Tournament NUPL X - Week 3

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waited half a week for a response, we schedule for saturday evening, then he asks to change to sunday at 7, at 7 he asks for 30-45 mins and still doesn't show. Calling act I have work tmrw..


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first attachment shows I was logged on before you logged off.
2nd attachment, which im not gonna be a beta and not show everything, says that I was going to be back between 8 and 8:30, there was never prior messaging that you were not going to be available in the timeframe you were originally fine for. I also messaged you on discord while you were busy playing minecraft, then immediately went gray.
Edit: 3rd message to show all of the messaging, i didnt read his message through. He also waited a half week to reach out to me and it shows i responded that day. the other @ in their message, I didnt see in the public forum so fair, thats why i reached out by message on saturday (we never agreed to saturday anywhere) to 7 and then with family plans agreed to 8 to 8:30. I dont come to this site for like 2 times out of the year for stuff like this I wanna play LMAO


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