Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round 1-C

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Que no respiren, que no respiren!
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Calling act, opponent missed schedule and is not trying to contact again. Proof on their profile
requesting activity win, I ve been proposing different times to play, already have proposed 3 times and 3 times my opp havent searched me to play while he agreed to play at these times, I didnt searched him first 2 times but he didnt neither, today I talked him to know what happen and no answer, I have screenshots of the conversation in discord, I will not be able to play Saturday and Sunday due work outside Chile, tomorrow is the last day I can play after my work but will be online few hours only if he appear, Im tired of waiting and requesting act due his lack of interest in this be done.
Activity Vs hot_dogs.
Played just 1 game and then never responded. My availability is whole day almost but he just didnt respond for second and third game


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I wont have the time to play for this tournament anymore, is it possible to just delete my pairing since Im against a sub? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience
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