NU NUL IV - Cycle 3 - Round 4

Welcome to the third cycle of the fourth annual NeverUsed League! This year we have decided to return to the old-fashioned Double Elimination tournament system. There is a slight twist, though; the NeverUsed League will work slightly different than last iterations of the tournament, since it will not have a Playoffs Stage. Instead of that, we have decided to make the NeverUsed League count towards the 2018 NU Tournament Circuit. This means that points earned in the NeverUsed League, together with all other NU Tournaments that count towards this Tournament Circuit, will determine who will fight in the eventual NU Tournament Circuit Playoffs. More on that can be found here. All you really need to know is that if you do well here, you have a shot at getting a cool and highly unique ribbon.

Here is this years format and general rules:

  • There will be 3 cycles - all of which will be standard Double Elimination USUM NU Tournaments
  • All sets played will be Best of Three series
  • All points gained in the NeverUsed League will count towards the NU Tournament Circuit, and is by far the best shot you have to score lots of points to guarantee a PlayOffs spot
  • The NeverUsed League 4 will not have a Playoffs Stage
  • I will keep a close look on toxicity and bad sportsmanship in this thread. Shit-talking in battle / this thread is okay to some extent, but know that there will be consequences if you cross the line
  • Please take your time to read the general scheduling guidelines below
Note the sportsmanship infraction may be used liberally this SPL, and any unsportsmanlike conduct on the forums, in #spl / #pokemon / any of the semiofficial tier channels, or in opposing SPL team channels (I won't infract for you being a dick in your own SPL team channel unless the situation is so extreme I feel I absolutely have to make an exception (consider basically any masterclass interaction ever)), will be grounds for an infraction. We encourage you to play semi-aggressively, but don't be a Masterclass.

I'm sure plenty of you have come across activity drama while scheduling matches. I'm here to reduce the arbitrary element associated with some of these decisions. It is entirely your decision to adhere to these STRONG RECOMMENDATIONS, but note that if you choose not to, I'll most likely ignore any pleading from your end.


Once that week's thread is posted, you have up to 48 hours to contact your opponent ON HIS VM WALL and mention your timezone and exactly what dates, what time ranges you are available, and where you will battle. Note that the default accepted sim and server is the official server on Showdown/Smogon Tournament Server. You must provide at least 3 different time ranges at least 48 hours from the timestamp of your message, with at least 2 that are 24-hours apart from each other. The minimum and maximum length for 1 time range is 30 minutes, and the minimum difference between the 3 required time ranges is 3 hours. If you give 3 time ranges that stick with this policy, you can give any additional time ranges at any time you please.


Once your opponent has contacted you, you now have up until 72 hours after the week's thread has been posted (NOT after your opponent's message) to respond with times that are good for you. What this means is that if both of you spend the maximum time contacting and responding, you should have back and forth collaboration at a maximum of 72 hours after the round has been posted, with both parties given an additional 24 hours to prepare for the battle should it be scheduled as soon as required. If none of the opponent's proposed time ranges are good for you, you must respond with alternative time ranges.

The first opponent now has X hours to prepare for the battle (if the second opponent agreed to some time) or 24 hours to contact a TD if, for whatever reason, this second set of time ranges does not suit the first opponent. Note this should be an absolute last measure.

Once a time is agreed upon, please make a message on your opponent's VM wall between 10 minutes and 1 second before the agreed upon time and say you are ready to battle and then get to agreed upon location (regardless of whether or not your opponent sends you a response VM). Please protect yourself by making this message, as it makes decisions much easier. You will be required to wait for your opponent for the duration of the time range.

If neither of you contact each other before 48 hours after the thread has been posted, you're both opening yourself up to a potential no contest or substitution. If I look at the situation, I might just determine I'm going to no contest, or whatever based on however I'm feeling at that moment. Don't leave yourself and your team vulnerable to this.

Just because at anytime one of the responders does not respond within the given range does not give you automatic activity win credentials. If they don't contact at all on your VM wall up until 48 hours before the end of the round (note, I'm not going to take irc or sim messages as evidence due to how easily they can be if you want to protect yourself, stick to the VM messages), then you obviously have activity win justification. You WILL contact your opponent in a timely manner. However, if they do contact you at all after the suggested response time and before 48 hours before the end of the round, you are required to respond before 24 hours before the end of the round with 2 1-hour time ranges at least 1 hour apart before the end of the round. The opponent, since he did not stick to the proposed response schedule, WILL BE REQUIRED TO PLAY AT ONE OF YOUR NEWLY SUGGESTED TIMES, so you have the advantage here. This obviously puts a bit of an emphasis on the last 48 hours of each round (as is standard operating procedure for most of our official team tournaments anyway), so I will try my best to keep the last 48 hours of the round as close to the majority of the weekend for as much of the world as I can.

If you follow all of these guidelines, you will a.) most likely get your match done with minimal issue or b.) protect yourself and your team from an undue no contest or activity decision. Yes, I hate activity decisions in official tournaments. Yes, I will do my best to prevent activity decisions in the playoffs (the qualifying round is fair game however and I will have no problem issuing an activity call here), but don't push your luck.

Here is an example of how following this would work:

Week 1 thread is posted June 7, 2013 at 12:00 AM. Its deadline is June 14, 2013 at 11:59PM. User A and User B are matched up. User A contacts User B on his VM wall on June 7, at 9:00 PM (47 hours after the thread was posted, so ok), and gives 4 time ranges: June 10, from 7:00-7:30 PM (22 hours after the timestamp of his message, which is only ok so long as at minimum 3 of the other proposed time ranges adhere to the requirements), June 11, from 9:00-9:30 PM (48 hours after the timestamp of his message, which is ok), June 12, from 6:00-6:30 PM (69 hours after timestamp of his message, so ok, but only 21 hours after the earliest time range that is 48 hours after the timestamp), and June 12, from 9:00-9:30 PM (72 hours after the timestamp, so ok, and 24 hours after a legal time range and 3 hours after another legal time range). The June 11 and both June 12 time ranges satisfy the requirements, so User A can propose his first June 10 time range as well. User B responds on June 10, at 8:00 PM (23 hours after User A contacted him, so ok), and picks June 11, at 9:00 PM to battle, which is ok because it is 24 hours after his own response.

You'll note I made most of my response ranges multiples of 24 hours, but also included 24 hours. This means I expect you to be able to check Smogon at least once a day. If that is not feasible, you put yourself at risk

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

Also, to protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer and not be hour-a-move dicks.

Bracket was made with the new bracket maker that is to be used in every circuit tournament from here on, you can read more up on here

Winner's bracket:
paper dreams
Arifeen vs Raseri
Teddeh vs KW
vs Plas
starry blanket vs Eternally
TJ vs Snou
Tangelo vs banks
Vulpix03 vs Lycans
zugubu royale
vs Go0d
PILZ vs Finchinator
Sam I Yam vs Santu
cielbakasan vs Blast
dragonitenb vs 0Nl
kay vs Rodriblutar
zben vs CantoakaChris

Loser's bracket:
cb aaron judge vs Wabane
Kushalos vs Exiline
Earth vs Hikertoad
naruto(sage) vs Youngster_Bill
Dundies vs Realistic Waters
vs frisoeva
CKW vs winner of (voltix31 vs. MysitclaHaze)
Newalfonquest vs Alkione
robjr vs Kiyo
Rabia vs TTFTW
Xiri vs Chill Shadow
boulicrok vs winner of (Bertold vs. Elmir)
Havens vs lax
vs Cdumas
Carmin06 vs winner of (lyd vs ILoveMilk)
Mr. Abby vs Bad Player

reminder that players in brackets should contact their round 4 opponent after their game asap

round 3 deadline will be sunday 30th, 11:59pm gmt+1 | bracket deadline will be wednesday 26th 11:59pm gmt+1

personal highlights:
paper dreams vs. hantuski
kushalos vs. exiline
dundies vs. realistic waters
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When you already played 4 series against kushalos in the span of 2 NUL cycles and you're now getting a 5th one...
Can't speak with you Newalfonquest on smogon, so I'll try to schedule with you here... I'm gmt+2, can play evenings after 5pm except Wednesday, and totally free Sunday. What day/hour would be better for you ?

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