OM Interviews (#26: OM room)


Formerly OM Room
is a Battle Simulator Moderator
Does the OM room have a door?
What kind of wallpaper best suits your personality.
Does your temperament change depending on who is in the room, or does the room change everyone else?
Is this your final form?
No, it has an open window.

Bright Red n_n

The first one

Nah, we got three or four left.

Why do you want to ban me?
Why are you not winning OMPL?

Why do you only want to ban teg? Why not more?
Because he still hasn't won OMPL.

thanks paradise ily lol :}

VeryPinkPancakes to vpp will be the real best name change :}

also PenQuin don't be offended that I said ily to someone else please, because you know, ily

edit: also question for OM room - If I like you, but you like inverse battle, does that I mean I don't like you?
No VPP, that just means you enjoy metabashing inverse battle :[
Unlike you, my color is cool :^)

Also: What is your best alt
Your colour is bland af

My best alt is Bofoge because I forgot it's password

Why are you so amazing?

Will you be my best friend?

What is your favorite OM?
This is a question where you must look deep inside yourself to figure out Don't Lose.

Of course n_n

Inverse Battle !!!

rate hack guy's avi on a scale of shit to cancer-inducing?
It's a helicopter with a face what's not to love.


It's Megaqwer's Time!
In real life, do you have your own room or is your name just there to pretend you have a room? o3o

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