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Art made by EG Jhonx


This team is the team im most proud and probably one of my best builds ever in ADV OU if not the best one, after 2-3 years ago when I built this it has proved to keep working in any metagame played during the time, I share this team in honor to my friends who helped me to create "Olimpo Group" which started as an elitist group of friends to build together, play test games for big tournaments and competitive discussion of any generation, this is the first creation we did, I want to thanks and shoutout from the start to Make M Dragon Malekith and CyberOdin✝ , they are my friends and who started and supported that group idea, if werent for them this would not exist, this team its so good that it has seen tournament scenario not only by me, much more players have played it and got success, same for ladder which I thanks EG Sato and EG Zelph, my two students I chose to teach in ADV and im proud of them, they have kept huge growth in playing terms and they peaked top lot of times playing this Offense to learn how Offense works, with nothing more to say lets continue to next step.
Main Idea

We were looking at first for the most offensive combos in ADV metagame during ages, we wanted to abuse of things that can break anything or at least most things, we ended figuring that Rock Spam consisting on Tyranitar + Aerodactyl its very difficult to stop even when playing bulky water types or ground types, at the same time we thought about Calm Mind Spam which nukes a lot of things but struggles agaisn't Blissey and other specific stuff like Dugtrio, Rock Spam is wallable by Steels and Water types like Swampert / Milotic / Flygon / Claydol / Suicune / Jirachi / Metagross, while Calm Mind Spam gets walled by Blissey / Dugtrio / Boomers and sometimes Roar users like Special Defensive Zapdos, but if we mix both ideas they cover each weaknesses and end breaking with the consistent damage, their checks cant stand during long periods walling both main ideas, and Jirachi Calm Mind can 1v1 Blissey with 1-2 Calm Minds if its at full health, searching for SpDef drop with Psychic, to help this breaking idea and clear the path for Aerodactyl as main win condition we thought how to remove Steels or more stuff safely, Snorlax came to mind being lead since in lead scenarios vs Metagross or Tyranitar it can Counter and remove them easily, Boom can remove a second pokemon in turn 2 and it opponent cant stop it correctly it can even take 3 Pokemon, once Counter is revealed opponent can go Tyranitar and Dragon Dance, to help the cleaning and prevent that we ran Focus Punch, as last movement I ended using Shadow Ball because it hits Gengar and prevents Substitute from stuff like Zapdos or other things, originally this Snorlax was leftovers but vapicuno and ABR suggested me to run Lum Berry to lure Gengar Will o Wisp and Spore Breloom t1, last mon we had many options but to add more power to take pokemon fast, Choice Band Metagross was the best since it does consistent damage to Swampert and Milotic, it can fish attack raise and nuke these easily, it does the same agaisnt Skarmory as well since Skarmory can only Spikes and Roar, while u keep damaging it and fishing attack raise, CB Boom kills anything and this supports a fuckton both main breakers core, can abuse of Blissey switchs in and more common stuff of Metagross.

Team In Depth

Snorlax @

Ability: Immunity
EVs: 92 HP / 116 Atk / 144 Def / 144 SpD / 12 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Self-Destruct
- Shadow Ball
- Counter
- Focus Punch

Snorlax is the main motor of the team and the lead, it must be the lead to make the strategy work, Snorlax lead can 1v1 Zapdos lead, Salamence lead as well, if it faces Metagross or Tyranitar lead Snorlax remove them with Counter, this team really apreciate Metagross gone early game to enable Aerodactyl and Tyranitar offensive capabilities, if it faces Skarmory u just Focus Punch to death and use Counter when u know Skarmory will Drill Peck, abuses of Lum Berry to antilead Breloom Spore and Boom agaisnt it, while Shadow Ball + Lum Berry owns Gengar, even if it gets burnt u remove Gengar then next turn just Boom, this Snorlax job its take down 2-3 Pokemon since the start, if it cant then just kill 1 Pokemon which is always a threat to the rock spam or Calm Mind spam, enabling both cores to break , the Lum Berry idea was a vapicuno and ABR idea to help me face easier Gengar and status, originally the team had Body Slam over Shadow Ball and Leftovers, but Lum Berry + Shadow Ball its more offensive and makes this Snorlax almost unwallable, the EV's are just standard one to tank Modest Zapdos Thunderbolt and Suicune at +1 Hydro Pumps, removing them if needed, be aware that Substitute Offensive Suicune tanks 1 Shadow Ball, but u can play around it or just boom when Suicune is weakened enough to revenge kill with another teammate, Speed EV's can be different if you want but this snorlax doesnt really need more speed since its main job consist on abuse with Counter and Boom.

Metagross @

Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 64 HP / 224 Atk / 20 SpD / 200 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Explosion

Metagross Choice Band here makes a Explosion combo alongside Snorlax, Meteor Mash keep doing consistent damage to walls like Swampert and Skarmory, it breaks Pokemon like Blissey or walls like Celebi too, I run Speedy Gross because it reach 226 Speed outspeeding most 223 speedtiers and those who run 224-225 like defensive suicune or few other Pokemons, 64 HP EV's allow Metagross to live Jolly Tyranitar Earthquake at +1 while 20 SpDef EV's + 64 HP allow me to tank 1 Hydro Pump from Modest Suicune at +1, Meteor Mash does 26% to 31% to Swampert Bold Standard set, while if its at +1 does 40% to 47% weakening enough Swampert to allow Rock Spam break it with no issues, agaisn't Skarmory u do 30% to 35% forcing it to pick if Spikes or Roar, if they Spikes u have another chance to fish the attack raise to break it or just forcing Skarmory to be dead weight since it will be hard damaged taking Meteor Mash damage, Metagross here only focus into keep damaging consistently or just take another kill with explosion, both cases are perfect for rock spam and sometimes for the calm mind core, being this fast allow Metagross to attack first agaisnt Adamant Tyranitar or other strong breakers that dont have much speed, u dont need a bulkier EV spread cuz this team can't fit a Metagross set aimed to live more things, Speed is a must to get success at breaking.

Jirachi @

Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 248 HP / 40 Def / 152 SpA / 68 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA
- Psychic
- Fire Punch
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Calm Mind

Jirachi here starts the offensive core of Calm Mind, the defensive typing Jirachi have gives the team a soft check to locked Aerodactyl and some stuff like Metagross, Jirachi here uses Calm Mind to break through Tyranitar and walls like Blissey, Defensive Jirachi, Claydol and few more stuff, the EV's I run here are from thelinearcurve's set dump, HP EV's with the defense EV's allow Jirachi to tank 1 Earthquake from Dugtrio, while the Special Attack EV's allow Jirachi to 2HKO Tyranitar and Claydol after 1 Calm Mind, also KO's back Dugtrio with +1, Jirachi in this team has 2 ways to be played, abuse of Calm Mind to break or just keep pressing with HP Grass + Fire Punch stuff like Skarmory, Jirachi, Metagross, Swampert, it can press Celebi at +1 as well avoiding Celebi tank this Jirachi, Speed EV's are the remaining evs, but 253 Speed its good and outspeed a lot of stuff too, to me this spread its the best one for CM Superachi, vs Blissey if you are at 100% u can try to 1v1 with 2 Calm Minds and fish the SpDef drop with Psychic or just fish for the crit, if you get the special defense drop at +2 you 2HKO Blissey and can take advantage of that to predict opponent switch and kill a pokemon, HP Grass its a must here to break Ttar Claydol and hit Swampert which stays more often than u think in theory, supporting the rock spam idea to win.

Suicune @

Ability: Pressure
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA
- Calm Mind
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Hidden Power [Grass]

Suicune here finish the CM Spam in the team, Suicunes acts as a soft check to Dragon Dance Tyranitar and soft check to Metagross as well, same for Salamence DD and walls like Claydol, Swampert, etc, Suicune here acts as a soft check for opposing offensive gameplans while being able to threat a lot with Calm Mind and Timid Nature, being Timid Nature allows to outspeed Zapdos 270 Speed and SpDef Zapdos sets, 2HKO'ing SDef Zapdos at +1, 295 Speed helps to outspeed bulk Salamence which is commonly 270 speed as well, being Timid and not Modest still allow Suicune to 2HKO Celebi and the targets it want to pressure, Hydro Pump for damage agaisnt most things and Ice Beam for fliers and Celebi, when we were building this team Suicune had Hidden Power Electric originally but M Dragon said HP Grass was much better since HP Electric only aim to hit Gyarados while HP Grass hit the same targets Electric do and support the team better to remove Swampert which is very important to remove to enable Rock Spam winpath, this Suicune with Jirachi handle Starmie Bulk set and delete the Offensive Starmie as well which can be dangerous if not handled well since it just outspeed anything except Aerodactyl, be aware that this Suicune will never 1v1 Blissey but can give u a free switch to Metagross into the game, like, go Suicune and force ur opp to go Blissey, so u predict his switch and get a free entry for Metagross or another desired Pokemon for you, u can remove a bit of speed and keep like 274 speed, but I consider thats not needed and its better to have max speed for some speedier zapdos that are faster than 270, 284-285 are speedtiers to consider if ur afraid of Venusaur too, which is not common but exist, another options are 120 HP EVs or 128 HP EVs, keeping a speed of 275 and removing some Special Attack EV's to complete the HP EV's amount. In conclusion Suicune here only job its soft check offensive threats, prevent them from setup and press if it can with Calm Mind to deal max damage possible.

Tyranitar @

Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 16 HP / 188 Atk / 120 Def / 184 Spe
Naughty Nature
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Ice Beam / Hidden Power Grass
- Dragon Dance

Tyranitar in this team gives the team offensive physical pressure it needs, Tyranitar calling Sand into game gives u a huge utility chipping Pokemon and enabling to kill weakened stuff into game too, I wanted to have a set that were able to setup at least 2 Dragon Dance if necessary, 184 Speed EV's gives Tyranitar 204 Speed benchmark to outspeed 200's speedtier while being able to outspeed Agility Metagross that reach maximum 400 speed, the 16 HP EV's + 120 Defense EV's are meant to always survive Dugtrio Earthquake at 100%, being able to Dragon Dance agaisnt it and use Salac Berry to outspeed Dugtrio and Aerodactyl, this defensive EV's let Tyranitar live Jolly Tyranitar Earthquake at +1 and 69% chances to live Salamence Earthquake at +1 as well, I tried the 188 EVs into HP but u end losing too much Attack EV's which are very important when u want to break or sweep with Dragon Dance Tyranitar, be aware that if you want to abuse of DD + Salac vs Aerodactyl Earthquake you need to be chipped maximum 20% so ur able to activate Salac + DD, Rock Slide + Earthquake are a must in this set, Hidden Power Grass might be the prefered movement in general to lure Swampert, but Ice Beam since its not common allow you to lure Flygon and let your Aerodactyl win, also Ice Beam makes Tyranitar unwallable by Flygon which is the only check to Ttar or Aerodactyl specifically on Superman Structures that dont run Swampert, these are usually Bird Spam + Flygon and Suicune, without these 2 Superman just get swept by this Tyranitar and if not Aerodactyl finish the job, the choice between Ice Beam and HP Grass are free to player choice if he consider that will not face Flygon, note that Ice Beam can save u agaisnt Salamence as well and hit Claydol decently, the Nature must be -SpDef sadly otherwise Ice Beam or HP Grass are worthless, so dont expect tyranitar to tank Thunderbolts from Jolteon / Zapdos / Magneton, Salac Berry is the key of this set, it cant be swapped otherwise this DD Set becomes worthless, key is abuse of surprise factor enabling Tyranitar to break through fast threats.

Aerodactyl @

Ability: Rock Head
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Rock Slide
- Double-Edge
- Earthquake
- Hidden Power [Flying]

Aerodactyl is the superstar in the team, when it comes to Offensive terms and Win condition there are no better Pokemon suited for that role, Aerodactyl being the fastest Pokemon in the tier makes it a safe kill always, only Jolteon ties in speed but Jolteon is not very common and its removed in early game or midgame in general, Aerodactyl can get past through almost anything fishing flinchs with Rock Slide, only things that wall it decently are Metagross, Jirachi Defensive, Swampert, Claydol and Flygon, all of them get lured in early game with the support of Jirachi Suicune and Tyranitar, almost all games you play with opposing Metagross and Tyranitar gone thanks to Snorlax utility, the others walls are nuked by Jirachi HP Grass support and if not they are weak enough with Metagross offensive pressure, u can use Aerodactyl predicting switchs too and land a powerful Earthquake or Double Edge if you want to do neutral damage, Hidden Power Flying its the best Hidden Power you can use because you just want to deal most damage as possible and uses the STAB boost, very useful to hit Swampert Claydol and remove Celebi or Fight Types, if Aerodactyl is alive and its checks gone or weakened enough you can always win even if the situation looks dire, the power of Rock Slide with high speed + Flinch chances can always let you win, people ask me everytime why I run Aerodactyl on almost all my teams and this is the reason, for me Aerodactyl is the best Offensive Pokemon in ADV OU metagame, also this helps the team to revenge kill Tyranitar at +1 or just force your opponent to switch and abuse of these scenarios, this Pokemon if cant be a wincon on a game can create the winpath to DD Tyranitar or allow Suicune / Jirachi to win weakening enough Bliss and their checks.



Main shoutouts are to Make , M Dragon , Malekith , CyberOdin✝ , u guys supported me to create Olimpo Group which increased during Smogon Classic, that group became a key for most members inside and helped Mako to win BW Cup with support and allowed most members inside reach into far rounds building and discussing the metagames.

ABR and vapicuno for help me fix Snorlax set and test the team when it was built, I admire you both because your teambuilding are unique, u guys use the logic every team should apply when teambuilding, ABR for always help me looking my teams and like them, u are my example as builder and hope I can play agaisnt u soon on big tournaments, Im waiting for the moment to come.
ima and Empo for trust in me and use this team to learn ADV before ADVPL, also to Ima because he played this team on Callous Invitational and won that game.
johnnyg2 and Kerts for help me test the team with almost all playstyles around, also to Johnnyg2 for trust in the Snorlax idea and build his variant for Callous Tournament winning as well.
Sato07 and EG Zelph, u both guys are my students and im proud of you two, you guys peaked many times top into ADV OU ladder even top1 playing this team, u both guys have a lot of talent in ADV OU and I wish the best for you two, I hope managers in team tournaments take a look at your skills and give urselves the chance of play, u guys are undiscovered jewels that will shine very soon, keep practicing and always trust in urselves.
Fakes ur the best player when it comes to Stall and 4-2 defensive teams for me, u just play these perfect, playing u in ladder was the most effective thing for me to learn how to play any defensive team, Im glad ur playing BW this SPL and im happy that ur probably the best BW player this edition, ur doing it how BW must be played.

Replays and Proof of Peakings

I will post all of this in some hours, I have to sleep now since its very late here, but dont worry cuz I will update this as soon I can.
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