(OC) The Big City Mafia Game Thread - GAME OVER - Red Rhinos Win

Okay, here's the thing:

I know we need to get rid of the neutrals to win. HOWEVER, given their powers and power levels... and where the Rhinos stand in power compared to the Lions...

Lions still are the most powerful. Both our kills will be active soon. By all means, we can get lynch off a neutral - starting in the day. When things will be closer to even enough for us to compete instead of just dying off in short order.

I have confidence that we can eventually hunt down the neutrals, and that whatever they do, we still have the edge here. The hunt will be on more even terms, though. Not ones where we box ourselves into a corner to do it.

Nice shot at a game-winning power-play, though, Lions. But as much as I don't like fake twin mechanics and would consider a loss acceptable to beat down such a faction... we still have a shot to win. Which means Rhinos have to take that.

By all means, after this, let's reduce the neutrals severely. But for now, ...

Vote Ekans


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After a late charge, it appears that Ekans aka Former has died. You cannot discover anything about him though.

You await more information that will impact the city's conflict, when suddenly the news comes on.

Good evening, I'm Ron Burgundy, and this is what's happening in your world today.

We begin tonight with a story we've been following all week: Hannah H., the girl from Rhode Island accused of stabbing Slim Shadow to death with a screwdriver last month. At her arraignment this afternoon, Hannah received the harshest possible sentencing from the judge: She will be tried as a black adult.

"Due to the extreme and violent nature of this crime, this court finds it fitting to try the defendant as an African American. Henceforth, you will be referred to for the jury by the name 'Rondell Brown'," judge Cubone declared.

Once the trial begins next week, all courtroom images will depict her as a 300 pound muscular black man, and jury members will be instructed to imagine her as such.

"We're going to do our best to make sure that Hannah is treated with the sympathy and sensitivity that she as a photogenic white girl deserves,” her mother protested. Her father added, "This is Big City. Nobody deserves to be treated as a black man."

Now that Hannah has been ruled black, the court has instructed local media to assume she's guilty, and police have retroactively charged her with assaulting her arresting officer.

Hannah's two dozen character witnesses have been replaced by a single talking Meowth who goes by the name of Scaggs. Hannah's parents are of course planning to appeal the ruling, saying that their daughter should be at most be tried at most as a black celebrity, or a stunningly beautiful Orange Islands lady.

Every time I hear a story like that, it makes me so glad I'm exempt from the legal system.

In other news, Weedle was seen downtown causing a disturbance. Big City News Correspondent Veronica Corningstone has more details. Veronica?

“Thanks, Ron. A small protest has been gathering outside of a local dispensary shouting out “Weedle rights, not weed rights!.” When we went to speak with Weedle, the leader of this protest, he said that the state of the media really stung, and that the continued association of his people with marijuana endangers the ability for quality change to be pushed forward.

Many here seem to have taken offense to recent coverage referring to musician “Weedle Best” by his popular nickname, “Weed”. One protester by the name of “Xx_Ke2!!_xX” pointed out quite poignantly that, “If we are to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that the "Weedle" has been inviting trainers, as well as civil society's junior partners, to the dance of social death for hundreds of years, but few have wanted to learn the steps. They have been, and remain today - even in the most anti-racist movements, like the Pokéball abolition movement - invested elsewhere. This is not to say that all oppositional political desire today is pro-trainer, but it is usually anti-Weedle, meaning it will not dance with death.”

As always, Big City News will be on the ground reporting on if there are any developments. Back to you Ron.”

Thanks Veronica.

That will do it for us today. So for all of us at Big City News, I'm Ron Burgundy. You stay classy, Big City.
After the news, it appears nothing new will come. You all get ready to start the day.

Results going out.

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