NFL Quarantine Thread: 2020-2021 Season?

An extremely weird subcult of Pats fans that have seemingly crawled out of the deepest trenches of the ocean are pushing some sort of narrative that Tom Brady didn't give max effort during his last few years with the Patriots.

Another reason I am socially distancing myself from the Patriots fanbase until the situation cools down.
Well damn the NFL cut its preseason in half getting rid of Weeks 1 and 4. I was gonna go see the Colts VS Bengals game in Cincy during the preseason. My dad got tickets to that game for Fathers Day and offered to take me. Neither of us have ever been to Paul Brown Stadium and I've never even been to an NFL game. So I'm kinda bummed :[
they really are gonna force the NFL season thru still huh

who's gonna perform better this season, cam newton or tom brady? i'd say newton is more gifted... but brady will have gronk and just a better team overall.
2019 Shrug said:
ravens winning the afc north. of the rookies, lamar was sneakily 3rd in epa / dropback and success rate through the air playing fewer games and being younger in terms of real age than anyone else (iirc -- sam might be younger). add in the running and improved wr weapons and you have a stew going with that pass defense.
also taking a victory lap on this one from last year's preseason.
oh look, the redskins hadn't reminded everyone why they're the worst franchise in the league in over a year so something had to come out
Pats are a solid 7-9 imo. Of course a lot of it depends on if Cam goes from miserable Cam to overpowered Cam.

Also that 49ers Wide Receiver situation is getting interesting. Looking forward to Kyle Juszczyk filling in for a Wide Receiver this year. All joking aside though, 49ers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to people making NFL Predictions.
Patriots literally shot a no.2 draft pick into the sun with that Sanu Trade.

Also Leonard Fournette sucks idk why my fellow longtime Bucs fans (of which there are many) think hes some kinda difference maker.
From what I've heard, Fournette wasn't focused in his first two seasons with Jax, then he decided to clean up and shape up. Last season was his best by far, setting his PR for rushing and having 522 receiving yards off of passes from two different quarterbacks. As a person who literally does not care about the Bucs, picking up a potentially good RB for dirt-cheap is pretty good for them. It makes Tompa Bay's backfield both deep and strong.
Prediction: KC by 17.
Very close.

I think this game puts into practice how bad the Hopkins trade actually was. Watson's only real receiving target is Fuller since every other WR on that team seem to have butterfingers for 3/4th of the game. Chiefs had a pretty good game overall. Really good receiver corp and Kelce being Kelce. The most refreshing here is CEH having a solid opening game. He has flashes of Le'Veon Bell with his running style but overall lacks the power. There was one play where CEH was called to pass-block on a Texans blitz and was absolutely steam-rolled. Furthermore, there were a number of red zone drives that CEH couldn't complete because he wasn't strong enough to muscle through the D-line even with help from the Chiefs' o-line.

Chiefs fans (in a stadium at 25% capacity) booing their 40 million a year QB who is fresh off delivering them their first title in 50 years because he participated in a 2 second moment of unity is peak America.

Football is officially BACK.
Okay good. I thought it was just me that heard the boos in the stands.

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