Announcement np: SM CAP Stage 3 - Gold [Aurumoth Nerfed]

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Hello everyone! The council has met and we're here to present to you the final change(s).

Movepool: -Quiver Dance

Tagging Kris or whoever else reads this for implementation on Pokemon Showdown! However, we'd like to make a specific request that this does not get implemented until week 2 of CAPTT (starts this monday), as we do not want to significantly affect the tournament in the middle of the week and also don't want to force people who want to play without spectators to play on Smogtours, thanks in advance.

Moving on, here's a summary of what we did:

We started off by identifying what the issue with Aurumoth is. We all agreed that the current issues with Aurumoth are due to its access to Quiver Dance, good bulk, amazing coverage, and ability, No Guard. Because of all these attributes, Aurumoth is simply too consistent and unpredictable as a sweeper, which is what makes it an unhealthy presence within the current metagame.

We then discussed the identity of Aurumoth, which basically came down to Quiver Dance and its variable movepool. We had a very hard time coming to a consensus on what to do with Aurumoth, but with a close 3-1 vote, with snake_rattler abstaining from voting, we voted that Quiver Dance was going to be removed. This is because of how it significantly affects Aurumoth's bulk, allowing it to set up against Volkraken, for example, while also granting it an amazing matchup against offensive and defensively geared teams alike. While Tail Glow is technically a bigger issue for really bulky teams to deal with, meaning that the issue could actually be its coverage, we agreed with most people in the thread that this is simply not the case because we do not see Tail Glow sets sweep teams with consistency like Quiver Dance sets do.

After this, we also discussed removing Overheat, which also got a pretty significant amount of support throughout the thread. However, we came to the consensus that Overheat is only unhealthy on sets with Quiver Dance, since Tail Glow sets can overwhelm Magearna with relative easy anyway, while Quiver Dance otherwise can't, which we agreed was getting removed.
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