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Back in 2010, I came up with this creature in my Latin class. Most of the time,we're just writing paragraphs in Latin about stories that i never knew about.As everyone else is writing summaries about the stories,I'm over here writing about a dragon turtle destroying cities and obliterating humanity out of rage. Here's a picture to prove what it looks like below

The only pokemon that fits the creature's specifications is Lapras,and Lapras will be the prize :)

Nicknamed:~Dt (short for Dracotortuga)
OT: ~Arc
ID: 20386
Location: Union Cave
Nature: Impish
IV:| 31 | 31 | 31 | 17 | 31 | 31 |
Hidden Power: Dark
EV:| 12 | 136 | 192 | 0 | 168 | 0 |
Notes: Knows Heal Bell,Outrage,4th Gen.
Status~: Fully~Redis as long as nickname is kept as ~Dt

Since we're entering 2012,year of the Dragon.There'll be 12 winners.
Read the directions to obtain one
I'll like you guys to write a short story about the way you'll like the world to end.
-It must be your own.
-Looking for a couple paragraphs for some lolz
-Stories I'm looking for goes along the line of hilarious destructions.
-Make sure that the humans do not survive.

Winners will be pick on New Year Day,or 1/1/12.
Have fun determining the fictional end of our world.

Winner :
burning inpact (you kinda failed,since the humans survived)
tikidude (Party Anthem xD)
Kewano (Dubstep )
Jet Star (Zombies -___-)

Contact user Hazey to pick up ~Dt
Okay sir! I'll take you up on this! It'll take a day for me to be finished, so I'll post it up where/


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Year of the Dragon?! Damn, I should do a GA too >_>

Just one thing
-Make sure that the humans does not survive.
Nice GA BSattalite :D
the day of mass death
on december 31 2088 the nuclear strife has affected the human race.unable to reproduce our numbers have dropped over the years.the mutatoins have caused many illnesses to become multi-celled orginisms that udderly destrroys humans from within.turning humans into more of there kind.then it happened.the deterateing bomb became unstable seting off explosions of volcanoes.many humans ether died by the explosions the illness, or went insane.the human that are left are me and a few others. if you get this message you will see the last time the human race has spoken.farewell.
It only took 28 days for Party Rock Anthem to take over the world. Even Redfoo and Skyblu could not save themselves from the nonstop shufflin. The good, the bad, and the ugly people of Earth were no longer humans, but shufflers. Only one man remained uninfected. That man was Old Spice Guy. He had seen what was happening to the people of Earth, and had made it his personal mission to stop it. Using his "I'm the man your man wishes he could smell like" powers, he developed a new type of Old Spice that could cure even shufflers. But his formula required the tears of Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris never cries. Chuck Norris was shufflin. Realizing his mistake, he understood that nothing could stop shufflin, and decided to be the "man your man wishes he could shuffle like". He started shufflin. With the last of the humans gone, Earth decided to divide itself by zero to make sure that no more worlds would succumb to nonstop PartyRocking. Earth is now dead. The universe is saved. (camera zooms in to a pink iPod playing Party Rock Anthem floating through space) OR IS IT???
"I've done it!"
These was the words exclaimed by a young kid on the official dubstep festival in 2017. He said that he had created the heaviest dubstep ever to be made. In fact, so heavy, that his computer could not process it. In 2017, everyone loves dubstep, so NASA had borrowed the boy one of their supercomputers so he could play his oh-so-heavy dubstep song on the festival. The song started, and it was indeed awesome. It had a good beat and a real dirty bassline. People in the crowd starting cheering, everyone anticipatating the "heaviest drop of all time", as the young boy said.

And then it came. A drop so heavy, that the very earth began to shake. People thought it was godly, and so it was. In fact, so godly, that it created a shockwave which went through the earth and straight down to the center of our planet. The shockwave created a massive disturbance in center, and 3 seconds later, the Earth exploded. No one survived. But they could at least experience the heaviest dubstep ever... and damn, that shit was worth it...

I hope it doesn't matter if this was my first post here. :P
Nasa sent their last shuttle out into space. Toshiba declined to put a backlit keyboard in their new laptop. At one of the USA threat response sites, one of the engineers was using the laptop to key in some data and one of the light bulbs burst near him, so he was no longer able to see as well. He hit the wrong key because he couldn't see and he sent out nukes towards china and russia, obliterating them. They of course responded. The world had new craters blown into it and the radiation mingled with the sky. Some companies jumped in to try and remake the world and keep everyone safe in bubble cities, but the radiation spread too quickly. People began to become mutated, gaining other limbs, looking deformed, losing body parts, and brains began deteriorating at a very increased rate, leaving only the basic need to survive intact, forcing people into a kill or be killed type scenario, as food was slowly becoming scarce and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong had become mutated inside the human mind. The people that had stayed indoors or been under protection from the radiation were able to remain unaffected, but the disease spread through the air. It was only a matter of time. The new radiated people were referred to as the undead, zombies, edward cullens, and other various horrorific names from pop culture. Slowly but surely, they tore the human race apart, and the 20 years neccessary for the radiation to dissipate enough to make living a viable option didn't come soon enough. Earth had turned into a ghost planet. Some mutated species began to develop and darwin's theory prevailed. They became smarter. Able to plan things out again. Apes in particluar encountered a beneficial side effect from the radiation; they became stronger, and parts of their minds were affected that prevented higher level thought. When the Nasa shuttle landed, there were few survivors. And the Apes and the irradiated ruled what was left of the planet.
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