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Operation: Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke Starto!

A brand new Nuzlocke has begun and is already on its way. My Soulsilver Nuzlocke is at a boring stage ( Slight grinding for the 8th Gym Leader Claire ) So I decided to do a new Nuzlocke with my own Rules modified. I hope to soon make nice videos of this, but for now they shall be in story format.

Taken Down

The Story So Far
I've finally managed to keep my starter alive this time. :D the
trial started off real rocky though. Kei doesn't know how to not
be hit by critical hits, so every battle from the beginning was a
risky one. We met a good friend, Pulse Fire, while off hunting for
Herdier. Hu and I bonded well during this hunt, and later Kei and
Pulse Fire got the opportunity to teach some of Alder's children
what battling was. This was the end of happy tidings however,
as the battle with Cheren began.

During the fight I foolishly thought that Pulse Fire was bulky
enough to sustain hits from Cheren's well trained Lillipup. I
set my own Pulse Fire up for death, telling him to counter Lillipup's
incoming tackle attack. The hit landed, critically, and down went
Pulse without a chance to even cry out in pain... Kei was weak
from Cheren's Patrat, and nearly died to Lillipup's over powered
tackle attack. Time was ticking and I had no idea what to do, till
Hypnoseekr and Pidgeon both nodded to each other, and walked
out onto the field. They were buying me enough time to heal Kei.
It was noble, but sad as both pokemon died in single hits while Kei
Healed up enough to finish off the Lillipup. 3 death's in one single battle.

After the burial service, Kei and I continued our journey. The walk has
been nice so far, we have not lost another member and we have made
plenty of friends. We stopped by a local hotel down in Castelia city ( after
buying a few cones of course ^-^ ) and are taking a break before braving
the terrifying Desert to come.

Current Amount of Center Visits Left: 3

1) Fainted Pokemon are considered DEAD and must be placed inside the DEAD box
2) Pokemon Center Visits
- Each town visit adds a pokemon center visit availability
- Each Gym leader battle adds 1 more.
- Each First-Pokemon-Per-Route encounter adds another
- Healers found along the way are not subject to these rules
3) First Pokemon encountered via route that you have not caught before may be caught only.
- Exceptions: You find a gift pokemon. If you knew about it, may not capture. If you did not, the pokemon you captured may not exist
4) All captured pokemon must be nicknamed
5) Dead Pokemon may not use HM's
6) If a pokemon needs to trade to evolve, it may evolve 5 levels after reaching that stage

Fluffy the Bold Cottonee Prankster
Met at lv. 15 in Castelia City
Razor Leaf
Leach Seed
Stun Spore
Mega Drain

Holding a Miracle Seed

Roll Out the Relaxed Roggenrola Sturdy
Met at lv. 16 in Relic Passage
Iron Defense
Mud Slap
Rock Blast

Kei the Naive Servine Overgrow
Met at lv. 5 in Aspertia City
Leech Seed
Vine Whip
Leaf Tornado


Pit Pat the Naive Magby Flame Body
Met at lv. 10 in Virbank Complex
Rock Smash
Flame Burst
Clear Smog
Faint Attack
Holding Leftovers


Mack the Knife

Goodbye Smogon! I may return, I may not!
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K, gonna do my first Nuzlocke challenge ever on White 2.

Nickname all Pokes
Pokemon dies if it faints
Catch first Pokemon on route or area (unless you already own one)
Unlimited Center Visits
Unlimited Item Use

My journey began when I received Clyde the Oshawott. We started out our journey by battling a young man, with apparent amnesia, named Quentix. He claimed to be my long lost friend. Knowing he was trying trick me in some way Clyde and I defeated him and his Snivy. I have an odd feeling though we will meet him again. Afterwards we were joined by v01 the Patrat.

Clyde the Rash Oshawott
Level 6
-Tail Whip

v01 the Mild Patrat
Lavel 2
Sorry it's been a while since my last update! Been away for a few weeks. Still keen to finish this Nuzlocke though, so I'm gonna go right ahead with the next instalment!

Loving reading through all of yours as well, keep them coming!


Tibbs' Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge Instalment #5

Main Developments:
-After leaving Celadon and its challenges vanquished, returned to Lavender Town to get mah Ghostbuster on.
-Battled Blue in Pokemon Tower, fresh from burying his Raticate. To be fair, his team is probably the better for it, since it's now packing a Gyarados. Took him down handily.
-Some of the stuff these Mediums come out with is genuinely disturbing. Can't help but feel that someone should be alerted to the fact that there's a Tower in Lavender Town where demon possession is a regular occurrence. Everyone seems down though. Go figure.
-Encountered and captured a Level 18 Gastly. Nicknamed him Quint. Not a lot of use for him at this point, and don't really want to be stuck with an unevolved Haunter later on.
-Cleaned up those dirty Marowak-murdering Rockets and helped Mr. Fuji shuffle back to his house. Picked up a Pokeflute and got the hell out of Lavender Town before it completed the transition from Pokemon to Resident Evil.
-Thanks to that useless Spearow on Route 16, I couldn't capture the Snorlax blocking the way to Bicycle Road, so I had to defeat it. Fingers crossed I can pick up his buddy over on Route 12 later.
-Always really enjoyed Bicycle Road. Bikers and 'Cue Balls' (what even?) are given some fun dialogue, and their Pokemon are some of the juiciest experience cows yet.
-It also gave me my second chance (out of three) to find a Doduo. Level 22 Spearow. Gave it the Gatsby treatment.
-Careened to the end of Bicycle Road, and turned into the grassy patch on Route 18. My heart pounded in my chest. This was it. The last chance to obtain a Doduo and therein a decent flier. Suddenly, the tall grass parted, and I heard it. Not the twittering cry I had hoped for, but the infuriating, undulating croak of a Level 20 Spearow. Fried its brains out and fed it to Pettigrew. Genuinely pissed.
-Birdless and miserable, I arrived in Fuchsia City. Decided to put my flier predicament to one side and distract myself with some Safari Zone shenanigans.
-Gotta love the Safari Zone. And will admit to being somewhat relieved that Nuzlocking gave me a good excuse not to pour hours into finding that elusive Kangaskhan/Pinsir/Chansey/Tauros. Captured a Level 22 Venonat as my token acquisition and nicknamed him Faustus.
-Found the Secret House, with the sign outside saying 'SECRET HOUSE', and obtained the Surf HM. Incidentally, serious contender for one of the best items in the game, I reckon. Massive utility, and also instant, unlimited, powerful and accurate STAB for any Water-type. Game-changer right there.
-Also found that old guy's teeth. Dude. Come on. That's disgusting. You feel your teeth fall out of your mouth? Fine. You stop walking immediately. You look down. You see your teeth inches from your feet. And you pick them up again. Basic stuff here.
-After using a tissue to pick them up gingerly between two fingers, I walked with the teeth held out at arm's length back to the entrance, and returned them to their geriatric owner. Got the Strength HM for my troubles, so it could be worse, I guess.
-At this point, though no closer to serving the bird problem, I decided to take a bit of a detour to make another important acquisition for my team. I was about to go up against Koga, and I still didn't have that crucial Psychic-type that every Generation I playthrough needs. So I hatched a cunning plan, and undertook the following steps to remedy the situation.
-Obtained the Good Rod. Fished in the pond in the backyard. A Level 10 Goldeen. Not what I was hoping for. But captured her and nicknamed her Galadriel.
-Headed down to Route 19, fished in the ocean. A Level 10 Poliwag. That's better. Captured him and nicknamed him Moses.
-Used my new HM to teach Moses Surf. Using Icarus to Fly, took Moses back to Route 4 and then Diglett's Cave, training him until he evolved at Level 25 into a Poliwhirl.
-Flew to Cerulean City and traded Moses the Poliwhirl for Lola the Jynx.
-Did a sneaky duck-in to Saffron City, and picked up the Psychic TM from the aptly-named Mr. Psychic. Taught it to Lola.
-Finally, summoned the courage to return to Pokemon Tower, headed to the floor with the healing zone, and sat back and watched as Lola practically trained herself with the combination of experience-rich Gastly and Haunter, super-effective STAB Psychic, easy healing and boosted experience from a trade.
-Emerged with a Level 35 Jynx, ready to mind-bend some Poison-types! Aww yeah. Lola will be taking Pettigrew's slot on the team, affording my whiskered friend an early retirement and a fate much more comfortable than that of his predecessor Atticus.
-Made it back to Fuchsia Gym. Dude. What the hell. Serious spike in the difficulty curve here. On Bicycle Road it was Level 29 Machop, nek minute you've got a Juggler's Level 35 Hypno spamming his Psychic all over the shop. Rough.
-And that's to say nothing of the big man himself. Gatsby took down his first Koffing without a fuss, but next up was that Level 39 Muk. Shudder. Shasta switched into a Sludge, took it like a champ, and managed to break through him with a few Digs before he started Minimising. The next Koffing went down to a Surf from Eponine in her Gym debut, leaving Lola to face down a LEVEL 43 WEEZING. What even! That's a solid 10 levels above where my party was sitting after Bicycle Road! Not to be intimidated, Lola did what Psychic-types do best, and Psychic-spammed that thing into oblivion. Thankfully managed to avoid a Selfdestruct, which would have been an OHKO on any one of my team members. Probably the closest brush with death we've had in a while. But we emerged relatively unscathed, holding aloft the curiously named Soul Badge!
-Next time: the scenic eastern coast, the Other Snorlax, and storming Saffron City!

Current Team:
Eustace the Charmeleon, Level 34
Moveset: Slash, Mega Punch, Ember, Leer
Delilah the Weepinbell, Level 34
Moveset: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Cut, Acid
Eponine the Vaporeon, Level 34
Moveset: Ice Beam, Sand Attack, Swift, Surf
Gatsby the Raichu, Level 34
Moveset: ThunderShock, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Swift
Lola the Jynx, Level 36
Moveset: Psychic, Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch, DoubleSlap
Shasta the Sandslash, Level 36
Moveset: Rock Slide, Strength, Slash, Dig

Atticus the Rattata
Probably feeling robbed after that battle with Koga.
And Mark III-B Begins!!

-Again, I arrived in Littleroot in the back of a sketchy moving van. For all I knew I was being carted off to Mexico to be part of a human trafficing ring. Not that my mom cared...
-Moved into my house, got annoyed at the Vigoroth as usual, and started my never-changing clock
-Saw the news, then went next door.
-Met the mom and the brother, and then met May. She really needs to learn to not fall in love so fast.
-Went past the stupid little girl, and watched as Prof. Birch fled from the terrifying Zigzagoon.
-Choose Mudkip and soundly beat the tiny racoon.
-Named the Quiet Mudkip Kippa.
-Soundly defeated May
-Returned home, got the Pokedex, Pokeballs, and Running Shoes.
-Captured Cheyeanne the Naive Zigzagoon, Dakota the Hardy Poocheyena, and Frita the Bashful Wurmple. Only Frita remained on the team.
-Trained my team a bit, and evolved Frita into a Silcoon. Yay, she might have a bit more use in this game.
-Went through the route, beat some trainers, arrived in Petalburg, helped Wally (lucky SOB), and then left.
-Did my little "cheat," and ended up catching Bila the Mild Marill, with Huge Power. Unfortunately, since Marill's really are lacking in any usable physical attacking moves in this game, she was boxed, saved for a backup for Kippa.
-Went in the woods and caught-- wouldn't you believe it -- Deana the Mild Shroomish. I never can avoid these things.
-Along the way Frita evolved into Beautifly.
-Decided to train Deana, who levels up fast and is useful for a good chunk of the game.
-Quickly flogged the trainers in the Gym, and then proceeded to anhilate Roxanne. Kippa is just too much of a boss.
-Left and chased down the Aqua thug, again using my "cheat."
-Captured Beyonce the Docile Whismur in the cave, saved Peeko, and then failed to catch an Abra on route 116. Installing a new rule that forced losses by Pokemon don't count. So I will go back to route 116 and try again.
-Saved before another battle with May or turning back to route 116.

Kipper the Quiet Mudkip (F)
Level 14
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Water Gun, Mudslap, Tackle, Growl
Opinion: The MVP of the team. Kippa is strong and steadfast. Having a good nature helps a lot too. I have high hopes for her.

Frita the Bashful Beautifl (F)
Level 13
Ability: Shield Dust
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Gust, Absorb
Opinion: She sucks up a lot of Exp, but hopefully she will be able to defeat Brawly. Other than that idk how long she will stay. Definitely better than a Dustox for longterm use.

Deanna the Mild Shroomish (F)
Level 12
Ability: Effect Spore
Moves: Stun Spore, Absorb, Leech Seed, Tackle
Opinion: Well she levels up really fast. One battle with a level 8 Geodude and she gained two levels. With Mild nature she might be able to pull of a few grass-type attacks, and her utility in status moves is quite helpful. She'll be useful throughout I feel.

Beyonce the Docile Whismur (F)
Level 8
Ability: Soundproof
Moves: Pound, Uproar
Opinion: None really, I just caught her. She should have potential and I hope she lives long enough to see that potential.

Cheyeanne the Naive Zigzagoon (F); Level 2
Opinion: Possibly a backup for Beyonce

Dakota the Hardy Poocheyana (F); Level 2
Opinion: None, she won't be used

Bila the Mild Marill (F); Level 5
Opinion: With the Huge Power, she has potential, but lacks the movepool. For now is a backup, but is first in line incase Kippa dies

I'm about the same as I was last time. Though hopefully I learned from my mistakes. Kippa is strong, as is Deanna, and Frita should be alright in the Gym. I've also noticed I've only been catching female Pokemon. No idea what this means--besides that a Wedlocke would be impossible--but I hope its a good sign.
What is that "Cheat" you mentioned twice ?
Rolling right ahead with the next instalment:

Tibbs' Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge Instalment #6

Main Developments:
-Still giddy with joy after our narrow escape from death and associated funeral costs at the hands of Koga, I decided my team of battleworn warriors had earned themselves a bit of a holiday.
-First up was Route 19 to the south, where my beloved Eustace at long last evolved into a Charizard after a climactic battle with a Swimmer's Seadra. No words to express the joy that filled my heart as I saw that spectacular pair of fiendish wings sprout from his scaly shoulders.
-Totally forgot about the Route change, so accidentally ran away from my first encounter on Route 20, which was a Tentacool. Might have been a good idea for a back-up for Eponine. If only Tentacool were painfully common.
-Was also disappointed with my encounter for the Seafoam Islands, which was a thoroughly useless Level 21 Zubat. Tried not to think too much about the glory that could have been, had I instead found a Seel.
-Decided not to work through Seafoam just yet; doesn't seem to be heaps of point when I can't get Articuno or any other Pokemon, and I don't think there are any crucial items. Might check that though and go back later.
-Having completed the seaside leg of our vacation, returned to Fuchsia, healed up, and headed west onto Route 15. Which incidentally has my favourite score in the whole game. Refrained from bicycle riding so I could enjoy it.
-My luck with recent acquistions seemed to have turned around when I encountered a wild Level 26 Ditto! Nek minute, Delilah unleashes some pent-up fury and king-hits it with a critical Cut. Cheers buddy.
-Routes 14 and 13 provided little consolation, offering only a Venonat and a Pidgey respectively. Would probably have been more upset if these weren't some of my favourite Routes in the game - interesting variety of trainers, some epic scenery, and that glorious, uplifting backing track.
-Cruised along Route 12 until I bumped into a familiar face - the portly twin of my old nemesis, the Route 16 Snorlax. Enjoyed better luck this time, capturing him and nicknaming him Eglon. Probably top of my reserves list at the moment.
-My team had soaked up plenty of experience over the last few Routes, and one of the more significant results was that Delilah finally learned Razor Leaf at Level 38. Critical hits. Critical hits everywhere. Decided to finish our vacation with a brief stop in Celadon, where I was also able to purchase a Leaf Stone to evolve Delilah into a Victreebel.
-Alas, destiny called, and our brief respite from the troubles of the world could not last. Arrived in Saffron City to discover it in the oppressive yet never truly competent grip of Team Rocket.
-Dropped by everyone's favourite Fighting Dojo to pick up my acquisition for Saffron, a Level 30 Hitmonlee, whom I nicknamed Aragorn. Makes it sound like I just walked in and picked it up, but with Lola's Psychics, that wasn't far from the truth.
-Next, it was time for one of my favourite parts of the game - the storming of Silph Co.! Always loved it because of the drama, relative difficulty, sheer number and quality of trainers meaning your team levels get higher than a college student in Amsterdam, and epic battles with both Blue and Giovanni. Gives a sense of the stakes being heightened at a pretty crucial point in the game. Love it.
-Managed to get through without much difficulty - I think I'm at the point now where pretty much all the members of my team have a reliable STAB move offering a OHKO on most enemies, so we're not taking many hits, which is great.
-Decided to make a clean sweep of Saffron and roll on to Saffron Gym! Again, some really fun trainers here. Though a little unsettling to see Channelers again. They're on the move.
-Brilliant battle with Sabrina, where I again perhaps got a little lucky in terms of the RNG's choices. Lola took down her Kadabra without much fuss, and I switched into Delilah to show off her Razor Leaf critting skills against Mr. Mime. Shasta defeated Venomoth with a Rock Slide, thought not before some nail-biting parahax, and Gatsby brought things home by blasting Alakazam with a series of Thunderbolts. One of our more enjoyable Gym battles to date.
-Next time: A double-up special as I attempt to burn through both Cinnabar and Viridian!

Current Team:
Eustace the Charizard, Level 41
Moveset: Slash, Mega Punch, Ember, Earthquake
Delilah the Victreebel, Level 42
Moveset: Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Cut, Acid
Eponine the Vaporeon, Level 41
Moveset: Ice Beam, Sand Attack, Swift, Surf
Gatsby the Raichu, Level 42
Moveset: ThunderShock, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Swift
Lola the Jynx, Level 42
Moveset: Psychic, Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch, Body Slam
Shasta the Sandslash, Level 42
Moveset: Rock Slide, Strength, Slash, Dig

Atticus the Rattata
Getting kind of eerie now...
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