Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 1-A

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First sub wave, next one will be on Wednesday or Thursday

Hamborgor and matrega subbed out, 21suggie vs LockedBeast
Sergi subbed out, HR. vs Xizaaa
crazyphoenixx and ToF subbed out, pattek vs Feliburn
LeonardSSR subbed out, Ausma vs Chaoss150
Shadow Assault and Zamo76 subbed out, OllieOrange vs benjaboynl
sseventh subbed out, Davidoar15 vs Rhmsitb
Vasco1332 subbed out, Xsczd vs Acey 2B
Frtyldz34 subbed out, Descending vs SacredKunoCV
LuckyPiper subbed out, EriDBst vs Akaramba
Mistermarc subbed out, Roginald vs dice
MONOLO0O subbed out, tlenit vs Mateeus
Haru subbed out, Bitesh9 vs suapah
Zoobomaleo subbed out, Brumirage vs Bdon_07
Mrpiggie_awesome subbed out, Anirav vs eclipseY
Profecespoopypants and Mafura sato subbed out, Bamarah vs bulufan14
Trying_toget_tough subbed out, ynnavoy vs Aurodian
Tacamura and lanadelbae subbed out, lacrio vs MintyF
ByronGymLeader and Zoarocke subbed out, Snackers vs Pokeseba
funnyman225 subbed out, tobitomatenkopf vs Its all RNG
#greninja/no.1 subbed out, RedEmption vs Gray
Djohnmark06 and AriJimo subbed out, Justice helltaker vs Spikematoi
Djmatt subbed out, dex18 vs Solomence
Defast subbed out, Kyundai vs Pflugmeister
Huston subbed out, PlayTimeOver vs pkcc
matador eltte subbed out, Merendon00 vs SpacialRendevous
Bag of Trixx and The Grand Babido subbed out, Lazy_bread27 vs robbinskate
Hikertoad and Sterben subbed out, Juseth sepulveda vs Yes or no my dude
ATrueHero subbed out, Corazan vs RapSenpapi
SorryDidYouGetRekt and Immemorial2 subbed out, TheAprilFool vs Brain Laggs
oz0 subbed out, pigassaultking vs RaiZen1704
GeverMelech subbed out, ivyz vs Rumor
Reymedy subbed out, Lady Gaga vs alive
Flip The Switch and Pr1ncessCheryl subbed out, Ninja vs ChibiEevee
Golden009 subbed out, Mo3zito vs Carl Murray
TORUP82 and mastergoldblade subbed out, Froggy vs The Commoner
we//yoshi subbed out, Jondi vs SiTuM
AG MASTER 2020 and Pak subbed out, afoggy vs Gtraikon
Shreyaas74 subbed out, Newmetarookie vs watashi
RagenivNomel subbed out, Crisite vs iKiQ
Yay subbed out, Ruft vs Chorley Cakes
xstainx subbed out, Chaos $eptember vs FogHorn
Antonazz and Nultiprise subbed out, Astamatitos vs Mr.Bossaru
LegendBtw subbed out, TectonicDestroyer vs Eremita
thefriendly143 subbed out, imperfectluck vs Sunrose
melancholy hills subbed out, GW vs Bread Sandwich
PyroMoon07 subbed out, Akaru Kokuyo vs msad
Taskr subbed out, Blaowhello vs Drookez
parr0t subbed out, jessep123 vs Fakee
Wolfiie_Gaming subbed out, fakenagol vs e~t~h~e~y
I'm having trouble scheduling with my opponent.
I'm constantly active at night time and posting on his wall but no scheduling can be done. (our timezones are gmt+1 and gmt+2)
I won't ask for activity just because my case doesn't stand 100% in my favor so i'm basically asking for a solution, thanks in advance.
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