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Manager Sign-ups
With the recent release of the Isle of Amour DLC, introducing a lot of new and cool Pokemon to the tier, it's time to bring back NFE's best and most exciting tournament, NFEPL. There have been a lot of format and slot changes from last year; you can read the Announcements and Administrative Decisions thread to find full details of the new format.

When signing up, you can either opt to take charge of a team name from the previous year or sign up with a new team name entirely. However, if you do want to take over a name from the previous year, make sure you have permission to do so from last year's manager. YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH AN ASSISTANT MANAGER and state who they are when signing up. Managers and Assistant Managers will be able to purchase themselves for 15k credits each prior to the draft if they wish to do so. Quick note, but returning managers are not guaranteed a managerial slot on their old team.

The 6 teams from last year are listed below. Currently, the tour will be 6 teams, 8 slots. However, this may change to 8 teams and 8 slots if there are enough player sign-ups within the first 3 days of that thread going up to justify an additional 2 teams.

The Monferno Mafia
The Ravenous Roselias
Bayern Munchlax
The Ferrocious Ferroseeds
The Traitorous Trumbeaks
The Sliggoons

Here is the sign-up format:

Assistant Manager:
Team Name:
If taking over an existing team name, are you a returning Manager/Assistant Manager for that team? If not, do you have permission from the previous manager to take over the team name?:

Managers will be chosen based on experience in NFE tournaments, especially previous NFEPLs, their level of involvement in the community and knowledge of the playerbase, their general competence, and prowess in managing in other high level tournaments in other tiers. If you do sign up, it would be worth explaining why you and your assistant manager would be good picks with relation to the above criteria.

The 8 slots this year are:


Manager Sign-ups will be open for one week, til June 28th 11:59 PM EDT, and player sign-ups should go up shortly after on the 29th June.
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:morgrem: Manager: Marjane
:morgrem: Assistant Manager: Jett
:morgrem: Team Name: Morgrem Freemans
:morgrem: List of Accomplishments: I have been a Moderator in NFE for almost 2 years now, I'm also part of both SS and SM NFE council. I've participated last PL as a player for the Ravenous Roselia and finished the season with a positive record. I'm also a really cool person. My assman has no qualifications but he is also NFE RO and TL, on council of 3 old gens, leads multiple resources, went 4-1 last nfepl, 5-2 in the most recent ompl and has won ghosting tour at the start of the gen.
:morgrem: Why would you make a Good Manager?: I'm lush, nice and friendly. I have team tour experience and can build and support. I'm also a self claimed professional emote maker. Jett is cool and nice too, can build for every gen.




Manager: :axew: demigod pazza :axew:
Assistant Manager: +PhantomHurious
If taking over an existing team name, are you a returning Manager/Assistant Manager for that team? If not, do you have permission from the previous manager to take over the team name?: ph has won the last nfepl carrying his team and contributing to nfe as much as to earn the role of roomvoice, being both an amazing player and an even better chat presence. meanwhile (reformed) pazza may be new to the scene but has accumulated the insane record of 2-3 on nfe ladder while also being a demigod and having the powers of such. the demigod himself also made it to finals of om snake draft with MAMP the CHAMP but alas got haxed again like last year after steamrolling the competition.
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Manager: BP
Assistant Manager: Toy Time King

:brionne: Team Name: The Burning Heart Brionne :brionne:

List of Accomplishments: While not entirely relevant, I've been a moderator of the Health and Fitness PS chat for 4 or 5 years now. I played in a plethora of forum tours including other PLs such as CAPTT ZUPL and even last years NFEPL in which my team won. I also hosted a large of number of forum projects such as Secret Santa for a number of different metas. Addtionally I've hosted both RU CUP and PU CUP a few years ago. I've also written 10 onsite analysis, 2 of which are for NFE. I'm on an oldgens council and I got reqs for Machoke. I've essentially covered almost everything at this point.

Why would you make a Good Manager?: Ive been a part of multiple teams in the past building and playing. I've demonstrated that I care about NFE and I believe I'm more than qualified to handle a team. Not to mention I'll be joined by esteemed NFE DPP Council member Toy Time King

Manager: Quagg
Assistant Manager: 85percent
Team Name: Deez Nuzleafs

Quags made it to finals of the NFE DPP Cup, NFE SM Cup and NFE Classic Playoffs, as well as the semi-finals of the NFE Ghosting Tour and the No Johns NFE Tournament. I won the NFE Ghosting Tour and made it to finals of NFEPL III. Quags and I haven't managed anything yet, but we've participated in a few team tours before (ZUPL, NFEPL III, OMPL). I think what makes us a good fit for these positions is the support we can give in terms of teambuilding through basically all generations of NFE, and our knowledge of the NFE playerbase and some possible ZU imports. Additionally Quagg is the nicest person on this planet, so the team atmosphere will be great! Enough self-glorification / quags-glorification.

One more thing I want to mention though is Quagg's tremendous skill in Golem-Kartana-Scizor, which made him manager of Deez Nuzleafs. Exhibit A, Exhibit B. This skill can be applied to any kind of conflict that may arise during the tournament.
Manager: neomon
Assistant Manager: anime sans

It is I, the former Monferno Mafia manager, returning for another round of NFE PL. While I may not have been active in SwSh NFE yet, I've managed the Mafia the last time around and was part of the team the time we won it (I think). I really want to keep the franchise alive and hopefully win again uwu
I've managed enough at this point to where I am sure that my managerial prowess is strong and I do a good job of leading a team. Most recently 1v1PL where I got my team to Semis and I've also played in tours like NUPL, RoAPL bla bla. I'll admit I don't know a single thing about SwSh NFE but I've experienced SM and ORAS first hand last year and with the whole meta shifting with DLC anyway I think catching up will be very doable.
anime sans has been an active member of the nfe community from its creation. She's been involved in all 3 prior premier leagues, winning PL1 with the Dazzling Datrix, making it to playoffs with the Grimer Gang in PL2, and was co-manager of the Ferrocious Ferroseeds, winners of PL3. Her knowledge of the playerbase and SwSh metagame will be of great help.

see you in PL hopefully n_n
Manager: SBPC
Assistant Manager: Tack :]
Team Name: Ferrocious Ferroseeds
If taking over an existing team name, are you a returning Manager/Assistant Manager for that team? If not, do you have permission from the previous manager to take over the team name?: yes

Ferros won last time, also SB is TL and i did well in the oldgens stuff :>


Celesteela is Life

Manager: Cheryl.
Assistant Manager: Miyami~~~
Team Name:
Ravenous Roselias

List of Accomplishments: Me and Miyami managed the Roselias to snag 3rd place in NFEPL 3 despite literally everything being against our odds. This success story made the team rather iconic, along with our list of really good emotes. I notably went 6-1 in NFEPL and Miyami remained positive as well with a 3-2 record. In SM we were both members of the NFE council (me being Middle Cup's TL before the great merge) and despite not being as active in SwSh we do keep up to date with what's happening, Miyami moreso. We're both making efforts at catching up since post-DLC the meta actually seems to have potential. As for other tiers we play, bruh

Why Would You Be a Good Manager: I'm funny, kind, and pretty chill unless we're talking about the state of NFE's metas! I've demonstrated good knowledge of NFE and what makes it tick, and would be happy to foster some of that into my teammates so we can win this NFEPL! We also have Rose emotes.



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Manager: Ho3nConfirm3d
Assistant Manager: Rabia
Team Name: Wacky Thwackys
List of Accomplishments: Mod and council for NFE. Been here since this gen and have been involved in all aspects of NFE with oldgens, room tours, suspect tests, analysis writing, quality control, ect. Started in OMPL, won the ORAS tour, and topped multiple monthly room tour leaderboards.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: This would be about the 5th PL I've been apart of in mons and would like to try a manager role this time around thanks to my experience in NFE and PLs in general. I'm also sick af and can do a kick flip on my brother's skateboard.


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Manager signups are now closed, here are the 6 teams chosen.

The Ferrocious Ferroseeds - Managed by SBPC and Tack :]
Morgrem Freemans - Managed by Marjane and Jett
The Monferno Mafia - Managed by neomon and anime sans
Deez Nuzleafs - Managed by Quagg and 85percent
Wacky Thwackeys - Managed by Ho3nConfirm3d and Rabia
Cursed Corsolas - Managed by Thimo and King Leo V

Congratulations to the above 6 teams! Reminder that, if we get enough signups by Thursday to justify having 8 teams, we may increase the tour size to 8 teams, 8 slots. If this does occur, it will most likely be announced this Thursday or Friday.

Player Signups will go up shortly.
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