On the XY generation, research, and simulator implementation for this season of SPL

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Because research for XY needs to take place by hand, it is entirely possible that not everything that is needed to be known about the game will be completely implemented or even known by the time SPL starts, particularly with the unknowns associated with Pokebank. Hopefully the two week delay will give us enough time to figure out the stuff that is needed so that their aren't any major changes within the first couple weeks of SPL, but just in case, I'm laying this out now:

- When concerning mechanic changes: we have to use what the sim has available at the time. If it becomes known that a mechanic such as how something is calculated (an example could be how much Sheer Force actually boosts moves by (it hasn't changed afaik but for example's sake)), but it has not yet been reflected on the sim that the mechanic has changed, we have to go with what the sim has available at the time of the battle. There will be no retroactive decisions made if research comes to light that something has changed after the fact.

- When concerning known illegalities: XY has "fixed" most illegalities concerning movepools (Sleep Powder + Spikes Roserade being an example, Aqua Jet + Belly Drum Azumarill another), but if certain illegalities arise that are known, they will not be allowed for use in battle. If you are playing an XY metagame and are caught using a known illegality that is preventable, your battle will be forfeit and your opponent will be deemed the winner. If they become known after the fact, battles will not be replayed.
-- This includes using the correct shiny-ness, nature, EVs, and IVs of special event Pokemon such as Extreme Speed Genesect and Weather Ball Raikou, etc. Depending on the capabilities of the simulator, everything should match precisely.

I know these two points kind of contradict themselves, but if it's something we can prevent, I want us to prevent it and try playing as close to the cartridge as possible. We have precedent with this when it was possible to play with Spikes + Sleep Powder Roserade on the sim in BW. Just because you *could* play with it, didn't mean it was legal and you would be disqualified if you were caught using it. It is on the onus of the players to be up to date on the preventable illegalities for XY. However, like in past SPLs, once the week is over, no decisions will be overturned (see point 8 under the section Week One in the Commencement thread).

I will keep this thread open for clarifications and other input. We are entering completely new ground when it comes to XY in a lot of ways, so I'm going to be cautious with this lol.
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