NU Secret Santa

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Inspired by Broken Phobias + Pearl

What's Secret Santa?
Secret Santa is a project in which the members of the NU community 'secretly' exchange gifts between each other. Everyone who signs up will PM me with a Pokemon or a core they'd like someone to build a team around, then; everyone who joined the project will receive one of the requests and will have to build a team with it until the submission deadline. Once the deadline is hit, I'll exchange the teams to the appropriate people. You wont know who made the request you got, and you will not know who made your team, it's a secret!

  • Post 'In' to join
  • Send me a forum PM with your core / Pokemon request, make sure that the Pokemon is ranked on the NU Viability Rankings. You can request a specific set if you wish, which can be whatever you'd like.
  • Don't tell people what you requested / have to build, it's a secret.
  • Your submission should be sent through a Forum PM, not discord and not Pokemon Showdown.
  • You have until the end of the signup deadline to submit your requested core in a forum PM, or else you will not be part of the project.
  • Don't sign up if you're unable to finish the team by the deadline
  • If you get stuck with your request feel free to contact me in the same forum PM and I'll help you.
Sign Up Deadline: December 16th 11:59 PM EST
Submission Deadline: December 30 11:59 PM EST

Have Fun!



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I hope that the individual who is gifted with the beauty of my core has an absolutely splendid experience crafting a masterful squad consisting of six pocket monsters in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Neverused metagame!
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