OM OMPL V - Week 2

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Anything Goes: Fardin VS Chloe - agtl

Anything Goes: Salvation VS Yuga42 - Ive played a lot vs f6 and i dont think he is the better player between the two. as long as Yuga prepares for Arceus spam + some generic balance, he should have itt.

Anything Goes: Thimo vs Catalystic - thimo should have the set unless cata invents another godly set after sub zyagrde that will 6-0 :I
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AG Predicts

Fardin (50) vs Chloe (50)- This will be a tough one between two of the best balance users in AG. Fardin's loss to Cata last week was a good wake-up call and allows him to cover some playstyle weaknesses. Chloe outclassed Purple last week and is carrying a lot of momentum into her second OMPL game, coupled with her immense meta knowledge and experience. It really will come down to who can introspect better and cover their own weaknesses, and I bet the one who doesn't CT wins this. My gut says it'll be Fardin, though.

Salvation (60) vs Yuga42 (40)- I'll put my money on my Jolteons teammate. f6 has been one of the most consistent players on ladder forever and is itching to prove his mettle in a big match. Pigeons is a solid player, but how do you even beat 6 gods? The only way this win could have been solidified more was if Ransei had chosen his best AG player to play, but Pepa120 was extremely busy.

Thimo (65) vs Catalystic (35) - Catalystic has already pulled off one of the best wins of his AG career this tour, but I don't see him pulling off another this week. While the win vs Fardin was beautifully constructed and Cata will be preparing to build another win, there's a reason why thimo was the first bid of OMPL; and the highest. Cata will have to dig really deep to win this one, and if he does, he will be one of the top AG threats coming out of OMPL. However, one does not simply outclass Thimo's preparation in a tour game.


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in the bonus episode that doesn't even count for anything i'm gonna run roseli berry giratina with mirror coat and ohko the pdon, just you wait
Megazard vs The ruins of Alpha
Room driver trumps room voice ig. Factor in esteemed sketch council factor and we have a pretty bleak outlook for drampasgrandpa ngl
Sketchmons: The Ruins of Alpha VS Megazard - esteemed OMGS winner vs trash user? no contest

surprisingly won in a gg

Thanks to Fardin for putting up with all my testing of like 5 trash teams before I found one with "4 defensive pivoting mons and no wallbreakers" which seemed somewhat decent, and especially for bringing rain to some of those tests.
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