Tournament OMPL IX - Week 7

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Almost choked as I did in w1, but 2-5hing stays in and being positive in Mix n Mega, ggs.

Since our team is already out and this is the last week I'll just thank Catalystic and Shiloh for giving me the opportunity to play this big team tournament. I've my own long rant on my performance at NFE, but I'm genuinely glad to face every opponent. Thanks to Rozelias, especially PDT for keeping my mood up. And thanks to everyone that was able to test me, special mention to Quag and King Leo since W1. Good games. I promise Leo and Ho3n, we will face in a tournament setting one day lmao.


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gg leo, always fun to play a friend. also sorry if that game was important for playoffs for other teams i didnt realize oops.

just wanted to give a huge thank you to my managers The Number Man & Lasen ! thank you guys for trusting my playing ability enough to draft me for a tier i've never played before... even though we didn't make playoffs i still had a blast and was fun teaming w you guys as always :) also massive thank you to Marjane for building all of my teams! i would've been super lost w/o you and i really appreciate the hard work you put in to help me each week :,) nfe is a really cool tier and i might just stick around for some more stuff in the future >:)

lastly, s/o to the rest of my teammates! ik i wasn't super active outside of my channel but it was awesome to team w some of the best players for the respective tiers in this tour. even though i didn't understand too much of what was happening in these games it was always a fun to watch & learn!

best of luck to the playoff teams!
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