OU ORAS Invitational I - Commencement, Discussion, & Team / Set Dump


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op and thread idea stolen from emma.
approved by xray.

Hello everyone and welcome to ORAS Invitational I, hosted by MrAldo! This edition will follow a known format that everyone is familiarized - 32 Players, Invite only, Doubles Elimination - with a few additional rules found below.

In this edition, there will be a starting prize pool of $100 provided by me, Vulpix03 and xray! with hopefully more to come! If you are interested in donating or helping the tournament overall, please join the Discord server for more information.

Main event invitationals will go out on September 4th and Round 1 will begin on October 9th. Play-ins will begin on September 18th. Please see the schedule below for more details.

Here's to an excellent tournament :)

- This is a standard ORAS OU tournament.
- This tournament will be Double Elimination. 32 players, 10 Rounds. Both the Main Event and Play-ins are invite-only.
- All matches are ORAS OU bo3 until Round 8 (top 4), at which point all subsequent matches are bo5.
- Replays are mandatory for all games at every stage of both tournaments.
- Extensions are only given in exceptional cases and need to be applied beforehand. The hosts may refuse any extension request.
- All games must be played on the Smogon Tournaments Pokemon Showdown! server (smogtours.psim.us).
- Play-ins will be a Best of Three Single Elimination 16-person bracket where the top two participants will qualify for the main event.
- Do not cheat. The hosts reserve the right to disqualify anyone breaking this rule.
- Do not harass or insult your opponents, spectators, or staff. The hosts reserve the right to disqualify anyone breaking this rule.
- The main event will take over 2 months to complete. This is a hefty time and effort commitment. Make sure you can commit to playing the entire tournament until the end before accepting the invitation.
- This is a serious, competitive, invite-only ORAS OU Tournament with hundreds of dollars on the line. Effort, serious teams and Pokemon, and not forfeiting games/sets for no valid reason are expected of all players. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone from breaking this rule.

September 4th - Main Event Invitations
September 11th - Play-In Invitations
September 18th - Qualifiers Round 1
September 25th - Qualifiers Round 2
October 2nd - Qualifiers Round 3
October 9th - Main Event Round 1
October 16th - Main Event Round 2
October 23rd - Main Event Round 3 (Loser's Only)
October 30th - Main Event Round 4
November 6th - Main Event Round 5 (Loser's Only)
November 13th - Main Event Round 6
November 20th - Main Event Round 7 (Loser's Only)
November 27th - Main Event Round 8 (Winner's Finals)
December 4th - Main Event Round 9 (Loser's Finals)
December 11th - Main Event Round 10 (Grand Finals)


1. jonfilch
2. Santu
3. Pohjis
4. TDK
5. Garay Oak
6. blunder
7. Poek
8. CrashingBoomBang
9. Finchinator
10. xray
11. relous
12. Sabella
13. BKC
14. Spl4sh
15. z0mog
16. Vileman
17. SoulWind
18. Eternal Spirit
19. bbeeaa
20. Empo
21. Erz
22. Lusa
23. Raptor
24. MichaelDerBeste2
25. Star
26. sjneider
27. pj
28. Punny
29. Gondra
30. Tricking

31. So Noisy
32. Vulpix03


1. lax
2. Noisy
3. devin
4. Amir
6. ACR1
7. Savouras
8. egalvanc
10. Bushtush
11. Frisoeva
12. GeeMick
13. Joya
14. Seasons
15. Vulpix
16. Zokuru


Anonymous N - 28
Spl4sh - 35
xray - 25
Savouras - 14
Vulpix03 - 31
Booty - 242
erz - 20
Paprikaflow - 10
blunder - 169

Total Prize Pool - 574
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Gunna do my yearly team dump now since I don't think I'll touch oras much with gen 9 coming out. Overall I haven't built much but invitational spurred the creative juices a bit. (Click on the images for the paste)

Screenshot (634).png
This is the most "standard" team I've built, and probably my favorite overall. Dual Dragon + Knock Clef + Zone has incredible synergy and Mega Bro is the glue that holds it all together. I sometimes use CM Bro as well (the standard set on PS), depending on opp.
The main star of the team is Metronome Hydra, which I think is a super underrated set. It's insanely good at spreading paralysis and metronome allows you to flinch most switch ins like AV Torn down with ease. The speed is for jolly base 80s (Medicham prior to evolution), and I don't remember what the bulk does. You can probably drop the speed for timid Tran and put a little more bulk in defense for Mega Sciz after rocks. The Dnite outspeeds Weavile after a DD and the remaining evs are dumped into Atk. Rest of the team is pretty self explanatory.


Screenshot (636).png
The most fun team I've ever created, lol. I basically just wanted to make a stall that beats the normal stall killers like Medi, Manaphy and LO Clef. Cofagrigus clicking T-Spikes is what makes the team work. Tentacruel is a spinner that can keep off against Heatran and Clef while clicking Knock Off and Scald. Went with rest on it and Steelix cuz wish Clef is unreliable. I went with Steelix over other options like Aggron cuz I wanted to use Unaware Clef for Manaphy / Thund / other shit that beats Quag, so I needed the ground type. Steelix having access to stab EQ is actually quite nice, as it counters Bisharp better than Aggron would. Also shits on Weavile.
Don't ask what the evs do on Tenta / Steelix cuz I forgot the day after I made this. Oh and that Taunt + Recover Mega Zam set 6-0s.


Screenshot (637).png
This team isn't the most reliable but it's pretty fun. Mega Shark is super underrated atm with Keld / Sciz at an all time low. I wanted to pair it with spikes and some breakers that can plow through Sharks normal checks like Clef and bulky waters. Band Victini is super fun and the rest is pretty self explanatory. Gotta play it aggressive af or you will lose.


Unfortunately once the main event started I didn't have any time to build new stuff. Gunna dump the rest of my serviceable builds below.

https://pokepast.es/62fc8709d67901ed Sub QD Volc + SP Sciz (I like this one a lot)

https://pokepast.es/ee98b1ebdfbe15dc Mega Gyara Webs

https://pokepast.es/f69e246d124ba7ba Mega Lati + RoarCune Spikes

https://pokepast.es/2e313fab77462e62 Mega Bee Shit (probably terrible)
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Hello Oras lovers. Going to drop at least one team for now that i made during the invite tournament and used a few times and used in oraspl too.

At first glance the team looks pretty standard but has some cool techs for the all the different common meta trends right now. Ferro is pretty self explanatory, used to check Metagross and other physical non fighting mons for chip damage. Mega Tar as the rocker and pursuit trapper. We then come to keldeo which i think is the best part of the team. The set does the job of checking mega sciz, weavile, heatran, volcanion amongst others i cant think of right now but the set does a great job on this team of giving Keldeo longevity while also being able to set up on non psychic slowbro and giving you the ability to beat Torn-T after 1 cm. Another other fun part of this team is Colbur reun. Darks are always pretty common in oras be it ttar weavile bisharp crawdaunt etc, colbur allows you to take 1 hit from all and kill back granted you hit focus blast. Imo it allows for reun to have a bit more longevity than it usually does. It also doesnt turn facing medicham/lop + a dark an impossibility. The last part of the team is choice band sand rush exca. CB exca has become one of my favorite revenge killers oras has to offer. While most sets run toxic with left overs on sand my thought process is that if you are using exca as speed control it should be able to actually kill things lol. I dont have calcs off hand nor do i feel like doing them but im pretty sure it OHKO's mega metagross as well as doing half/slightly over half to slowbro. The annoying issue is that it doesnt always ohko bold clefable but it does do 90 min which could be helpful late game. Hope the team is fun for whoever wants to use it and i hope you have success.

Here's a few replays. Will find others later.
ORAS Invite vs Vulpix03
ORASPL vs Seasons
Smogon Tour vs Stableprince

I did not proof read and will do that later.
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