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Tournament NFE Indigo Disk Kickoff Tournament [Won by 5Dots]


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Xr Kartana  vs  zastra
 vs  Knight who says "Ni"
IoSonoNeon  vs  s7a
Nashrock  vs  KeshBa54
Mr.Bossaru  vs  Adhiraj8202
 vs  Snak
Divine10  vs  Shing
 vs  Bergenser
MAMP  vs  BloodAce
Gimmickyasitgets  vs  TTK
Slowpoke Fan
 vs  Squeeby
bodi  vs  Bye 1
skippergamez  vs  Bye 2
Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂  vs  Bye 3
sufys  vs  Bye 4
5Dots  vs Stareal
Deadline for this round is Sunday, December 31st at 11:59pm GMT-5 (EST).
Replays are MANDATORY!
NOTE: While Dipplin, Sneasel, and Drought have been banned, they have remained legal for this round. The bans will take place during Round 2.
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won 2-1 ggs

edit: figured i too may as well share my teams this round since they're (probably) going to be irrelevant past r1.
sub ivy sun: https://pokepast.es/4ad631393f91740a
no rocks on this team doesn't necessarily make it bad; there can be arguments for not bothering with it because of hat and the turn used up by setting rocks. these mons don't directly benefit from rocks chip either, as you really wanna avoid switching around the offensive ones instead of attacking. the game plan was intended to look something like thwackey (chip tink, lure qwil) -> pignite (flame charge into flare blitz kos qwil, knock another mon) -> ivy -> sneasel

sub on ivy is supposed to blank twave/nuzzle from various walls like tink, clef, hat. also provides a safety net in case opposing hat clicks hwish in front of ivy. drop weather ball and solar beam > giga drain for less reliance on sun; you only need it for growth.
dipplin semistall: https://pokepast.es/ba2b750dcd407768
fairly generic team, formulaic even; given how centralized the meta is, there are few choices to make when building a defensive team. dipplin + gurr + water type is an extremely potent defensive core rn and very straightforward to support. picked quax for additional removal, checking gligar and frog, mons that gurr doesn't check. so the gameplan is to keep hazards off and survive, pretty much.

spdef giraf w psychic noise counters missy, and with protect also trolls future sight strats. fast psychic noise is also good vs walls like clef and dipplin. otherwise this is just clef's slot, passing wishes, with little fear of hazards thanks to teammates.

tink helps gurr preserve eviolite by taking on sneasel for it. encore checks dipplin and secures wins. knock because no one else wants to do it. twave is optional over play rough, pick whichever one you like better.

qwil provides a little help in beating ice punch gurr, a little help against sun, and in general with spikes + taunt. lots of speed because i was really scared of perish trap missy.
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won in 3 against Divine10, ggs!
G1: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-2021959722-wqg2mt5kfiuac51k0i57aifze7btssnpw
G2: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-2021967845-dxns70mqmhk0463v66pdh4rjjco260hpw
G3: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-2021977461-xxotnr5en7cns0nda0kpkbqlnx94kkfpw

G1: https://pokepast.es/6db4e6e8216a162c
G2: https://pokepast.es/d833e3e4fd64f283 (Eject Button > Red Card is probably better, although I don't think Hattrem is a staple sun support in the future tbh)
G3: https://pokepast.es/b0f7ad317d1175e9 (I just finished the cores in this team while battling, so take this one with a huge amount of caution. Also no Defog Gurdurr oops lmao, just add mach punch or Bulk Up here instead.)

There isn't much to explain here unless someone wants the process of the builds, then I recommend DM'ing me instead tbh. I'm just feeling very lazy at building NFE rn.
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won in 2 great games vs sleid, ggs!
G1: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-2029428601-fyj6m5kyz2mlhtdaiu6c4df5xj67whqpw
G2: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-2029433879-ndvgzfx106f27p8mrycv75wgahmyqykpw

G1: https://pokepast.es/5440ac72fae34b93
G2: https://pokepast.es/390de32961a7cfcf

Some quick meta-talks.
- Gligar is still very insane rn. Spikes + Toxic is almost impossible to switch in and has two very flexible movesets to target its partners. Love to build with Piloswine, Quaxwell, and Clefairy and you can go extremely far with the Gligar cores. Rocks and Tspikes are also both underused options that can suppress teams.
- Clefairy is probably A/A+ mon right now since the mixed spread is extremely consistent, reminiscent of the Golbat and Magmar meta in Gen 8 NFE. Easily the 2nd or 3rd best support/defensive mons since it argues against Quaxwell.
- Triple Axel isn't as necessary as I hoped to be, so Drakloak can build cores to take advantage of Quaxwell's moveset, though Drakloak does feel like a huge struggle to be used in the meta. Meta is bulkier, more powerful, and less forgiving to it tl;dr.
- Why did Electabuzz and Magmar get Knock Off? Makes them more infuriating to play against them in the long term and imo it kinda feels like it restricts the teambuilding aspect. I'll have to continue spamming Piloswine/Gligar + Clefairy for Electabuzz, and Magmar is a trick question lol. BD Magmar is also lowkey insane, but the meta is very fast-paced and you've to deal with rocks so I think BD Magmar would struggle to find the best positions for it. You could make a gameplan where you want to remove specific mons in the early game and go from there tho.
- Despite the rise of Thwackey and Electabuzz, Water types have been buffed extremely hard in this patch imo.
- Gurdurr, Qwilfish, Piloswine, and Missy feel fine atm, but I still feel like there are some annoying restrictions in the building aspect. Which is why I feel like I'm kinda forced to use Gligar and Clefairy cores almost every time. But they're at least more doable in this DLC, so if they didn't somehow get banned in DLC1 then I'll gladly accept them for now. I'm still extremely salty that they were somehow not banned because they killed my interest in NFE(I'll debate to my heart on how they affected the meta was a bad thing overall, shit got me pissed), but all right that's in the past.

The meta is extremely cool btw. The patch didn't solve all of the issues I had in DLC1, but how things progress is extremely fun. Easily the best Gen 9 NFE meta rn, and a big improvement from the last DLC.

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