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Congrats Monotype community! :)
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The OM C&C forum was created last night. Check it out!

For those of you that aren't aware of what C&C is: It stands for Contributions and Corrections and is the primary avenue for producing content for Smogon's Competitive Battling Pokedex.

OM C&C will begin with Monotype analyses. This decision was based on activity from ORAS OM C&C. The OM C&C moderation team wants to feature additional metagames—especially those that garner a large following on PS! or the OM forums—but we can't just hand out the opportunity without reason. C&C utilizes many of Smogon's resources, including their full grammar team and social media presence. We want to ensure OM contributors are active and our contributions meet the quality standards expected of Smogdex analyses.

If you lead a metagame (or play a prominent role on the council) and want to discuss adding it to C&C, please let the OM C&C moderation team know!

Community members, if a metagame isn't featured, but you think your community is ready for C&C, talk with the leaders of your respective communities. You need to get organized (at a minimum you need a good QC team!), then let the OM C&C mods know you think your community is ready to produce quality on-site content.

We will still have Mini Analyses here in the OM forum. Stay tuned for more details. One goal with that project this generation is to help our prominent metagames make the transition to C&C so we can see more OM content on the dex!
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