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-While several Chlorophyll abusers are able to fit Sunny Day on their moveset and set it up with ease, some such as Weepinbell have difficulty doing so because its so frail. Fortunately, there is Onix who can utilize its high base 70 Speed to reliably set up Sunny Day and use Explosion to conserve precious sun turns.
-Onix also possesses key resistances to Flying, Fire, and Poison, which makes it a great teammate for Chlorophyll users such as Bellossom and Tangela who are predominantly Grass-type.
-However, using Onix has several downsides, such as the fact that it's fairly one dimensional. Onix's Special Defense stat is also absoultely abysmal. Lastly, Onix isn't that great because it only fulfills its niche on full sun teams, and archetype that isn't necessarily viable in NU.

name: Suicide Sun Lead
move 1: Sunny Day
move 2: Explosion
move 3: Block
move 4: Earthquake
item: Salac Berry
ability: Rock Head
nature: Jolly
evs: 112 HP / 144 Atk / 252 Spe

-Sunny Day

-EVs + Jolly nature
-Salac Berry + Rock Head/Sturdy doesn't matter
-Pokemon such as Bellossom, Tangela, and Tropius that can make use of the sun by means of their ability Chlorophyll make great teammates for Onix, as they greatly benefit from the offensive utility it provides. Fire-types such as Flareon can also make use of the sun Onix provides, as it gives a power boost to their STAB. Spikes support from Glalie as a suicide lead is helpful not necessarily for Onix, but for sun hyper offense teams as a whole.

[Other Options]
-Lead set (mention moves associated with lead set)(mention why it loses to nearly every common lead)
-Rock Slide (mention why its less useful than EQ when up against Swalot)

[Checks and Counters]
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I don't think there's any point to using onix in the lead slot. He just straight loses to glalie, hitmonchan, vigoroth, magby, and venomoth and only kinda deals well with flareon if it's not packing hp grass and explosion's doing nothing to sudowoodo.

If going the route you want, it's better to use it as a midgame mon. He switches into a few things actually basically for free, notably pidgeot, murkrow, and raticate and his decent speed means he's going to get to do what he wants vs defensive teams. Basically, I think the set should look like:

Sunny day
Earthquake/Toxic/whatever you're never going to click this slot anyway unless you happen to block swalot
Evs: 112 HP / 144 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly

Ideally you'll get onix in on pidgeot, set up sunny day as it's forced out, and then depending on what they switch in either block or explode. Block is cool if they switch a water type into you since now you have a free solar beam or substitute or something with your chlorophyll mon once you boom with onix or they surf you the turn you use block. EVs get you the ohko on pidgeot and the hp vastly increases onix's overall phys def so you can switch into pidg, etc repeatedly if you need to

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