NU Stage 15 Voter Identification Thread


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Identify your accounts here (which MUST begin with the NUCAM tag) by posting a screenshot of your rating on the NU Ladder. As a reminder: you need a minimum GXE of 81 and a minimum of 35 games played in order to obtain voting rights.

The test will be over on Tuesday, May 21th at 11:59 PM GMT -4. There will be no extension of the deadline.

When uploading large pictures, use the HIDE tag:
[hide=identifying as "NUCAM username"][/hide]
Your screenshot must contain:
  • Your COIL and Wins/Defeats/Ties.
  • Proof that you own the username (top right corner, chat, etc).
Do not post incomplete requirements, do not post to comment on other people's requirements. If you have a question, send a PM to Eternally or myself.

If by any chance, you try to falsify your screenshot or cheat your way in the requirements, expect harsh sanctions.

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