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Hello and welcome to the sixth iteration of the Other Metagames Premier League! This year will be bigger and better due to us having eight teams! We will have five formats (2x Anything Goes, Balanced Hackmons, 1v1, Mix and Mega, and Almost Any Ability). Each team will play one another for seven weeks, week eight we will have semi-finals between the teams placed at second and third, and week nine will be the grand final between the winner of week eight and the first placed team.

The date of the draft will be announced as soon as we have set a time where all managers and the host can meet. Teams will have 80K credits for the auction with a minimum bid of 3K credits. Managers are required to draft players for all 6 slots and a minimum of 2 subs. Managers will not be participating as players.

The following are the teams and managers:
The Five-Star Jolteons - DBW & Ransei
The Bedroom Blisseys - The Immortal
The Metro Boomin Mega Rayquazas - DEG & sedertz
The Hotshot Honchkrows - Jrdn & Snaquaza
The Hydrophobic Hydreigons - Chloe
The Hellborn Heliolisks - drampa's grandpa & OM room
The Buyer Bewears - ScarfWynaut & Uselesscrab
The Treasure Town Talonflames - Leru & Megazard

The tier lineup this year is as follows:
  1. Bo3 USUM AG
  2. USUM AG
  3. USUM BH
  4. Bo5 USUM 1v1
  5. USUM Mix and Mega
  6. USUM Almost Any Ability
Every week's winning team will be given 2 points, ties will give 1 and loss will give 0. This is how it's going to progress and finally the teams with the 2 highest total points will duke it out in finals week. In the event of 2 teams being tied for the finals spot, we will have a tiebreaker round.

Tiebreaker round rules: The most played meta from usage stats plus one metagame picked by each manager will give a bo3 game between the tied teams, ultimately deciding who goes onto finals.

Include the following information in your signup post:

Pokemon Showdown name:
Preferred OMs:
Foreseen inactivity:

Visit the Other Metas room on Pokemon Showdown! and the Other Metagames Discord to discuss the OMPL and to tryout for teams.

Good luck, have fun everyone!

Edit: The auction for this is scheduled at 2PM GMT on Saturday the 9th of June.
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