Official Smogon Tournament XIII - Round 1

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my opp didn't appear on the scheduled day of the game bc he forgot about it, then we scheduled again and he missed it yet again

I'll be doing four batches of substitutes in total. The first batch is already done, as you should have seen.

The second will be tomorrow around 5PM my time (Australian). So if you want in, make sure you ask to be subbed in before then. The third will be at the end of the weekend, and then a fourth about a week out from the deadline day.

Anyone substituted in will be granted a bit of leniency with regard to scheduling but only if I see a genuine effort. Realistically, one week of time should be plenty for getting a series done.

The order for substitutes will go as follows -> 1. anyone with a bye ; 2. anyone who has been "given a win" ; 3. anyone who has not responded to their opponent


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just an update:

I won the first game a week ago, but my opponent has been inactive and/or not appearing at times he said he is available since then. I'll try to see if it works out in the next two days but if not I'm calling activity
'C and E was last seen: Jan 25, 2017'
Oppo hasn't been online since Jan 25, requesting sub.
e: nvm hes here
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