Tournament OM Grand Slam III


mfw toge rises
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So I was trying to think of some low quality mons art project to do to pass some time and this was what I came up with. These aren't exactly great (for that matter you can google really professional looking versions of these that blow this out of the water by a mile) but I'm gonna try to do them for everyone who gets into playoffs because it seems like fun. For now, just starting with people who confirmed, and had a pretty good idea what to do for ham. Gonna reiterate the low quality part and I couldn't get xenforo to not freak out at the image sizing but w/e, enjoy.


Hamhamhamham EternalSnowman would hate for u guys to miss this
Highlord and I will be dropping camomons in our bo5:
%Quantum Tesseract: Highlord what do you want to drop ooq? i prefer stabmons but I'm not opposed to others
Highlord: camo .w.
%Quantum Tesseract: Highlord im down to drop camo
Highlord: ok
Highlord: who plays camo lolz
%Quantum Tesseract: jrdn lol

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