Tournament No Complaints (AM Edition) - Won by 5th

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confirming loss to ballislife, there's a reason Volcanion likes Steam Eruption and not Hydro Miss haha

gg, had fun, replay is in his post
ok. you probably saw in the chat our discussion about whether it was banned on just jirachi or in general. I was messaging you to ask what we should do but looks like you beat me to the punch and saw the replay haha. will of course respect your decision, AM. anyway, gg again
Yes any ban included in the rules is a blanket ban. If the banned aspect is used, the user will be disqualified. I will be updating wins later and tomorrow will do a follow up for any pairings not showing visible contact through vms.
I have yet to see contact with the following pairings from either party. Please make visible contact. Other things included here.

No visible contact

5th Sobi
Zepherox Get this Money

Miridy Endal - Can one of you confirm if contact is done outside of vms? That's all I need as Miridy has stated she contacted.

Other things

Welli0u I saw AD's post you'll get the win due to his future inactivity.

I'll be making any necessary activity calls closer to Wednesday August 10. If you have a case for activity the only proof I will have is through vms so please be aware. Otherwise that's all and let's keep it going. If matches are done before deadline the round will start pretty soon afterwards.
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