Opinion Research on Tiering, Looking Forward to XY

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Hi everyone. Thank you all for participating in the first survey I did. I have created another Survey, this time not just for interesting topics, but to collect data specifically geared towards tiering philosophy, and community sentiment about tiering in the initial phases of XY's OU.

I look forward to the results, and ask again for your time. This survey is longer than the last, so please set aside at least 20 minutes before starting.

Looking Forward to XY

After taking criticisms from respondents as well as my professional mentor in questionnaire design, I believe this second Survey should be more effective.

Thank you again for your participation.

I'm confused here:
I have been playing competitive Pokemon, and been aware of the online simulator battling community since:

Two different questions, but I can only give one answer.


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I would just answer it like you would the question "how long have you been involved in competitive Pokémon battling?"


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"BW is the most diverse OU of any generation. Game Freak released a great diversity of threats into BW through new Pokemon, and through revamping old Pokemon with new abilities in the Dream World. BW OU also has more threats from the lower tiers than any other, with UU, RU, and even NU Pokemon having strong niches and playing important roles in the metagame.

However, some players are concerned that the increased diversity has reduced the competitiveness of the game. With a great diversity, preparing for threats during team building becomes harder. There is worry that the 'luck' of 'team match up' makes the metagame less competitive."

On a scale of 1 to 10 please rate the severity of this concern. 10 indicates major concern, and a need to potentially curtail metagame diversity, where as 1 indicates no concern at all.
This question kinda throws me off...I kinda feel OU's diversity isn't really all that huge, but at the same time I feel it's important that it needs addressed...I voted 10, but would that be in favor of making the metagame "less diverse" or...less diverse? Does anyone get what I'm saying? Like am I favoring the fact I think OU is kinda narrow or am I favoring the fact that we need less stuff in OU?

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