Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Finals [Won by mael]

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Today, I went out for breakfast with a group of friends in preparation for the grand finals of Smogon OST XIV. While we were discussing what each of us was looking forward to eating, I realized that everyone's taste in food was pretty damn boring, for I had different plans in mind than anyone else on the table.

A couple of minutes later, I was eventually inquired about what I would like to have. I closed my eyes and, without an ounce of hesitation, calmly replied:

"Good morning, sir. I would like to have a long slice of bread with trophy please."

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won the 14th Official Smogon Tournament
won, ggs

i gotta give a massive shoutout to my fav sm ou brain, stupidly underrated player (no matter how much you rate him, still not enough) and the OG gg.br0 guy Empo . honestly dude you're amazing and always helped me when i looked like this. also shoutouts to my team austria goons (especially MJ and Charmflash ) for testing and supplying me with teams. ima for saving my ass this last round by playing million tests with me and discussing my teams. Googly for the stallteam that carried me through early rounds. Jimmy Turtwig for not being helpful at all. BKC for being supportive throughout last few years. also massive thanks to everyone that supported me by pming me nice stuff or rooting for me, it genuinely made me feel good everytime someone told me "good work" and "well done". thank you.

a very special shoutouts to my family, i'd be fucking lost in life without you guys. i love you so much. Dark_Psiana, mbh, Lohgock , Lockheed, iZocker, and Quaggster . also my long lost brother Frochtejohgurt. also shoutouts to jochen der rochen.
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