Tournament OMPL V: Information & Administrative Decisions

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Team Rosters & Managers

The Accelerating Aegiblades
The Bedroom Blisseys
The Five-Star Jolteons

The King Kois

The Optimistic Mimikyus

The Untitled Unfezants

How this works
Each team will have have 6 players and at least 2 subs. The players are bought using the 80 credits that managers receive during the auction. The roster this season include: Almost Any Ability, Anything Goes, Balanced Hackmons, Mix and Mega, Monotype, and Sketchmons. Teams can win their matchup every week by winning 4 of the 6 matches that their players have to play.​

Beating another team gives you 2 points, drawing the match gives you 1 point, and losing it gives you nothing. In addition, the manner in which you win will also be stored; that is, how many you won vs how many you lost. The two teams with the highest points at the end of week 5 will play in the finals.​

Every week's winning team will be given 2 points, ties will give 1 and loss will give 0. This is how it's going to progress and finally the teams with the 2 highest total points will duke it out in finals week. In the event of 2 teams being tied for the finals spot, we will have a tiebreaker round.​

Tiebreaker round rules: The most played meta from usage stats plus one metagame picked by each manager will give a best-of-three game between the tied teams, ultimately deciding who goes onto finals.​

If teams wish to conduct a trade, both managers (or assistant managers if the manager is not present) MUST PM antemortem on the FORUMS to have the trade be official. No trades may occur after the conclusion of week 2.​


Hi friends. I'm a stranger to most of you since I don't frequent this section, but I'm happy to be assuming the role of OMPL V host following nv's absence. I'll do my best to run the tournament efficiently and fairly! The schedule will be available in the proceeding post; I need managers to send their Week 1 lineups ASAP so we can get the ball rolling.
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Week 1: July 5 - July 12

The Accelerating Aegiblades VS The King Kois
The Bedroom Blisseys VS The Optimistic Mimikyus
The Five-Star Jolteons VS The Untitled Unfezants

Week 2 - July 13 - July 20

The Bedroom Blisseys VS The Accelerating Aegiblades
The Five-Star Jolteons VS The King Kois
The Untitled Unfezants VS The Optimistic Mimikyus

Week 3 - July 21 - July 28

The Five-Star Jolteons VS The Accelerating Aegiblades
The Untitled Unfezants VS The Bedroom Blisseys
The Optimistic Mimikyus VS The King Kois

Week 4 - July 29 - Aug 5

The Accelerating Aegibades VS The Untitled Unfezants
The Optimistic Mimikyus VS The Five-Star Jolteons
The King Kois VS The Bedroom Blisseys

Week 5 - Aug 5 - Aug 12

The Optimistic Mimikyus VS The Accelerating Aegiblades
The King Kois VS The Untitled Unfezants
The Bedroom Blisseys VS The Five-Star Jolteons

FINALS - Aug 13

The Bedroom Blisseys (3-0-2) VS The Five-Star Jolteons (2-0-3)
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re: Marshadow's ban from OverUsed
Since Marshadow was released and legal in OMs prior to the beginning of the tournament and banned after Week 1's commencement, it will be legal in Sketchmons (and any other OM in OMPL in which it is banned before the end of the week) for the duration of Week 1. It will be prohibited from any OM that inherits OU's banlist, and any OM that bans it independently, in subsequent rounds.​
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re: Week 2 Thimo VS Catalystic
Thimo and Catalystic were scheduled to play Anything Goes for Week 2; they settled on a gentleman's agreement to play Gen 6 Anything Goes. However, after the battle, Catalystic claimed that he did not agree to it being their official OMPL match. This creates a conflict in which the legitimacy of the battle hangs in limbo, because based on the logs available, it is difficult to discern whether or not Catalystic and Thimo were on the same page regarding whether or not the battle would count toward OMPL.

I have decided that, while the OP of Weeks 1 and 2, nor the information provided prior to the start of the tournament, specifically state the default generation of matches, Thimo and Catalystic's battle is void and that they must play their rematch in Gen 7 Anything Goes. This is because all OMPLs in the past have been current gen; not even gentlemen's agreements in SPL dictate that a meta be drastically altered, but instead played with minor exceptions/understandings (e.g playing without Drizzle in BW OU, or playing without Pawniard in XY LC). It is my obligation to uphold the integrity and prestige of the tournament, and I believe that all players of a given tier should be playing virtually the same format, and Gen 6 and Gen 7 are decidedly not the same formats.

Ruling: Thimo and Catalystic must reschedule and rematch prior to the deadline on 7/20 or their match will be prone to an activity/coin flip decision.​
re: Finals Tiebreaker
The Bedroom Blisseys and The Five-Star Jolteons have tied in the finals round. This means we will be following the Playoff Tiebreaker rules: a best-of-three, winner-take-all consisting of the most-played metagame (Anything Goes) and a metagame of both teams' managers' choosing. They will send me their choices privately, and I will then communicate the decisions to the opposite team. Once all metagame choices and lineups are in, the tiebreak round will be posted in the Finals thread.​
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