Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 2

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Activity win request. Opp missed original time and was not responsive with setting a new time.

Edit: Please see attached image as proof.
Note how I offered to play immediately and he was the one not wanting to play for an additional 1.5 Weeks.

I'll be available from 630-9PM (-5) tonight


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Requesting Extension; if my opponent and I can't come to a good time, I'm going to call activity (we live on complete opposite sides of the world)
My oppo isnt able today and in the last week (he miss our schedule). Now, he wants an AW... i reclame the aw for me, not for him
This is not true, you missed the scheduled time twice lol I was there both times

ftr I vmd him at first with my timezone and availability (est, fri-sun, anytime from 12am-10pm), he replied with his timezone and said he was available in the weekend and asked for my timezone, I just said I was est and waited for him to specify when he could play. Admittedly I kinda forgot about ost until saturday afternoon when I vmd him saying I couldnt play for the rest of the day so we should play on sunday. He replied saying he could play during the week from 8am to 2pm. I didnt know if I was going to be able to play during the week but on tuesday morning I said I could play on wed 1pm. I showed up and vmd him at 1pm but he didnt reply until thursday, when he said we could play on saturday from 4-6pm. On saturday I vmd him asking if he was on and he replied on sunday morning saying he had wifi issues and couldnt make it. He asked me to play later that day but I was gonna leave at 10am for the rest of the day so I couldnt play him tomorrow.

tldr: he missed the scheduled time at least once so theres no reason for him to get the aw
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