Quality Control Ogerpon-Wellspring [QC 0/2]

Ogerpon-Wellspring (F) @ Wellspring Mask
Ability: Water Absorb
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 176 HP / 148 Atk / 184 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Ivy Cudgel
- Horn Leech / Wood Hammer
- Follow Me / Encore
- Spiky Shield

  • Ivy Cudgel is Ogerpon-Wellspring's signature move and combined with its high attack stat and great speed tier allows it to threaten current metagame threats like Landorus, Incineroar, and Ursaluna with OHKOs. It also allows Ogerpon-W to do large amounts of neutral damage to many other Doubles Overused support staples including Indeedee or Farigaraf and common defensive pokemon like Gouging Fire and Porygon.
  • Horn Leech allows Ogerpon-Wellspring to maintain its health to fufill its utility obligations on balanced teams and gives it strong neutral coverage alongside Ivy Cudgel. Wood Hammer is a reliable option on more offensive teams and can create immediate pressure. Grass STAB can help as neutral coverage against Pokemon like Iron Hands and against opposing bulky mons that use Tera Water like Amoonguss or opposing Ogerpon-W.
  • Follow Me allows Ogerpon to empower other offensive threats on his team such as Landorus and Gholdengo apply large amounts of pressure/spread damage. Encore takes advantage of Ogerpon's high speed stat to get off fast encores that can debilitate opposing teams set up plans or allow the rest of your team an opportunity. This can cause major distruption vs set up pokemon such as Gouging Fire with Howl and Coaching Sneasler or support pokemon such as Tornadus, Indeedee, and even other Ogerpon.
  • Spiky Shield allows for options against fake out users or to break sashes on common users like Chien-Pao.
  • Ogerpon-Wellspring typically runs enough speed EVs and uses the Jolly nature to out speed max speed timid Landorus.
  • Running 176 hp is enough to take a Landorus sludge bomb before it Tera Poisons half of the time.
  • Ogerpon-W gains a special defense boost from Tera Water which gives Ogerpon the ability to stay on the field for many turns in the current meta dominated by special attackers and cause disruption.
  • Ogerpon-Wellspring is a strong enabler in the format because it is a threat in of itself with a strong STAB in Ivy Cudgel that opponents need to respect while also being somewhat bulky if the opposing team doesn't have answers. Getting rid of strong poison type attackers like Glimmora and Tera Poison Landorus with Tailwind support before bringing Ogerpon-Wellspring into the battle is important to allow it to shine. Once the checks to Ogerpon are removed it can cause a lot of disruption with Follow Me to protect teammates from dangeous attacks combined with Horn Leech to regenerate against opponents. All while threatening to use a powerful Ivy Cudgel and behind a Special Defense boost.
  • Ogerpon-Wellspring is an extremely splashable pokemon and is the premier water in Doubles OU currently. It fits on most teams.
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