Metagame NP RU Stage 5: Look What You Made Me Do (Zygarde-10% Unbanned, Aurora Veil Banned)

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Ice-types finally got a good buff and now Smogon is banning the buff :(
I mean... not that that's any reason to not ban something broken anyway, but for what its worth veil honestly did very little to make ice types themselves better, it's just a move thats so good the positive effects outweigh the negatives of having a whole two team slots taken up by otherwise bad/mediocre mons. Its essentially a move busted enough that makes using ice types worth it, not a move that actually makes ice types good


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The effect may be the same, but it is considerably easier to set up AVeil in one turn with a ridiculously fast non-passive mon like Sandslash than it is to set up dual screeens in two turns with a slower, passive mon like Uxie or Cress. The ease and consistency with which AVeil got up is so much higher, especially because defoggers can just come in on your double screener 9/10 times and force you out with only one screen or remove your hard work then and there. Not to say that dual screens doesn't have potential, as it just may, but there's usually a reason you don't see dual screen offensive builds spread this far and generate this much discussion.
yes i agree that aurora was to much for this metagame and here is why. Aurora veil provide tons of support to numerous viable sweepers in the tier. The defense and spd resistence provides allows for easy setup for pokemon including pangoro, linoone, salazzle, etc. it really made offensive a dangerous threat to the metagame causing an influx of playstyles. In conclusion, aurora veil provide very go support and was almost always a good option for HO even making it a dominant playstyle.
Removing Aurora Veil from all the lower tiers is for the best. I don't play RU, but considering people were running brick break/psychic fangs on their own Aurora Veil Teams just to beat the same play style definitely shows it's unhealthy for the metagame. I started running snatch to snatch Aurora Veil in NU/PU and it actually worked decently well, either way I'm glad this broken move is banned. Now Cress/Doublade/Umbreon being on every team will be a thing again!!!
Ru has been already defensively-oriented so with aurora veil leaving one could assume the more defensive archetypes like balance and stall will return again. These teams have to deal with the new pokemon like zygarde-10% but i'm sure they will adjust in time if they haven't already
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