Official Smogon Tournament XIII - Round 1

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Kinda sorta late but I played and won one game with my opponent last week, had to go afterwards and I have not seen him since.


Hah, sicka than your average
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Activity Win Request: Contacted my opponent after the first round was posted and still no reply, also it seems my opponent created his account just to play in this tour so idk.
Activity Win Request

I contacted Edgey on January 24 and sent him the following message:


We got matched for round 1 of smog tours so I need to know when you're available to battle.

I am available most days after 5:00 PM on Pacific Standard Time,although I should be available from 11:00 AM onward on Saturday and Sunday.

Please let me know what time is best for you.

Good luck!


He responded by stating this:

Hi, thank you for the notification. I was wondering when this would start. I can't battle right now. My apologies. Maybe in a little bit?

He did not mention his timezone or preferred time to battle. I followed up by asking again on February 1st and he did not reply. His account has not seen activity since January 24 at the time when we VM'd. I deserve an activity win because my opponent has not shared his timezone, has not responded to my messages of asking when he is available, and has not logged in for nearly two weeks (12 days to be exact).
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