda unneeded)
(understandable if the name is too high value for me)

Done, keep in mind no future namechanges - Isaiah
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Hello, I wanted to ask if a name shortening from "gomdol2" to "Gom" would be allowed, my account is very new but the name is a pun in another language but I think it is very awkward in English. Also if possible I would like to request a birthday change to February 21, 2008 as my current one is one of a family member. Thank you very much, I apologize if I misread anything...

Sorry, but no. Your account does not meet the requirements for a name change, and after discussing in Discord this doesn't really count as a shortening either. Please try again after you've hit 100 posts or have been around for 3+ years. Birthdate change is fine though, that is done - Isaiah

Thank you very much for the response + the change, I was not sure of the name shortening standards. I will try again later
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formerly shiraiki
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requesting to revert name change back to ikiarihS for i believe this name has brought me bad luck:row:. i am aware of the repercussions and wont be changing my name any time soon

Done, but keep in mind no future changes for extended period of time - Isaiah
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Requesting name change
Dazzlingtogekisses--> Duke of Fortress

I'm not quite comfortable with my current username. It's something I came up with years ago, and would like it to be changed to the new one if possible.

Requirements: Account is more than 3 years old. Thanks

Done - Isaiah
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Nobody gets me like you
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Orangex -> Evie

I’ve been using Evie on discord for a bit, and it feels more validating and more me than Orangex. Old account hasnt logged in in 12 years and has no posts, i understand the repercussions

sure, no other namechanges for a long time tho - Isaiah
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Request to update bday to March 31st, 2010
My parents helped me create this account A year ago (or has it been 2?) and put in my brothers bday as i was not old enough at the time, and they made the account, didnt give me access until this year (Little bit earlier), which is why i have mostly been dead until recently. I hope you can understand the circumstances and change my bday. As you can see i started seriously using this acc in late 2023. So upon me gaining access i would have been of age.

Edit: Upon eligibility i may return bcuz i need a name change for many reasons. See ya in like 2 months when i have enuf posts.

Edit 2: If you are unable to change my bday to the correct one due to the join date, at the very least please change my bday to March 31st.

done - Isaiah
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formerly KeanuGrindingArc
Hey, the grinding arc is over and I’d like to go by KeanuVGC which everyone knows me by.

Done - Isaiah
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Request to change current date of birth to October 4th, 2000.

Accidentally input 2010 when making the account.

Done - Isaiah
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thanhphamap --> Chaosmaker20003

Wanted to changed it to match my Roblox username

you don't meet the reqs for a name change - try again after either getting a badge or reaching 100 posts - Isaiah
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