Tournament OMPL IX - Player Signups

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PS name: Siamato
Preferred metas: Almost Any Ability, STABmons, Camomons (completely washed in MnM and BH)
Timezone: GMT+2

Might delete this post later depending on how much I believe in my own retirement lol. If I don't do this, please, don't draft me for an excessive price! I haven't played Camo since a loooong time if you want to put me in (despite I'm aware of the state of the current meta). More generally, I didn't play at a high level recently so I'm obviously rust.

s/o to my friends and the french army who, as usual, hl me everywhere, everytime to tell me to in OMPL. I hate you soooo much guys
:heart: If anyone has any advice to help me to completely stop this game, please tell me !
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