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Hey there.

This is the NU To-Do List, where every currently uploaded NU analysis is going to be categorized by quality and priority in updating, accompanied by a short description of what needs to change on each analysis. This thread will probably be unlocked as soon as I'm done with the list, allowing for questions / comments / QC discussions (the latter of which would be fantastic). If you have an analysis reserved, please check this thread for some ideas of what QC is looking for! If you're looking to reserve an update or would like to investigate into the quality of some sets, pay attention to the first two sections to find some places to begin. Also be sure to cross-reference the Reservation thread to ensure you're not trying to write a skeleton for a Pokemon that's already reserved. If you're looking for a specific Pokemon, Control + F is your friend (it's also mostly in alphabetical order in each individual section). Any and all criticisms of the online analyses should be posted here and will be discussed in this thread, once I open it. If any Pokemon is missing, please inform me.

Red Pokemon names imply priority. It's mostly already in alphabetical order, but use Control + F to find your analysis and what QC has deemed important to update. Organized via priority and amount of changes needed to analyses. In order from highest priority to lowest: Top priority, High priority, Medium-high priority, Medium priority, Low-medium priority, Low priority, Very low priority.

Most recent addition: Raichu

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underdog of the year
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(Complete overhauls required.)

Altaria: Has an existing update thread.

Amoonguss: Regenerator. Sludge Bomb should have priority over Clear Smog / Hidden Power on all sets. Clear Smog should be degraded to AC, a slash at best. Physically defensive set is probably best, possibly mixed defensive spread and/or offensive LO set. Dual status with Stun Spore + Spore, doubting that deserves an entire set but worth AC mention. Protect mentions. Rocky Helmet mentions, specifically for taking on Cinccino. Also needs C&C updated, mentions of Pokemon such as Gardevoir that beat Pokemon that Amoonguss is commonly paired with (Alomomola, Probopass, Carracosta, etc). Top priority.

Arbok: Coil set is worth a look-over, a solid anti-metagame Pokemon atm. Shed Skin makes setting up on Amoonguss + Alomomola somewhat viable, Rest + Shed Skin might be worth a look although it drastically cuts into Arbok's moveslots. Aqua Tail is probably the best coverage option alongside Gunk Shot; hits most of its resists and there's no real need for Seed Bomb anymore since Quagsire is gone (Carracosta?). Could use an entire analysis update as the Overview doesn't really play to its strengths and I'd like to see a revamped C&C section. Also, its partners mention Leavanny (wtf?). Medium priority.

Articuno: Has an existing update thread.

Beartic: The current analysis is incredibly lackluster and looks like it's been written by someone who hasn't used it before. I mean, mentions of Golem in C&C when Beartic has a STAB Icicle Crash off of base 110 Attack? Yeah... it's not like it's particularly bad either. 95 / 80 / 80 defenses are actually quite solid and with some investment, Beartic can set up subs all over stuff like Amoonguss and Tangela since neither really runs Hidden Power anymore, and it can probably do some damage given the chance. Admittedly, it still won't be -great- and still needs plenty of team support, but it deserves more than what the current analysis is giving it. Swift Swim also needs to be addressed, along with whatever move tutors it got. Medium priority.

Braviary: Roost. Much better in this metagame due to prominence of Amoonguss. Could use Expert Belt set, untested. lmao metang is listed as the best counter hahaha also SubRoost set, Roost + 3 atks, etc. Top priority.

Camerupt: Updated to remove RU Pokemon. The tank set was primarily to handle Magmortar, little reason for it to exist anymore (Electric-types aren't really popular enough...). Offensive sets need more attention/testing. Also would like the C&C section to be expanded. The analysis was written in its heyday; it's okay but not -excellent- since so much is running around that flat-out beats it, so not worth our attention atm. Once the more important stuff is handled we can work on revamping this. Low-medium priority.

Carracosta: Old analysis and emphasizes Shell Smash far too much when it isn't even seen in this meta. Mentions some weird Pokemon like Leavanny (seriously? I thought this was a competitive analysis!). It's got SR now and the Tank set is easily far and should be listed first. Also doesn't need two SS sets, Tangela isn't common enough to make Ice Beam worth it. Maybe Low Kick/Superpower/Icy Wind in OO. Needs a new analysis entirely. High priority.

Combusken: Updated to remove RU Pokemon. I'd like to see this get an update, if only because it's incredibly old and the analysis is very mediocre. I'm honestly not even sure if SD Combusken is worth it right now, although the special set is very good and this metagame is kind to it, with the downfall of Golem + Samurott. It does need a lot of work though, partners are absent throughout the analysis and the counters section is very weak. Medium-high priority.

Cottonee: Does this even need an analysis when Whimsicott is probably going to fall to NU? :/ Priority Taunt + Weather + Encore is honestly the only reason to use this, and it's not even a set. It's bad and needs to be revamped or removed, but I'm not going to revamp it until the next tier shifts when Whimsicott hopefully falls and we can just delete this. This will not be revamped for the time being; it is only in this upper section because I want discussion on whether or not it should be removed entirely.

Cradily: Mediocre analysis, with little detail that the reader couldn't glean from just looking at the moves. Defensive set needs mentioning as a decent stop to Cinccino; Storm Drain also became legal with several moves. Mono-attacker and SD sets need to be re-looked at for viability. It hasn't been touched since February, so an update could be nice sometime in the near future. Medium priority.

Delcatty: This is only here and not in the last section because I want to discuss removing the current analysis and replacing it with a joke one. Despite the fact that it gets Normalize Thunder Wave (woooo not like anything with Stun Spore / Body Slam can't paralyze Ground-types anyway) it's really a completely awful mon that deserves no real consideration when you're making a team. You would never go "ooo I want to use Normalize Delcatty for paralysis support!", you'd actually mention something that's good. Low priority, but hopefully we'll talk about it sometime soon.

Ditto: Has an existing update thread.

Dodrio: This is a meh analysis, several parts need to be looked at more and rewritten with better quality and the current metagame in mind. Partners need to be revamped, (I don't imagine Lickilicky makes for that good of a partner...) and c&c / oo are fairly barren as well. The Overview needs to discuss how it should be used rather than saying "use Swellow/Braviary". Medium priority.

Dragonair: Hasn't really been touched since March. Needs its sets to be revamped, DTC talked to me about revamping this a little while back so I'll leave this as his project for the time being. Would like to see a Marvel Scale RestTalk set, along with the current sets reworked. Medium priority.

Drifblim: Needs to be rewritten with the current meta in mind, especially since it's an older analysis. Several areas of the analysis mention "luring out special walls" which is never going to happen now since the Acrobatics set is easily the best/most popular set. I'd like to go over the usability of stuff like the SubCM set; in most scenarios SubCM Gardevoir sounds 100% better, especially when we're talking about tearing apart cores. Also the BP set sounds ehh, not sure on it. Also should probably confirm whether or not Unburden gets passed with BP; if so it might be a viable slash on the Acrobatics set, if not then w/e screw that. Disable needs a slash on it, too. Medium-high priority.

Duosion: Has an existing update thread.

Eelektross: CB Eelektross needs to have a set. Medium priority.

Electabuzz: Quite a monster of an analysis. I'd like to go through and see what actually works, though; I've never actually seen the SubCharge set work well (never actually seen it, to be honest with you), and the current attacker set is honestly really ehhh. An Eviolite pivot sounds decent, with some decent bulk and enough speed to make it matter. The writing is quality and I'd rather not dump it entirely if we can avoid it, but it looks like it's going to need a full revamp sometime in the near future. :/ Low-medium priority.

Electrode: Not a very good analysis. Content is lacking throughout, the partners mentioned are bleh at best (I mean really, Torterra and Volbeat are the best partners we can come up with for the offensive set? :|). C&C mentions Samurott as a counter and references Quagsire and Camerupt as full-stops. This is in dire need of being made less awful. I also want to see a Thunder Wave set tested, at the very least. Medium priority.

Floatzel: Initial analysis is evidently very poor, distinctly lacking in every area and merely describing the purpose of the moves. The mixed rain set is much better in those regards. I also want to look into the viability of all sets. I anticipate that CB + rain sweeper (it gets Hydro Pump now) will likely stay, but BU / manual rain is sort of bad. A SubPass set also needs to be tested because SubPass is a fantastic strat and Floatzel is definitely fast enough to do it. Medium priority.

Fraxure: Addition of Low Kick, Superpower, and Aqua Tail (mostly the former, though) are absolutely huge. Definitely needs a full update. I'm thinking we can possibly see a bulkier SubDD set, as well as DD / SD or Taunt (not sure if SD is good on its own) and some kind of Choice variant. DD EVs need to outrun Cinccino at the very least. Top priority.

Frillish: Django wants to redo the current analysis, as physically defensive Frillish > specially defensive. I'll leave this to him.

Garbodor: Although well-written, this is in need of an update due to Garbodor's tutor moves (namely Seed Bomb, Drain Punch, Pain Split) as well as Aftermath. More options = more sets; MMF's suicide Garbo set needs to be updated too (presumably just with Seed Bomb / Drain Punch fitted in somewhere). Would want offensive spikes + defensive dual spikes sets. Medium-high priority.

Gigalith: Has an existing update thread.

Golbat: Needs to be rewritten, as it's an old analysis. Needs mentions of stuff like Sawsbuck, Golurk and generally an update. (Checks & Counters could do with a good revamp, too.) Django wants U-turn to be mentioned as well. Medium priority.

Gothitelle: Very old analysis, but it's going to need a complete revamp once Shadow Tag comes out. It'll be high priority once that's released, but until then just leave it be. Presumably SubCM will be the dominant set, perhaps Specs / offensive too. (High priority.)

Grumpig: Its niche (beating Magmortar and Heal Bell) has kind of left it behind. Dingo wants to see a CM set, which would probably be pretty cool since it smashes the regen cores. Not sure if DS is worth it. Low-medium priority.

Gurdurr: Main spread needs to be changed to 252 HP / 252 Attack, the SpD spread needs to go in AC. Ice Punch should be the primary option, Payback / Rock Slide in AC. Also needs Knock Off mentioned / given a slash because it's a fantastic user of it, knocking off Eviolites from Misdreavus / Tangela and getting rid of recovery for Alomomola, Amoonguss, and Musharna. Spread could probably do with some work to maximize its very good bulk. Its effectiveness in the current metagame also needs to be emphasized because it's really really good atm, revenging Zangoose / Cinccino / Absol which are everywhere atm. Top priority.

Haunter: Has an existing update thread.

Hypno: Very sparse analysis. C&C sections is awful and has like two things total (there's a lot of shit that beats Hypno). Baton Pass should be the only option in the fourth slot, TR makes it outclassed entirely by Beheeyem (and even Duosion / Musharna to an extent). Insomnia needs to be more prominent. Hypno is outclassed by pretty much every Psychic-type there is except maybe Chimecho, and the analysis should say that. It just needs to be updated and fleshed out. Low priority.

Kangaskhan: I'd like to see the first set be changed to a bulkier spread, with Adamant as the main nature. Double-Edge should be slashed in lieu of Return as well, because the power difference is really pretty huge. I also want a lot more emphasis on what Kangaskhan brings to the table: a fuckton of priority, modest bulk, and enough speed to outrun mostly everything it needs to. A couple of people have mentioned CB, which definitely needs a mention or two as well (maybe an entire set?). Also the C&C section is awful (Ghost-types as checks? Really?). High priority.

Lapras: Hydration set? Drill Run needs to be added to DD's AC, generally detail is lacking throughout the analysis and adding some would be really good. It just needs an overall rewrite and revamp. Low priority.

Leafeon: Has an existing update thread.

Liepard: The release of Prankster and Dark Pulse (lol it had no STAB moves prior to BW2...) make Liepard somewhat viable, and the entire analysis needs to be revamped. It should probably have a Nasty Plot set as well as a weather set (can carry both Encore and Taunt, to one-up Murkrow / Volbeat). Medium priority.

Linoone: Has an existing update thread.

Luxray: Superpower + Guts being legal together is huge. Not sure about the viability of the mixed set since Quagsire is now gone and it's not such an effective lure. Defensive also lost its best niche in checking Braviary (Defiant), so not sure what we want to do with that. Not the highest priority mon that we need to revamp, but a lot of it has changed in the passing to BW2 so it'll probably need a lot of discussion. Low-medium priority.

Mantine: Needs a Rain Dance sweeper set (easily the best). No longer has to rely on HP Flying, as it's got Air Slash now. C&C is very poor, and I'd just like to see the writing be revamped overall. Still a very cool mon, though. Medium priority.

Maractus: Storm Drain + Spikes is probably the set we're looking for, not Sunny Day + Spikes. It's still a cool niche and should go in OO, but SD is generally the best option and we should probably not be running a defensive set with Maractus (those 75/67/67 defenses, lol). LO Spikes / Synthesis / Giga Drain / coverage sounds ok. Knock Off should be mentioned in AC somewhere. Low priority.

Marowak: Bonemerang needs to be mentioned to break Sturdy. A bulkier SR set needs mentioning somewhere, since it's not a bad user of it. Substitute is probably the best set overall, I'd rather use it before trying to build around TR. It's generally lacking in teammates / counters and information overall. Thunderpunch slash needs to go. Medium priority.

Mawile: Needs a defensive set. Physically defensive w/ Intimidate, SR / Pain Split / Seismic Toss / Knock Off. It's good in this meta, don't knock it. Overall the writing quality is pretty poor and needs to be expanded, it needs way more checks and counters and teammates etc. Low-medium priority.

Muk: Has an existing update thread.

Murkrow: The current analysis is very low-quality and lacking in information. It mentions a grand total of two teammates: Swellow and a few spinners. Also the c&c section is rather poor. An update to this would be appreciated; the usefulness of Insomnia for uhhh Amoonguss needs to be emphasized, also Heat Wave is legal with Prankster now so Roost might be an ok option on the attacker set. Thunder Wave is also a good idea. Low priority.

Musharna: Has an existing update thread.

Octillery: We decided this was in need of a revamp when Ledian was mentioned as one of the top teammates. All of the sets are basically the same with a few slight changes. Raseri mentioned using a Splash Plate on the first set and with Water Spout > Surf. That'd work ok, since you still outspeed most important walls and can also work as a BP recipient. It also saves us from having to include shit like Lopunny and Ledian lol. Low priority.

Piloswine: Has an existing update thread.

Pinsir: Moxie is absolutely huge. Scarf is easily the best set, probably followed by SD or SubSalac. Medium priority.

Porygon: What purpose does this serve, again...? Discuss removing it.

Probopass: C&C is mediocre, really only mentions Fighting-types and a few random mons with CC. Torterra, Golurk, etc need to be mentioned. Tangela is like 2HKOed by offensive Flash Cannon... The offensive set that DTC posted needs to be added as well. Teammates aren't particularly relevant, and I think we can just do a general update and be ok. Medium-high priority.

Raichu: Actually mentions like no offensive partners and gives Alomomola as an option. ?_? I'm interested in a few other sets, like something to do with Sub (SubEncore, SubNP?) and I'm pretty sure we can drop GK for Focus Blast. Espeed mentions can probably also go into AC or OO. Low priority.

(May need extensive SCMS updates, most likely a new set or two.)

Ampharos: Not popular enough to deserve a revamp, despite being an old analysis. If we do get around to doing it, the quality of several sets needs to be questioned; particularly the latter three. Amoonguss needs a heftier mention in C&C, as HP Ice does surprisingly little to it. No particular reason to update this at the moment though. Low priority.

Armaldo: Is a somewhat new analysis, but needs some updates to reflect the new metagame. Aqua Tail needs to be mentioned to get rid of Golurk; Golurk mentions throughout need to be added. A Jolly spread that outruns Adamant Golurk might be AC-worthy. Is Swift Swim the best option for all non-defensive sets? Needs QC input on this. Needs to be touted as the best spinner in the tier, as it is. Medium-high priority.

Audino: The three sets seem okay, but Audino is an underused Pokemon in the tier at the moment, will probably rise in usage at some point. If it does get a revamp, we should look into the quality of the sets and preferably into the best possible spread. Low-medium priority.

Bastiodon: Probably needs more mention of how it beats the shit out of Cinccino, which is very nice. Musharna should probably hold priority as a better cleric overall, although it doesn't have Wish-passing. Magic Coat mention somewhere, reflecting Spores and such is cool. The analysis is okay as-is, could do with a revamp though. Low-medium priority.

Beheeyem: This is a pretty old analysis... when Analytic is released, probably need to go over its merits since it'll hit really fucking hard on the switch. There's not much else it can do that Gardevoir can't, though... Low priority. (DTC has said that Analytic is released, so we should talk about maybe a Specs set or very slow Substitute + 3 Atks set designed to force out Sawk/Gurdurr and hit something hard).

Bibarel: This is a really unexplored Pokemon with a lot of potential and a fairly weak analysis that looks untested (how did we let these slip through the cracks?). Quagsire being gone removed its best counter in existence, really, and Bibarel has several niches like SR + Taunt + Rain Dance / Sunny Day (which nothing else in NU gets, I think?). It's something we should play around with more eventually and find better sets, since the current analysis doesn't really do it justice. Low-medium priority.

Butterfree: A lot of Butterfree checks have been moving up (Cryogonal, Magmortar) and Golem is falling in usage, so we should probably go over it as a group in QC. The analysis overall is well-written (albeit a bit lengthy), so I'd prefer to not re-write it entirely, but we can go over the sets and add some tidbits here and there, if necessary. Low-medium priority.

Cacturne: A lot of illegalities have been changed (ie stuff like Drain Punch + Water Absorb), making Water Absorb the primary ability for any set not involving Encore, really. It's also a lot better in the new metagame (Spikes are fantastic). I'd prefer to not remove it entirely, but it needs to be adapted to the current meta. Medium priority.

Exeggutor: Well written throughout and analysis is mostly up to date. I want to rethink the usage of Psyshock on any/all sets, especially SubSunny Day since it's listed first; it was really only used to hit Cryo and Magmortar harder, so what purpose does it have now (aside from hitting Lickilicky harder?). Definitely benefits from the drop in Skuntank usage and rise of Absol. Not much that needs to be done, just a short discussion and a few SCMS edits. LumRest Exeggutor is superior to SubSitrus. Medium-high priority.

Flareon: I want to discuss a physical Guts set, which is now legal with Superpower. Flame Charge + Superpower + coverage sounds like a decent set. Otherwise well-written, any slight changes can just be added via SCMS. Medium priority.

Gardevoir: Was recently uploaded, but I want offensive SubCM b/c it dominates the current meta (except for Cinccino but fuck that). Best to simply slash it into the current offensive CM set, or a whole new one altogether? Medium priority.

Glaceon: Why do we have defensive Glaceon, again? I mean, Regice has better defenses all-around and no would in their right mind would use a defensive Ice-type in the first place, let alone one in a tier where SR is everything. A lot of those calcs are worthless after SR, and assuming that you keep SR away is far too much for a bird check. Can we remove that? (I did.) Analysis is old but Glaceon is rarely used anyway. Low priority.

Golem: Several questionable sets have been removed (Who uses CB / Rock Polish?). This just needs a few updates to the current metagame (Cinccino's prominence, etc), and if anyone with a badge wants to fix that up that'd be awesome because I have enough on my plate atm. Medium priority.

Gorebyss: It's a good analysis. We need to debate whether HP Bug or HP Electric (or HP Grass, but I don't think it has any advantages over HP Elec, which hits Mantine) is now the best option since Quagsire is gone, to hit Ludicolo / Mantine respectively. I don't think anything else needs to be done, except maybe testing the viability of Substitute + 3 Attacks in and outside of rain. This wouldn't be a set all on its own, but we would just change SubSmash to Substitute and slash Shell Smash behind both of the coverage attacks and obviously talk about the merits of each. I've played a little bit with Sub + 3atks and it's solid because Gorebyss forces switches so easily after like U-turns from Regirock. Medium-high priority.

Illumise: Weather set. It's got the same bulk as Volbeat... I don't know why we don't have it, lol. Low priority, but easy enough to do.

Kadabra: I think the main set needs some shakeups. It's not strong enough to break anything even with LO, and Sash is generally just the better item overall. I'd also really prefer to see Encore > Sub / CM, since Kadabra has no business doing either (Alomomola's Scald breaks its Sub 100% of the time... :/) and Encore at least has some utility. Skuntank needs to be in C&C. Low-medium priority.

Lampent: Needs a SubSplit set, as DTC and I tested it out a while back and it's easily the best set available. Outside of that it's pretty well written so I don't see the need to change much else, except for maybe changing a few mentions of mons around and emphasizing that it loses to the best spinblocker (Armaldo) so you shouldn't really be using it as a spinblocker if you can avoid it. It does outspeed Armaldo, but without a Life Orb it doesn't even OHKO after Rocks most of the time so it's probably not worth using. Low-medium priority.

Lickilicky: Why is Dragon Tail slashed before Body Slam? BS is generally the superior move in most situations, hitting surprisingly hard against most everything that switches in on Lickilicky. Very few mons can actually set up in front of Lickilicky anyway, not counting stuff like Gurdurr since Lickilicky loses to it anyway. Also not sure of the viability of the mono-attacker set; it seems that SubSD does everything that it wants to do but better. Medium-high priority.

Miltank: SR being legal with Sap Sipper is huge, and Sap Sipper should be mentioned on all sets since nabbing a +1 Attack is awesome and Miltank is the bulkiest Pokemon with that ability. Mooffensive should really be only using Sap Sipper, Scrappy seems like more of a secondary thing if your team really struggles with ghosties. It doesn't necessarily need an update, just a few rewrites. Medium priority.

(No priority. If it needs updates, they will be very minor.) also sorry this is probably the messiest section atm, I'll probably fix it later

Absol: Quagsire mentions removed, Amoonguss & Alomomola mentions increased. Added a few more recent partners to the AC of some sets. Mixed set removed, not nearly as effective as it once was and requires impressive prediction + stupidity on the opponent's part to even 2HKO Amoonguss. DTC mentioned swapping the SD and all-out attacker sets, should discuss this in QC. Low priority.

Alomomola: Magmortar mentions removed, Regenerator mentions added. Added Amoonguss as a counter, as well as SubSD users such as Leafeon, Sawsbuck, Fraxure. Mentioned Audino in partners, gave Amoonguss some bigger mentions. Added Knock Off as an option on the set, no slash. Added a 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpD spread. Low priority.

Basculin / Basculin-B: Minor SCMS edits to remove RU Pokemon. Crunch has been removed, as it only existed to hit Jynx. Waterfall hits everything else harder. This guy sucks pretty hard, no real reason to update for the time being. If it does get a revamp (idk why), needs to mention how badly it loses to Alomomola + Amoonguss + everything, although Aqua Jet is rather nice. I don't think it got any important tutor moves either (Superpower, but that doesn't hit anything?). Very low priority.

Banette: It doesn't even mention any newly RU Pokemon. There's very little that needs to be changed or mentioned, save maybe some new TR partners; this is one of those "this is the best it can do" sorts of analyses, and for the most part we don't need to update them. If someone wants to go through and add some partners in the SCMS go ahead, I'll cache it. Very low priority.

Cinccino: Was very recently updated via SCMS.

Emboar: Was very recently updated.

Jumpluff: DTC made all relevant changes a while back. It doesn't need any sort of update.

Kingler: ^

Lairon: ^ although we might want to consider flipping the phys def and spec def sets? idk, not much experience with Lairon

Masquerain: Needs Cincy to be mentioned as a check

Ninjask: recently updated

Omanyte: Aside from Amoonguss's recent spike in popularity, little reason to update this for the time being

(Lowest priority Pokemon, although some do need hefty revisions.)

Everything in this section will be revisited once the more important Pokemon are thoroughly updated. A few have notes, most don't.

Ariados: tspikes are bad atm, ariados is bad
Beautifly: outclassed by everything, GS says it should emphasize stun spore since that's the only thing it has on mothim
Beedrill: outright deleted two awful sets (sd + agility and cb...)
Bellossom: GS mentioned something about an SD set
Castform: joke
Chatot: mentions of golurk needed
Chimecho: no longer has the niche of being only mon with heal bell + instant recovery, since mushy has it
Clamperl: joke
Corsola: bad mon bad sets bad analysis. C&C on this is god awful
Delibird: joke
Dewgong: entirely inferior to lapras (encore...?)
Dunsparce: cbb says set is bad
Emolga: mediocre analysis, subcharge wtf
Exploud: isn't top priority at all, but needs an entire revamp w/ scrappy. specs hyper voice sounds a lot better
Fearow: poor analysis. mentions it beating stuff like regirock early in the analysis... then says they're counters later. also mentions altaria as a counter. what does fearow have that brav doesn't?
Gabite: prolly needs a full revamp. listed sets are bad (hone claws stone edge nice), needs bulky set w/ sr
Glalie: has spikes but most people don't care enough to use, doesn't deserve attention atm. a look over this later could be a good idea
Golduck: SubCM might be an ok idea, 3+ sets is probably too much for a mediocre mon though
Heatmor: dtc made several changes, no reason to update
Huntail: ludicolo & amoonguss mentions in c&c, fairly poor c&c overall but eh
Leavanny: heal bell
Lunatone: moonlight
Machoke: mushy / golurk mentions in checks, also needs ice punch mentions
Magcargo: lol water pulse vanilluxe........
Meganium: amoonguss emphasis
Mightyena: mostly outclassed by moxie pinsir now
Mothim: Giga Drain and Roost are now legal with Tinted Lens, so they can possibly be slashed onto the set if desired.
Mr. Mime:
Pelipper: new partner mentions, seismitoad
Phione: bulky rest rain setter is ok
Pidgeot: special set? lol
Pikachu: espeed mention

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