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Rabia uploaded again, best getting over it streamer (me trying to leech reactions or is it me trying get my messages up, you'll never know)
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Check out my latest Pokemon Sword and Shield Showdown Live! We're doing Friendlies in SS NU. First time actually playing Friendlies in SS funnily enough lol! Playing with a long time guest on the channel who is making a return to SS NU! Hope you all enjoy these games!
I'M JUST PLAYING GAMES! I KNOW THERE'S PLASTIC LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Dragon Spam Hyper Offense! Been a minute since I recorded some NU but I'm back! Very fun team to use but play carefully around Bronzong! You could try LO DD Fire Blast/Shadow Ball Drakloak and drop Sucker Punch. Fortunately I did not run into it but it could be worth testing. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this Pokemon Sword and Shield NU Showdown Live!
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