Official Smogon Tournament XVI - Round 1-B

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Activity Decisions:
vs HinoLR ☆ - hino hasn't been on since the 28th
Poison Adhesive vs Zekronem - zekro hasn't been on since the 18th
Eo Ut Mortus vs signpost - signpost hasn't been on since the 10th
cromagnet42 vs FrostCrypt - Frost hasn't been on since the 29th
Ernestofp13 vs raj_10rocks - raj hasn't been on since the 16th
Waylaid vs Peazy Ketchum - peazy hasn't been on since the 10th
Coconut vs sdfghy - sdgfhy hasn't been on since the 9th
Mr.J0126 vs King Casper - king casper didn't respond to initial vm. please remember to call activity in the future J0126
faded love vs Ho3nConfirm3d - ho3n reached out with timezone and vague ranges, faded love responded with vague range, ho3n responded with specific range, faded didn't respond
TheJ3estPenguin vs kremdog12 - kremdog hasn't been on since the 12th
kuyukihime vs UMBR3ON - umbreon hasn't been on since the 9th
Konthegod vs HatsuneLuka - hastuneluka hasn't been on since the 18th
blarghlfarghl vs Reymaki - opp gave win but i jus wanted to tag him and continue this left side chain
WailJesus vs Springboob Squirepants - springboob hasn't been on since the 7th
Vaboh vs Aidou - Aidou took too long to respond and scheduled time couldn't be found. feel free to play in the last couple hours here though if you'd like
tennisace vs Ganso - ganso missed scheduled time
Ya Time vs Mammaluu - neither party has been particularly active in getting this done but mammaluu did give a timezone and proposed times, whereas time just said "play today/tomorrow?"
afakedugong vs Papyoo - paypoo hasn't been on since 11th
paoisd vs lcolumn - lcolumn hasn't been on since the 9th
Ishtarrr vs Krystil - krystil didn't respond to ishtarr's initial vm
Stockings vs Mahendra501 - mahendra hasn't been on since the 6th
Captain Funk vs Waszap - waszap didn't respond
Mundungu vs MetaNite - some unfortunate RL situations (?) but mundungu reached out and didn't get a response and reached out again.
Teddeh vs Mike Cometa - stickier activity situation. teddeh contacted on the 18th, no response, then again on the 21th, then didn't get a response until the 27th. teddeh didn't respond, having already called act on the 21st. i'd probably coinflip this if it weren't for the fact that mike hasn't been on since the 29th, which is within the reasonable timeframe for teddeh to respond. not the cleanest decision but giving it to teddeh.
Serene Grace vs KiritoDarkLord - kirito hasn't been on since the 6th
sch vs bigball - bigball gave win
yandaud vs MONNA LUSA - yandaud didn't respond
sethdab vs HeathhSF - heathh didn't respond
SwizzleWins vs Goblin - swizzile didn't respond
Kickassin666 vs VAKI909 - vaki hasn't been on since the 9th
ImaWinOG vs I.L.G.S. - ima hasn't been on since the 9th
Jamez155 vs Hagevermelech - hag hasn't been on since the9 th
JOKERDOG vs Particular1 - not a fan of you not even attempting to schedule, particular, regardless of how long it took joker to respond. still a solid case for activity, unfortunately
Not Miyan vs JoeDaHoe64 - miyan missed time several times.
FY2.0/Eko vs Dr 0mega - not the best scheduling but fy hasn't responded to 0mega last
el rojo vs Laminal Nihan - technically you haven't responded rojo but laminal's responses don't actually constitute scheduling.
WhereIsSenpai? vs Rexus - senpai stopped responding
Slyser vs KoodaPK - kooda hasnt been on since the 11th
DEG vs No_IdeasHere - ideas hasn't been on since 9th
Vansh vs whitnerd - vansh didn't respond
Sirmanda vs Ab81c - sirmanda didn't respond
Dragonitekid010 vs Blastoise Expert - drag kid didn't respond
Zygarde is Bae♡ vs wehavecancer - cancer's story checks out, no proof to the contrary.
Jmal98 vs MAIK 023 - jmal contacted ,no response
Kristján vs SamuelBest - samuel contacted, no response
Vox87 vs Oibaf - vox87 hasn't been on since 9th
philleis12323 vs TJ - phille hasn't been on since 9th
DVNPUNSIHERIII vs Alvaro271 - alvaro contacted, dvn didn't respond
JAZLONGHANDS vs Dj Breloominati♬ - no response from jaz
TechnoRaptor vs qsns - no response frm raptor
Vepto vs Sagiri - vepto hasn't been on since 9th
Dajen vs z0mOG - dajen didn't respond
power vs komndgamer - power didn't respond and apparently gave win? either way it's komdn's w
HyperFlux vs Bites Aroma - bites hasn't been on since 11th
matrega vs PepeCarbajo - pepe hasn't been on since 8th
Samqian vs ZenStarwind - no response from zen
Endal vs ron...5 - ron gave win
Lennart vs Mysticflyngflip - no response from mystic
monchooo vs UlrickVGCMasters - ulrick hasn't been on since 24th
King Leo V vs Soysawcey - soysawcey hasn't been on since 25th
Robyn vs SwayzeJones - swayze didnt respond
EnzoLapras vs Toastier - no response from toast
Sayuze vs TheUltimateHi - no response from ultimatehi
zoowi vs My Big Diggersby - not really a scheduled time but zoowi was on for a large part of a proposed timeframe (late evening EST saturday)
Sharow vs MFJK - sharow was given win
Wanony vs Lord Fourth - lord didn't respond
Juuno vs mckitten1029 - by some miracle of god, juuno got a bye r1 so she wouldn't be an r1 exit. by another miracle, she got a sub that didn't even log in ever again. the world really wants juuno to make it to r2 huh

Odd Della Robbia vs cb aaron judge - not the cleanest scheduling and not the biggest fan of time between responses. extending this, please use concrete timeframes and be prompt with responses
Hamhamhamham vs OminousDraco - draco was subbed in on the 24th, and received no response throughout the following week. ham responded on the week after and received no response throughout that week. both had 1 week inavailability, so neither really has a claim to activity. try to find a time in the extension.

Havens vs ElGian - elgian reached out, havens responded with a timezone and a loose timeframe, elgian responded with a "play when we see each other". neither party has done enough for an activity win.
zaaya vs voxtra - no visible contact
DeMarcus B vs dheeennn - no visible contact
Ihimana001 vs Lamuertefrench - i know french posted a couple times but i don't see any contact. please post proof if there is some
AlejanDraco vs FathAuram - alejan called activity but i don't see evidence of contact. could you post evidence if there is?
simon9 vs Gegog - 2 inactives
ineriane vs Wheezer - 2 inactives
infernotrees vs nowowowo - says contacted but no contact?
Lambo_murphy44 vs Hikari - lambo you called activity but there's no evidence that either of you was on at the scheduled time. sorry, but in order to get activity you need to be able to prove that you were there, this is done by vming at the scheduled time.
eckae vs Crisquinlla - 2 inactives
Let Jee vs TTheBeast1 - no contact, post evidence otherwise
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I want to clarify my opponent was in communication with me but was unable to play during the previous week. We weren’t able to play given the time period, but both knew what the situation was.
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