NU C&C Index and Reservations

Right now, I'm just finishing up the Persian analysis. It just needs its last QC check which I made the corrections for and then GP checks. After Persian is uploaded, I can do Vigoroth and Purugly since they're both pretty outdated.
Unreserving Octillery

Just realized metagame shifts have effected it a lot since I've last used it, I thought he looked untouched but apparently not.

A Pokemon I have used much more recently is... well are: Seviper and Sunflora, so reserving those if OK. I'll try and get at least one skeleton up today.


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unreserving mawile

It doesn't look like i will have much time for a while, so someone much cooler and less lame should take it up. I will certainly try to get back and squeeze in an analysis though in the future, but right now: nope. Sorry.

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