Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 1-C

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act win request. my opp Juniorsniper45 keeps showing negative attitude towards schduling time, we even still cannot reach an agreemenrt on when to play.
Activity win request. I posted on my opponent profile 1week ago but he did not show himself since the 17th.
calling act on fatty, he's been generally unresponsive when it came to scheduling and missed the 'agreed upon' time
Archininey missed our agreed time and hasnt been responding all week or added me on discord or gave me his discord username to add him


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My oppo doesn't respond. Last seen : Jan 19, 2019
The Lord Penguin vs Tikau
Activity win request.

Already posted this less professionally, but just to be sure, my opponent (SSRLunar) never answered my post on his wall and hasn’t been online since the 11th.
Activity win request. i spam since 1week to schedule, he answer at the end of this week and don't come at our schedule today.
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