OM OMPL V - FINALS [Won by the Bedroom Blisseys]

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Observation, experience and history have demonstrated the downfall and corruption of the Pokémon battling community. It was once the goal of all Pokémon trainers to become the very best, like no one ever was. But in the hearts and minds of many so-called "Pokémon trainers" today... the goal they have set for themselves is one that is a mere shell of its former self in terms of grandeur. They aim not for Pokémon Mastery, but rather, the ability to fool others into believing that they have achieved such.

Some consider pride to be one of, and in fact, the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins. Yet ironically, the absence of such for the aforementioned reasons has halted the growth of many would-be Pokémon trainers far and wide, as they come into contact with the innumerable illusory walls erected by a community whose foundations have been poisoned by the defiled form of this feeling. As the eggs are formed in a raging farm, a blazingly bright pink light pierces the sea of offense embodied by the world of competitive Pokémon. And from the depths of the scrambled eggs, a group of Pokémon trainers has risen - the ones who hold a Poké Ball in their hands not for the sake of replicating the instincts and impulses of animals, but rather to approach Pokémon battling for its primordial reason.

For the grace, for the might of the The Bedroom Pink White Blisseys! For the faith, for the way of Pokémon Mastery! History shall repeat itself! Under the management of himself - the Immortal Other Metagames Leader- the man who has never before been on an Other Metagames Premier League team that did not achieve victory over the entire tournament it was in (minus one) ... we will win, we will win, and we will win. The incorruptible members of The Bedroom Pink White Blisseys have surfaced upon the ocean of pandemonium, yet remain engulfed in the light of purity, and stand together to form, as demonstrated by their position in the final round of this tournament, the strongest team in the history of the Other Metagames Premier League!

All hail The Bedroom Pink White Blisseys!

Glory be to the The Bedroom Pink White Blisseys! Long live their proud team!

May the Eevees and the Five Stars bow before The Bedroom Pink White Blisseys!

And last, but certainly not least...


(im sorry lance ily but i couldnt pass this opportunity up)

The Immortal

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Glyx vs Laxpras - Someone doesn't like Laxpras and leaks his strats, and he's also going for his 13th straight win.
Salvation vs Fardin - Fardin only loses because hax.
Racool vs Leru - That was literally Leru's first Sketchmons game. He's gotten some experience now and will take down Racool because he's that good.


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laxpras will beat glyx because he's been consistent throughout the entire tour, he's on a streak rn, and glyx has a tendency to get frustrated if the game isnt going his way (at least he isn't vocally rude about it like others though) and laxpras is just, overall, the better player in my eyes. look at their stats. laxpras has gone 5-0. glyx has gone 1-1. just by looking at that alone we see that laxpras should probably win. maybe an upset will occur, but i'm rooting for laxpras to go 6-0 all the way to the finish line.

fardin has gone 2-3. salvation has gone 1-0 in ag and 1-0 in monotype, or 2-0. however, fardin technically has more wins in ag than salvation regardless of any of that. i think this will be an incredibly close one to call, but i just can sense a slip up from fardin which leads to salvation winning. i couldn't tell you why, but i've got a premonition that this may make or break the blisseys win. rooting for salvation to win, since i feel he is capable to, but wouldn't be shocked by either outcome personally.

i feel like placing leru in is a great strategy. drampas is a great guy, but predictable, and iffy wins here and there, and he also lost to racool previously. leru though, not sure. i've never heard of him playing sketchmons. racool will probably win this one, in my opinion. i just don't see it plausible that one of the most prominent sketchmons players loses to somebody who doesn't play the metagame. but then again, eien lost to me w4, so i guess anything really is possible.

i'm sensing it'll be 1-1, with laxpras and racool winning. the final battle will be determined by fardin vs salvation. and for some reason, i feel like salvation has got this one for it all. which means the jolteons would win. i'm still rooting for the bedroom blisseys, as instructed by overlord DEG, so i hope i'm incorrect on that part.

and for anyone who gets the reference... blisseys winning this all would equate to them being tyra sanchez and the jolteons being raven, while the jolteons winning this all would equate to them being sasha velour and the blisseys being shea couleé. some food for thought that perfectly matches this fight in my opinion. though i don't get more than a handful to get it... whatever!

good luck to all players, may the best players win!
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