Tournament NUPL VII - Week 4

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NUPL VII thread titles are the best!
Deadline: Sunday, May 19th @ 11:59pm GMT -5



The Mesmerizing Mesprits (3) vs The Moneymaker Musharnas (7)
USUM NU: Sjneider vs -Davon
USUM NU: Louna vs mael
USUM NU: ILoveMilk vs Charmflash
USUM NU: banks vs 0NI
ORAS NU: Skelos vs Shaneghoul
BW NU: pinktidal vs Raseri
DPP NU: KW vs Askov
ADV NU: kaori vs Rabia
GSC NU: Sage vs Diophantine
Bo3: ict vs Raichy


The Listless Lilligants (4) vs The Vibrant Vivillons (5)
USUM NU: Yay vs Hootie
USUM NU: robjr vs Star
USUM NU: HarrisIsAwesome vs Rodriblutar
USUM NU: Eternal Spirit vs Dangerous
ORAS NU: The Goomy vs Gondra
BW NU: Chill Shadow vs rozes
DPP NU: Kushalos vs Sinkyr
ADV NU: Noitu vs spink
GSC NU: HSA vs TonyFlygon
Bo3: Finchinator vs Eternally


The Pile of Swines (4) vs The Pablo Sands (6)
USUM NU: col49 vs tko
USUM NU: Lopunny Kicks vs TDK
USUM NU: passion vs soulgazer
USUM NU: EviGaro vs emforbes
ORAS NU: Jarii vs Bouff
BW NU: Insult vs ebeast
DPP NU: DeepBlueC vs ima
ADV NU: Sam vs Pearl
GSC NU: elodin vs lax
Bo3: -Tsunami- vs FLCL


The Sacred Samurotts (9) vs The Krusty Krabs (1)
USUM NU: Ren-chon vs Lycans
USUM NU: Snou vs Santu
USUM NU: DurzaOffTopic vs Jytcampbell
USUM NU: Osh vs Xiri
ORAS NU: honchkrow vs Evan.
BW NU: HJAD vs Peli
DPP NU: Bughouse vs Heysup
ADV NU: M Dragon vs Megazard
GSC NU: Watchog vs Earthworm
Bo3: Teddeh vs Kiyo

If I made a mistake please contact me asap. Good luck everyone!​
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Noitu vs. spink - he will lose eventually, similarly to how spink will win eventually. someone has to stop the mad man. im mainly just highlighting my good friend spinkinator here, but this is gonna be a fun game assuming they actually PLAY this week..

Sam vs. Pearl - I don't think this is the week Pearl loses. He's been super hot while Sam has been super cold, and overall I think Pearl is a better player.

M Dragon vs. Megazard - This should be a close game between two rather experienced ADVers. I give the edge to M Dragon given his overall greater success in this tour, but this shouldn't be a smash.


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I just wanted to point out that Vivillons and Lilligants ruined a coincidence that might not happen anymore for the rest of our lives: Samurotts and Kinglers are fighting for the spot of best water mon, Palossands and Piloswines are fighting for the spot of best ground mon, and Mesprits and Musharnas for the psychic's one.

Due to this reprehensible behavior, I'm officially asking for Vivillons and Lilligants to be removed from this week.
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